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    krkevin reacted to SupaKomputa in Looking for a waterproof tablet   
    I think an incident where your tablet would be fully submersible would be super rare. Water resistant yes, but no waterproof.
    Its not recommended, but you can find many test like that in youtube, just to proof that a non ip certified phones can deal with (shallow) water dunk.
    Phones and tablet (with non removeable battery) should have the same build where the body is glued shut.
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    krkevin reacted to r2724r16 in 10 GB ram on phones?   
    Because the company who makes the phone decided to
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    krkevin got a reaction from LienusLateTips in Question About Off Brand Wireless Chargers   
    I own a Samsung branded wireless charger. This one: https://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/mobile-accessories/phones/fast-charging-stand---black-ep-n5100tbegus/
    It takes roughly 2h 30m for a full charge, and also makes a bit of noise that can be heard when sleeping in silence. It's very convenient, but I rarely use it due to it's noise at night. Also, Samsung branded wireless charges aren't cheap either.
    As long as you're getting a branded wireless charger (Samsung or brands like Belkin and Spigen), you should be fine. People buy wireless chargers for the convenience, not the speed. Do not buy no-name wireless chargers, or any no-name charger for that matter. No-name chargers can damage the hardware very easily, since they're not designed as well as branded chargers. You don't want that expensive phone to be damaged by a $10 wireless charger and end up paying hundreds to fix it.
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    krkevin got a reaction from zrmaxwell in 2019 Samsung Note & Software Updates   
    It's because that's how it always was, and it won't change anytime soon. Fragmentation is a common problem in android. The issue is the customization each manufacturer places on top of the default android software, and also carrier bloatware. This won't change anytime soon. If you really want a android phone with the fastest updates, Pixel is the only phone so far.
    There's a reason why Android is called "stock android" on pixel devices. Google designs both hardware and software, simultaneously, without adding any other extra customization. It's normal to complain, but you have to admit, Android is a mobile operating system designed to be customized.
    By the way, its impossible to know what software Note 10 will come in. It's only October 2018, and Note 10 is expected to be released in August 2019. Way too early to determine anything about the Note 10.
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    krkevin reacted to jpguitar in Bluetooth Phone Call Audio Quality on iPhone SE - Why is it bad?   
    Honestly, I think you're right.  It'll limit options and I've been surprised with how much I've enjoyed iOS, but in my specific use-case scenario, I think I really do need it.  
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    krkevin got a reaction from jpguitar in Bluetooth Phone Call Audio Quality on iPhone SE - Why is it bad?   
    There's no results on regarding the part where you can use the dongle into the car, but I've never heard people do it either, so I highly doubt it will work that way. Also, I never used a dongle, ever. I own a Galaxy S9 currently.
    No phone has two USB type C ports, but there are dongles that allow you to charge and listen with wired headphones at the same time, like these https://apple.co/2EoHaAd
    Personally, I think it will be very hard for you to live without a headphone jack. Don't get a phone without a headphone jack, because remembering both the headphones and dongle can be very annoying. If you lose it, its $10.
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    krkevin got a reaction from jpguitar in Bluetooth Phone Call Audio Quality on iPhone SE - Why is it bad?   
    Your welcome.
    Yes, that may be the issue, since car manufactures tend not to implement the best Bluetooth hardware, especially in less-expensive models.
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    krkevin got a reaction from jpguitar in Bluetooth Phone Call Audio Quality on iPhone SE - Why is it bad?   
    Bluetooth 4.2 is limited compared to Bluetooth 5. When I call using Bluetooth 4.2 headphones using my S9, I feel no difference, but the moment I turn on any graphic intensive task (ex. almost any android game), that's when I hear a slight 0.5 of lag.
    So far, a wired connection is still superior compared to Bluetooth 4.2. It's been a while since Bluetooth 5 has been released. Although most flagships today come with Bluetooth 5, most headphones do not. Both devices (phone and headphones) need to be Bluetooth 5 compatible to work. If one device is not Bluetooth 5 compatible, both devices will automatically switch to Bluetooth 4.2 or even lower.
    You can't expecet the same superior connection you get from wired headphones compared to Bluetooth 4.2 headphones. (Bluetooth connection quality can also vary depending on headphones, even if its Bluetooth 4.2)
    To conclude, a wired connection will always have a better connection than Bluetooth 4.2. But once Bluetooth 5 becomes more mainstream, it might as well revolutionize Bluetooth for good, if the advertised connection speed matches everyday performance.
    Also, check if your headphones is either Bluetooth 4, 4.1, or 4.2. If it's not 4.2, that might be the issue.
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    krkevin got a reaction from PacketMan in iPhone X   
    So? Phones have had wireless charging, water resistance, and OLED for years. Personally, I prefer the usual fingerprint scanner. There's really nothing much to brag about the iPhone X.
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    krkevin got a reaction from Damascus in New laptop or SSD?   
    Thanks, but I've already decided to get a SSD instead.
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    krkevin reacted to MatchuEnsmith in iPhone X or wait   
    I think I'll wait to see what Samsung has to offer next year and if I'm not impressed by that I'll go for the new iPhone. Thank you everyone for your input it really helped!
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    krkevin reacted to DVI_Tech in What Phone do you own?   
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    krkevin got a reaction from noobs guid to marsterrace in What Phone do you own?   
    S7 Edge, and since I didn't use any cases for the first few months and dropped it a couple times, I'm stuck with a permanent pink line on the right side of the screen. The camera also cracked randomly so no more water resistance . Aside from that, it's a great phone. (Thinking of buying a new phone next year anyways)
    So, if anyone is going to get this phone, don't drop it.
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    krkevin got a reaction from J291 in Huawei p10   
    Hmm, that's interesting. Zack is mainly known for hardware, aka fixing phones by himself. He doesn't do much of the phone reviewing stuff. All smartphones are "fragile" to some extent, especially glass. As long as you're not purposely damaging your phone like Zack and have a good rugged case you should be fine. At least the P10 doesn't have glass on the rear. I honestly don't think it's worth adding glass just for wireless charging.
    Viruses on phones are much less common than they are on PC. If you mean "premium", I assume you're referring to the paid version. Don't pay for it. As long as you're not rooting you're phone, browsing safely, and only downloading apps on the play store, you should be perfectly fine. If you ever want to root your phone, I'd recommend to do it after the warranty has expired.
    P.S - I followed you, even though I only use twitter for giveaways.
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    krkevin got a reaction from J291 in Huawei p10   
    This is just my opinion.
    Compared to other flagships like Galaxy S8 and iPhone X it is lacking of things like water-resistance. Unlike some phones, it has a headphone jack, so that's a start at least. (I still hate Apple for removing it..)
    Most android phones don't get updated as well as iOS anyways. Unless you own a phone made specifically by google, you won't get frequent updates that easily.
    Speed wise, recent smartphones are already beyond the needed speed for even the most graphic intensive tasks, such as gaming. No need to worry about speed, unless you really need to have the fastest phone.
    Huawei P10 isn't a bad phone at all, it's just not as good as the mainstream flagships I talked about. If you have the money and you're willing to spend a few extra hundred dollars for a better smartphone, go for it. Unless you're happy with "average specs", then P10 is a perfect choice.
    EDIT: By the way, who said your data will be at risk just because a phone doesn't get updated? There's always free backup solutions such as the Cloud and a lot of games have their own backup solution.
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    krkevin got a reaction from NinJake in Sport Earphones for everyday use?   
    Ok, thanks.
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    krkevin got a reaction from NinJake in Sport Earphones for everyday use?   
    So..Bose SoundSport In-Ear Wireless is OK?

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    krkevin reacted to kerradeph in Good headphones for movies   
    Theater quality sound is a hard thing to define. Especially with headphones. A good suggestion would be something like the HD598CS. It's a good balanced sound across the range, it's closed back, and it can be driven easily enough by a regular headphone jack without needing an amp but can also benefit from an amp if you want to go that route. 
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    krkevin reacted to Dackzy in Razer Blade Stealth worth it?   
    It will get really hot under CSGO, but fair enough if you want to get it  
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    krkevin got a reaction from mikat in Razer Blade Stealth worth it?   
    Yep, I want portability more than power, guess this is the laptop for me. Thanks.
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    krkevin got a reaction from Firestrike in iPhone 5 earpiece sometimes not working   
    Your best option is to go to the Apple Store, since this is just a forum. (No offense)
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    krkevin got a reaction from Fgtfv567 in iphone 6 power button stuck   
    First of all, call Apple and see if they'll fix it for free or low cost. If that's not possible, the only other option is dismantling the phone and examining it, which can be very risky. I'd recommend you do this if your experienced or extremely careful. Otherwise, it's better to spend some money to fix it, whether it's at an Apple store or some random phone fixing booth.
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    krkevin got a reaction from Mew in Anyone knows where to get Nexus 5 Motherboard for cheap?   
    So far, this is the cheapest one i found on eBay: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Nexus-5-D820-16Gb-Logic-Board-Motherboard-/152051828534?hash=item2366fec736:g:zG0AAOSwJQdXDUJI

    (If your willing to wait for the shipping, it's worth it)
    Note: You never stated your location. No offense, but Nexus 5 is a smartphone, and nothing more. Don't get carried away with mere objects too much.
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    krkevin reacted to EpicGeekonFire in Buying a refurbished phone?   
    I personally wouldn't buy manufactured refurbished. They will usually have limited warranty compared to buying brand new. A used phone would be a better option instead of getting something knowing it was already opened and repaired.
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    krkevin got a reaction from Johnmakuta in How do processor speeds change load times?   
    Although Tedster did basically answer your question, I'll just add to his answer. The iPhone 6S does NOT have a microSD card, and recently Android allows microSD cards to act as additional storage, and not just for storing photos and videos. (It will not work on all updated devices though, unless you root which can be extremely risky and voids warranty)
    The smaller the storage, the slower the processor, because your device need space to run things smoothly. (Ex. Cache participates a huge impact to speed, although it can stack up really fast depending on your usage). If the processors small, your going to require a lot of free space, just to make sure to keep your device running at optimal speed.
    By the way, 3DS is designed for gaming, so it has to be fast, or nobody will want it. Phones are extremely fast today, and they are designed for gaming, but this only applies to mid-range and high-end phones. Low-end phones are basically just for basic tasks such as texting, calling, and possibly video streaming. Just note that smartphones and 3DS are a completely different category, although they'll probably use similar components.