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  1. I'm unsure what the power supply wattage is, but since it's a prebuilt (and one by a reputable company, ROG) I would assume it has enough power and probably isn't the power. Using CoreTemp, My CPU stays within a degree or two of 60 Celsius while just running Minecraft and Chrome, with a maximum of 69 celsius. I planned on upgrading the cooling at some point. I went back and did a clean install of NVIDIA drivers (as opposed to just checking for updates) and checked once again for Windows updates. I did another Windows update (and apparently updated my BIOS while I was at it, which was NOT the plan but luckily nothing bricked) and there was some sort of NVIDIA display driver update as well that I did. I've had Minecraft running in the background for about 5 minutes now with no freezes YET, if it goes for an hour or so without freezing I'll declare the problem fixed.
  2. Hi there, So in the last couple of days, for some reason my PC completely freezes randomly while playing games after about 10-20 minutes of opening the game. I've had this issue in both Madden 20 and in Minecraft Java Edition, so I don't think it's an issue specific to one game. The only way of fixing it is to, as much as I cringe to have to, force a shut down with the power button. No control alt delete, alt F4, or anything else will fix it. Completely frozen. This only happens within 20 minutes or so of when I launch a game, I can go for 6 hours just scrolling Google Chrome and not have any issues. No BSOD, "Not responding" or other error message either, just a complete hard freeze. Recent Changes: -Changed from "normal" to "ASUS Optimal" BIOS settings (since reverted back to normal) -Recently upgraded to 16 GB of memory, but I didn't seem to have any issues for the first 5 days or so of having the new memory. Things I've tried so far: -Checking for driver updates through NVIDIA (says I have the latest drivers) -Updating Windows (I updated last night) -Reverting BIOS settings back to previous settings -Noticed my boot drive only had 50 GB storage left, don't think that could've been the issue at all but I deleted some stuff PC Specs: ASUS ROG GL10DH Prebuilt (don't judge me, I know I overpaid) Ryzen 5 3400G CPU GTX 1650 (not super) GPU 16 GB Corsair Vengeance memory 500 GB Intel M.2 SSD (boot drive) 2 TB Seagate Hard Drive (where I store my games and other files) I'm assuming that it's GPU related, but Device Manager claims that my drivers are up-to-date. Should I try clean installing them?
  3. So a couple months ago, despite wanting to build my own to save money (Unfortunately my parents just refused to understand how easy building a PC is, haha) I bought a prebuilt ASUS ROG Strix GL10DH gaming PC. It's decent enough, and just yesterday I upgraded from 8 to 16 GB memory, so it's a really decent entry-level gaming PC now. However, the one last thing I'm looking to upgrade heading forward is the cooling, as I intend on trying to take my 3400G up to ~4 GHz at some point. As is common in prebuilts, I was not blessed with one of AMD's great Wraith coolers out of the box, instead one of the older-style stock coolers (much like the ones Intel still provides), and the fans tend to rev up very loud from time to time, which is a real pain in the arse. I plan on buying the Wraith Prism RGB cooler (I initially wanted to get the CM 212, especially so I cant orient it for exhaust, but I concluded it's too tall to fit in my case), since my PC has a built-in RGB strip and support for Aura Sync. However, I cannot seem to find where the hell there's an RGB header on my motherboard. I followed the cable for the RGB case strip into the FRONT of the case, where after pulling the front panel off, I discovered some sort of extra bit of PCB in the front of the case where the strip connects to, and there's a connector that says "LED_CON" or something like that, but nothing that blatantly says "RGB_HEADER." I'm still trying to figure out how this piece connects to my motherboard. I think it may connect to a USB header, but I can't be totally sure, and I was unable to find any diagrams of the mobo online or in the owner's manual. So anyway, if I purchase an RGB CPU cooler, I want to make sure I can actually sync the RGB fan with the rest of my case, so I'm wondering if you all can help me figure that out. I know what an RGB header looks like (either 4 pins or 4 with one knocked out), but none of the headers that resemble that on my motherboard are labeled. Is it possible that I need to purchase an RGB header to install a new CPU cooler and exhaust fan? PS If people want pictures (which I'm assuming they will) I can send those tomorrow when there's better lighting. Thanks!
  4. Nevermind, we're up and running! I don't even know what I did but it would appear that wiggling the power button cable around while spamming the power button fixed it. I'd bet that the connector is probably just not made very well and a slight jar can make it loose. I appreciate the help guys! Can always count on the LTT forum
  5. Well, I've checked every power plug I can find and still no dice. Now what? Are we sure there's absolutely no way I shorted anything? I had an issue like this with a laptop before, and it kind of just fixed itself after a day or so. Could that be the case here?
  6. I'm not 100% sure but I think it's semi-modular. Yup, that was one of the first things I tried. Well that's reassuring. Hopefully I can figure out what cable ( assuming it is a cable) is causing the issue.
  7. I bought an new gaming PC a couple months ago, and I know very well that you shouldn't f*** around with it when it's still running. So what did I do? Just that. I was attempting to see where the RGB header is (since it isn't on the motherboard) and I pulled the side panels and front panel off. Windows was updating during this time after I hit "shut down and update." Despite the utter stupidity, everything was working fine the whole time. Then, right as I was putting the rear panel back on (after I put the front panel back on) the PC shut off. Initially I thought it was just the windows update finishing (SSD and all), and it seemed to "shut down" like normal, but just to be sure I tried turning it back on. Nothing. No fans spinning, no lights, nothing. I tried unplugging and replugging, resetting, trying different outlets, and holding the power button, but nothing is turning on. I'm extremely worried that I may have shorted something, and I'm a high school student with very limited funds, so replacing an $850 PC is not something I can do. Here's my specs: 500 GB M.2 Boot Drive (doesn't have a lot of important data on it) 2 TB hard drive (mostly just has my steam library and a shitton of other projects, if this got corrupted I'm massively fucked) GTX 1650 8 GB memory Ryzen 5 3400G w/ stock cooler (not Wraith) The model is an ASUS ROG Strix GL10DH. I only got it in June so I believe it's still under warranty. Please help, I'm freaking out right now cause I don't know what to tell my parents (or ASUS, if I'm even able to RMA the damn thing)
  8. So recently I finally bit the bullet and bought an entry-level gaming PC for around $800 (US). I'm a fairly broke teen who doesn't like spending money often so I'd been putting off upgrading my potatotop for a while. It's an Asus PC, and has RGB built in (albeit not the brightest or fanciest, it's mostly just a nice touch), which is of course compatible with Aura Sync. I know I could've gotten way better value going prebuilt, but sometimes you just can't convince tech-ignorant parents that it's a super simple process haha. But regardless, I finally have a competent gaming setup. I'm working this summer and plan to upgrade as I can afford it (Swapping out the 8 GB stick of memory for a couple of sticks of Vengeance or Ripjaws, perhaps even RGB memory, down the line, and maybe some new RGB case fans that are quieter). So, anyway, I digress. What I'm writing this topic for is to ask is if there is any way possible to hook up external (like those strips that go on the wall or the equivalent) RGB lights to sync up with Aura Sync. I wouldn't even know what to search for on Amazon or Newegg, so I decided to consult the forum. I'm assuming they would need to carry some sort of Bluetooth (which my PC has) or USB and somehow be able to tie into Aura Sync. If it's not possible or downright expensive/tedious, oh well, no biggie, separate RGB lights for my setup are always an option, but I was just curious if this is at all possible. Thanks for any help you all can give!
  9. Howdy all, hope your Thanksgiving (if in America) was good. My iPhone 6 (bought in 2016) is still plugging along and still fairly snappy, and I replaced the battery about a year and a half ago, so I could probably easily squeeze 2-3 more years out of it if I wanted to. However, I recently bought Bluetooth earbuds after previously never using the Bluetooth on my phone. They worked great at first, but after a while I noticed the sound kept cutting out if I moved the phone more than a few feet from them, or my head (while running or working out) got in the way of the transmitter part in the back. I was worried the earbuds were faulty, and nearly returned them. However, a Bluetooth speaker wouldn't work either, so I tested both on my old iPhone 5C, and they both worked perfectly. So, come to find out, the Bluetooth doesn't work well at all on my phone, if at all. I've tried some solutions but nothing fixed the problem. Additionally, my GPS never works, whether it's a running app, the Snap map, or Google Maps, even if I'm in a wide open road less than two miles from a Cell tower. So, I've started to consider getting a new phone. The trouble is, I'm really, really stubborn about money, and I don't really care to spend $700+ on a new iPhone 8 or iPhone XR. I've always thought Apple is a ripoff, but the two phones I've gotten are hand-me-downs, and I liked the interface. Plus, I just don't have that kind of money to spend, seeing as I'm a high school student and won't be getting a job until this summer. Even then, I just wouldn't spend that kind of money when essentially all I'm getting is a slightly better camera and being able to use Bluetooth and GPS. So I began to look around at other options. I'm not super hot on anything Samsung, but the one phone that I've actually been considering for a while is the Google Pixel. I've heard great things about it, and if all the things it claims are true (30 hour battery, 15 minute charge, etc), are true, I would definitely consider it. The best part is right now, on sale, the Google Pixel 3a (64 GB) is only $300, a price I can most definitely afford and would be willing to pay. So, people who have made the switch from iPhone to Pixel, could you help me out? Here's a few questions: How hard is the transition from iPhone to Pixel in terms of function? It's obviously a different interface and layout, and all I've ever used is an iPhone or iPod Touch, but do you get used to it eventually? Would you say it's better than an iPhone, especially considering the price? Are there any major flaws that need to be pointed out? I know there's plenty of reviews out ther which I will also watch, but I'd like to hear people's experiences who have been using it as a daily driver for a while. Thanks!
  10. I don't have a lot of financial flexibility to backup right now, so I'll back up the things that are a priority, like my photos and other important documents, until I can get ahold of a better backup solution.
  11. Hello, I have an ASUS laptop that will be 4 years old in December. It has 6 GB RAM, 1 TB hard drive, an Intel I5-5200U, and no dedicated graphics. I've never done anything too crazy with it, light games on low settings. For the last few days, it has been making an odd sound that I can only describe as a bit of a chirp or scrape. It sounds like it may be coming from the hard drive, but I'm not sure. It's almost like scraping a piece of metal on glass, and it lasts for less than a second and occurs randomly, sometimes it's 2 hours between times it happens, and sometimes it happens every 10 minutes. I can't identify anything specific that causes it, as it's happened when I'm sitting across the room and not touching it, too. I'm running a diagnostic harddrive software now, I'll post an update when that's done.
  12. RX 570 is only like $30 more and miles ahead of the 1050 ti. Unless your budget CAN NOT budge, get the 570. Or if you can really afford it get the RX 580 its a great value.
  13. At first I thought this was gonna be about the deep/dark web I was like NO STAY AWAY FROM IT
  14. Thanks, I didnt see it anywhere so I was wondering if I could find it anywhere on here.
  15. ok thanks, I have a TV in my room for when I build a PC but it's probably like 30 hz, won't be ideal for gaming, but I also can't spend a fortune on a fancy gaming monitor.