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  1. method/program for searching text in jpg files

    thanks for that suggestion. i tried both programs and they both dont seem to detect key words like it does in OneNote (they skip over images with the word i am looking for - but the text in those images can be searched in oneNote)
  2. hello, i have a folder of 5,500 tables and graphs as jpg files and i want to be able to search for specific tables/graphs by word. so far using the search function for windows explorer is not working i found that inserting the images into OneNote did allow me to search the images by text - however is not a practical way of proceeding because there are so many files and it takes very long to load is there another way i can say e.g. type in some text using a specific method/program and have all the tables and graphs with those words show up? thanks in advance
  3. android os - system data usage excess

    ill have a look into this. thanks for the input
  4. android os - system data usage excess

    "OS services" seems to be using excessive amounts of data i made a post yesterday claiming its data use on my phone data since then, the wifi has used another 10GB+ for "OS services" - its been using 6-7GB daily for this for the past 3 days its totalled 20GB since the beginning of this month i need to find out how to stop this - its draining alot of battery and data thanks in advance
  5. i was out for dinner - had phone data turned on and found out afterwards "OS services" used ~800mb of my 1.5GB monthly data (and the month just started) few days ago "OS services" used over 6GB over wifi i have "download updates automatically" checked - but it does so over wifi, not phone data this has never happened before (had my phone - note 4 for few years running android 6.0.1) what exactly may be causing this & how can i stop this from happening again thanks in advance
  6. Apple Calendar options on windows 10?

    i am currently using this (apple calendar on a web browser) - however i was wondering if there was an option where i can use this offline
  7. i use to have a mac and absolutely loved the calendar application. i have since switched to a windows laptop - and struggling to find something similar i have been using the apple calendar on icloud (opened up on a webpage - always requires internet), but i would like to know if there are any other options (so that i can use calendar offline) i do know there is the windows 10 calendar app - but honestly thats no where near as good/functional (1 big reason is that i cant easily set time slots of 15 min intervals - minimal being 30 mins - i do alot of shifting of times and it is a hassle to manually change everything to 15min intervals) thanks in advance!
  8. every hour a popup with " C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\officebackgroundtaskhandler.exe pops up for a split second and closes. (seems to do it when i have my laptop plugged in) only started doing this a few days ago. is there a way to stop this? im using a XPS13 with windows 10. thanks in advance
  9. how to stop windows 10 hover preview on files

    ok. i fixed it. it was an option within Qttabar and not in windows. thanks
  10. how to stop windows 10 hover preview on files

    im using Qttabar - never occured to me this could be causing it. i will have to have a look
  11. how to stop windows 10 hover preview on files

    this hover preview is very annoying especially when hovering over videos - it starts playing the videos with audio am i able to turn this function off? (picture is an example of what is previewed on hovering over images - if file is a video, it will start playing) - thanks in advance (ive also tried googling but all advice seems to be for turning off aero peek function on windows - which i dont think this is)
  12. laptop power draw from wall outlet or battery

    thanks for the reply. i use it for uni almost everyday (drain about 80% of the battery) and when i get home i plug it in till next morning. so it doesnt stay plugged in all the time, just at nights.
  13. laptop power draw from wall outlet or battery

    thanks for the reply. the thing is, for the xps 13, theres no easy way to remove the battery so it makes thing difficult
  14. always wondered, for newer laptops (i have e.g. xps 13 9360), when i keep my laptop plugged in at 100%, does the laptop draw power directly from the wall or does it still draw power from the battery and the battery is continuously charging? just wondering if keeping it plugged in at home will destroy the battery over time.
  15. XPS 13 9360 audio problem

    whenever i plug in my ear buds, the computer doesnt register it and plays sound through speakers ive installed the drivers from dell website multiple times restarted computer many times any solutions? EDIT: i also have the wavesaudio installed which messes up all the quality of the sound - it adds reverb to everything and lowers the quality any fix around this? thanks