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    Watching videos, Battlefield 3 on PC, trying to upgrade my PC and general PC hardware.
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    Casual PC gamer who is interested in educating myself in the world of PC hardware and such.
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  1. Sure i have an optical drive, buts it's not connected. I only connect it when i have to, no idea why, i think its just because i hate the look being un clean in my Fractal R4
  2. Well, well, well. That's quite the giveaway you have their sir.
  3. 20,000 views from a game console??? Their PC must be broken... I hope.
  4. my contract runs out in september so this would be an epic upgrade!
  5. The answer to your question sir is everything is more expensive due to that ever-present VAT tax they launch on "Luxury" goods, such as graphics cards. Look on the customs website and you should be able to get a good idea of import costs. Link is below. HM revenue & customs import taxes- http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/customs/post/index.htm
  6. Thanks for all the replies guys. The general reply was wait and see what the GTX 770 brings to the table. One thing i am not too comfortable with is overclocking the GPU. Longevity of the card is also very important to me. Thanks again!
  7. So i am looking for a new graphics card... Yep i know this is the part of it where people cringe at what i'm saying and what choices i will make. Which is why i came here, i couldn't find a topic for it but there you go. So i want a GPU that hits a top end budget of Nvidia 680 money (About £400) please bear in mind i am only looking for a single card. I do not want to be bothering with the whole SLI/CF situations. I am open to both Nvidia and AMD card suggestions. So here is the really hard part, i mainly play games such as BF3/Crysis/CounterStrike so FPS matters to me. The main reason for my upgrade is to be able to get a solid amount of frames when Battlefield 4 hits and my AMD radeon 7770 just won't cut it. So the options are very wide and as you can probably tell from the title one of the very valid options is to wait for something such as a Nvidia GTX 770 however would it be worth the extra £100 for a possible downgrade? I will leave the opinions to you guys seen as you seem to know what your on about, Thanks anyway! ^_^
  8. It's EA..... I don't need to vote for if they suck or not, everyone already knows the answer to that.
  9. Print screen the desktop and view it fullscreen. My mate spent at least 10 minutes raging at his PC before he realized.
  10. For me it has to be the Uncharted series, having the better effects on those games would be so good.
  11. Dani

    First SSD

    I am in the same boat here only my budget is a little less. I have being looking around for a bit and OCZ, Intel, Kingston and Samsung seem to be very popular and at very competitive prices. Kingston Hyper X 3K 120GB seems to be a good choice. 1) It's kingston 2) Its rather cheap for what it is 3) Its fast as anything
  12. I had a little bit of extra time on my hands, so i dipped into PC Part Picker and made a build for you. Its about the same price and has everything you need to have for a first build. Everything already brought has being added to the list. Everyone is welcome to give me opinions on it. Hope this is helpful. http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Danii/saved/1Ay4
  13. Looks really nice dude. At first i was a bit hesitant it was going to be a color mashing build but it turned out great! Love the clean white look of the PSU plate. Well done sir.