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  1. Would they be interested in joining a new one? Or having a new player?
  2. Wonder if it's still up or if we would get enough interest here....
  3. I'm sure this is a repeat questions but is there an official and/or unofficial Minecraft server? Ideally non-modded or minimal mods, PC only and preferably Java edition. If not, I would be able to host one if there was enough interest. Just putting out feelers at this point. If you're interested, please comment below!!!!!!
  4. In Prolog, Variables start with capitals and atoms/predicates start with lower case. So yes, the 4 variables can all have the save value of 'e'.
  5. I am currently tying to work on a Prolog example from a course that has something like the fallowing start(state(e, e, e, e)). rule( (move(state(F1, W1, G1, C1), Ed) :- (start(state(F1, W1, G1, C1)), otherRandomPredicates(Ed....) ) ), 100) The predicate is a bit confusing and a bit vague but my question is, when I run using SWI-Prolog (or even GNU Prolog for that matter), the variables F1, W1, G1 and C1 aren't assigned the value of e, e, e and e as would happen if I just ran start(state(F1, W1, G1, C1)). outside of the "rule" predicate. Does anyone know why this is?
  6. Hey all, I am trying to make a knowledge base for an expert system called Exshell using SWI-Prolog. I have tried posting on their forum but have got no response. when the expert system uses the fallowing rule((A :- B),C1). to call the fallowing in the knowledge base rule((move(St1, Cu1) :- (start(state(St1, St2, St3, St4)), switch(state(St1, St2, St3, St4), state(Cu1, Cu2, Cu3, Cu4), [state(St1, St2, St3, St4)]))), 100). start(state(east_side, east_side, east_side, east_side)). switch(state(F1, G1, W1, C1), state(F2, G2, W2, C2), History) :- is_end(state(F1, G1, W1, C1)) ; move_state(state(F1, G1, W1, C1), state(F2, G2, W2, C2)), not(is_history(state(F2, G2, W2, C2), History)), switch(state(F2, G2, W2, C2), state(F3, G3, W3, C3), [state(F2, G2, W2, C2)|History]). it returns the fallowing to. A = move(_4238,_4240) Is it not able to see the start predicate? if so, why not and how do I fix it? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hey all, I know he mentioned it in one of the daily live streams but I cannot remember which one he said he uses to rename his files for a plex server.
  8. Ill give it a shot. Thank you. to late for that but I am planning on buying a m.2 pcie ssd for the os in a bit.
  9. I am not sure if I do but why would I need it for windows 10? Not helpful.
  10. Hello all, I am looking for anyone more knowledgeable with RAID to help me out. My computer spec is listed below. I used to have boot times of under 30s and now just recently have to wait 1min+. I ran some diagnostic software and the only error to note is that my GPU failed a hardware acceleration test. What do yall think is causing the longer boot times? CPU: i7 4790k Ram: 16GB Mobo: asus z97-pro wifi Boot device: 3 SSD in RAID 0 (raid from mobo, no raid card) storage: 2x1TB 2x3TB WD RED Drives in raid 1 (raid from mobo, no raid card) Gigabyte GTX970 G1 Gaming power supply: corsair RM1000 PSU(over powered but was a gift Any thoughts?? Note: GPU error seems to not have affected gaming quality or frame rates at all. Thank you!
  11. GTX 970, With Polaris I might get into VR.
  12. It looks so amazing. I could easily use it for work meetings, projection foe small concert venues and a sick home there term system. Looks amazing LG!