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  1. Anir

    Tera flops

    AMD cards have more compute performance in terms of teraflops than their Nvidia counterparts, Vega 64 boasts almost 13 teraflops while 1080ti being 11 teraflops, still Vega 64 is beaten by a 1080. Why does this happen ?
  2. I cried a lot for this configuration, then I got it, I previously owned a gen 1 core i3 with a Radeon HD 5450, the vendor sold me stating as a gaming PC., And I didn't have any knowledge about specifications back then, 2gb graphics memory meant a lot for me. That pc was shit. ??
  3. Yeah, you are getting yourself a ryzen based system, I'll also have to upgrade asap, cries of a poor gamer ?????
  4. Do games run well on VM ?
  5. Okay, I would remove avast, and try again,, by the way, what system do you run ?
  6. No, actually I never play around with settings unless there is a problem running the game smoothly, I am wondering what is suddenly causing this problem to happen, it used to run awesome just two days ago. I also tried Skyrim heavily modded, which runs smoothly but show glitches in the map menu, somewhat screen ghosting type effect. I also mentioned the only recent change I made to the system, ie, installed free version of avast antivirus, don't really know if that's what causing all of this to happen, but what it has to do with games.
  7. As I said, it was running well and fine, though I am saving to upgrade to ryzen, and no, I haven't installed Windows 10 yet.
  8. I have a gtx 1070 paired with fx8300, and 16 gigs of ram. I have been playing farcry primal, it used to run well but recently there are come texture missing, grass is not loading, besides there are no frame drop or lag. I have tried other games like crysis 3 also showing glitches in the menu, not in the game, and there are some unusual frame drops here and there. Recently updated drivers, everything was running well. It's only after I installed avast antivirus trial version, these glitches are showing up. Any ideal what's happening and how to solve this problem. Also I have Windows 8 installed. Thanks in advance.
  9. Nope, I know that much, thanks for the advice ??
  10. Good choice, I did the mistake, I should also have gone for two rx480s instead of a single gtx 1070, for about the same price, and would have got more performance, somewhere equal to more experience gtx 1080
  11. That's why, I m here, just wanted to be sure, otherwise it will be a waste of money ?, wanted to know, if anybody else has tried it out with latest GPU
  12. People have reported, to have successfully sli gtx 970s
  13. I came across a hack, called different SLI auto, that can enable sli on a crossfire only motherboard. I have a crossfire only motherboard, and a GTX 1070 right now. Will this trick work on my system, should I buy another GTX 1070 ? https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/sli-with-different-cards.158907/
  14. I have a gtx 1070, tried fast sync option in the nvdia control panel. Fast sync is not supposed to limit the frame rates, but apparently it's limiting fps. While any kind of syncing off, I get really high frames per second, higher than my monitor 60hz refresh rate and there is screen tearing all over the place, turning v sung caps the fps to 60, while turning fast sync goes past the 60fps mark but hovers around the mark of 60fps, like it goes as high as 70fps. Why is this happening. I tested games like farcry 3 and farcry 4 at 1080p everything on ultra.