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  1. In this case you'd need to connect Router 2 >> Router 1 and setup a static route for the subnet that PC3 is on from Router 2 pointing to Router 1. If your switch does SVIs (ie: is layer 3 capable) then it's much easier and you don't need to do that.
  2. The tweets have been taken down and he's now posted a new one saying not to give Linus a hard time. It was a mistake and it's been resolved.
  3. And the username is HorribleWIFIconnection so pretty easy for people to miss the hardwire claim in the op.
  4. Correct, create a bootable USB on a different device and then reinstall from that one and delete everything.
  5. Lol, well I did some digging and someone suggested turning off hardware acceleration on Firefox. Going to give that a shot Edit: Turned back on hardware acceleration but after unchecking the Use Recommended Performance Settings. That seems to be working but I'll give it a couple hours. Edit 2: This does not seem to have fixed it. Will give a spin with hardware acceleration completely off.
  6. That's really odd, and I assume the power switch is on?
  7. Hmmmm, I would try pulling it out for a moment and plugging it back in or maybe use a different USB port?
  8. Browser, version and OS: Firefox (seen for the past 6-8 months at least). Currently on Firefox 82.0 Windows 10 Steps to reproduce/what were you doing before it happened? I notice it when I'm on another window and come back to the forum mostly. Text will randomly be fuzzy or kind of shadowed but a refresh fixes it every time. I've noticed it across multiple computers and different installs of Windows 10 and it only seems to be the forum that it happens on. Different monitors also show the same thing. What happened? Forum text gets fuzzy/blurry to an extent. What did you expect to happen? No fuzzy text. Link to a page where it happened, if applicable: N/A Screenshots of the issue, if applicable: See the username and topic title is kind of fuzzy but not anything else. Any other relevant details: I've never figured this out and it's happened even on pretty new installs of Windows 10 so I'm not 100% sure if it's a forum bug, Firefox issue, Windows 10 weirdness, or what exactly. If it's a cloudflare error, what was the ray ID from the bottom of the error page?
  9. Cool, I can't remember if I had to do anything for my G603 or G613 with their receivers but hopefully that does the trick.
  10. Hmmmm, have you tried rebooting the computer just to see if that does anything?
  11. Is it a unified receiver or specific to each device? I assume it's plugged in, did Windows say it detected a new device and it's installing by chance?
  12. Please get familiar with the period. It helps break up sentences and makes things MUCH easier to read. It's located on a standard QWERTY keyboard above and to the right of the space bar, between the comma and forward slash keys.
  13. It does not have a BIOS Flashback feature unfortunately.
  14. No worries, it's very confusing 3rd gen is referring to Ryzen 3000 series in this case while Zen 3 will be Ryzen 5000 series (4th gen technically)
  15. It's possible your PC is more deeply infected that you realize and you'll have to bite the bullet and nuke your entire windows install.
  16. X570 or B550 both have boards that do and don't have BIOS Flashback, just have to check the boards to make sure. Both will need an update though unless you get lucky and get one on the latest BIOS already which should have support.
  17. What's your budget/country? If you can find a B450 or B550 motherboard with BIOS Flashback/qFlash/etc. which allows you to update the BIOS without a CPU installed then that would be perfect. The thing with B450 and I believe X470 boards is they likely won't get the supported BIOS until January of 2021 at least.
  18. Unless you need 25Gbps or 40Gbps over copper, Cat8 is not for you. Just stick with Cat6 or Cat6a, Cat7 isn't an officially ratified spec. Cat5e (not CCA junk) is capable of gigabit or 2.5 gigabit speeds.
  19. Faster internet isn't going to make your wireless signal travel further. You either need higher dB gain at the router to send the signal further, a second AP closer to the area you need more coverage, or mesh system , or if you don't care about wireless speed too much then maybe a repeater. You'll definitely never get anywhere near gigabit on wireless at long distances.
  20. Micro-borg has determined you require the update now! Prepare to be assassinated! Resistance is futile!!
  21. The S20FE is nice, I recently switched from my Pixel 3 XL to that but it doesn't have a headphone jack. One thing to note is the Pixel lineup, at least last I checked, doesn't use Qualcomm quick charge but a different Google version. On my 3XL I had to use the provided pixel brick to get fast charging otherwise it would slow charge on other bricks. Edit: Realized you needed a headphone jack which the S20 FE doesn't have.
  22. Well technically the 3090 can over-saturate the Gen 3 bus by a few percent but it's very minimal indeed and won't impact the 3070 at all.
  23. Is it seen as PCIe x1 under load or just on the desktop?