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About RustyBaked

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    East Coast
  • Interests
    Dirt , Asphalt Racing , Hiking ,Biking , Hand gliding , All round adventurist ! Computing is a Hobby that I am Starting to enjoy with a SMILE !!!
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  • CPU
    XEON 8 Core !6Thread
  • Motherboard
    X79 DELUXE
  • RAM
    8g (2x4g) Vengance X/ more to come
  • GPU
    CXM750 Bronze Edition
  • Case
    Fractal Design Blackout R4
  • Storage
    3x 1tb ssd / 1x 3tb hard drive
  • PSU
    CX 750 M
  • Display(s)
    Samsung 60"Smart TV 1080p
  • Cooling
    CoolerMaster Hyper612/ 4x120 CoolerMaster intake & exaust
  • Keyboard
    IBM Pro
  • Mouse
  • Sound
    On board
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. RustyBaked

    The wan show is always late

  2. RustyBaked


    Might take a minute , What is the Deadline ?
  3. RustyBaked

    AMD Polaris Giveaway

    I have Burnt Two (2) cards already due to Overheating issues and Need a Replacement ! Winning 1 would Cut My cost of Replacement .
  4. RustyBaked

    2 Way SLI and a 4x Capture Card

    The pcie bridge is embedded into the Chipset . GPU`s need to face Upward . Your video Card will be Auto recognition #OS. Don`t forget the Software has the setup. The rest seems to be self explanatory , just the choice of What will be your First rendering ? Or am I Miss informed ?
  5. RustyBaked

    Name for Dell Laptop?

  6. RustyBaked


  7. RustyBaked


    REALL NICE ! If you need the desk for Workspace ? place the speakers at the back of your screens 1 facing Left the other facing Right .The sound Will Reverb off of the cabinet giving a Stronger Sound as well the Open Room ( right ) Will give you that Theater Sound Quality ?Fade Right .....
  8. RustyBaked

    Front Panel Connectors Conufsion

    FOR ANY PRODUCT ! google your model # DOWNLOAD PDF ------
  9. RustyBaked

    do you like fallout 4?

    Im not even here , I guess I could go back to Racing games ! I love those ! Wow ? I thought these games were sum of the best ? Guess I will look into a drivers seating arrangement . Thanks for the Blount truth ! Later guy`s Im outie !!!!!
  10. My dc7600 is like a little server in its-self , Over 8tb of storage and a 3.2 , although /single core ?/ Amazing for such OUTDATED PROCESSOR ! and the ram is low as well ! That is how i am able to Fly right under THE RADAR ON nearly everything !!! sometimes ya gotta AGAINST the grain!
  11. The oldies but GOODIES !!!!
  12. RustyBaked

    What to buy

    $3,500 That was me !
  13. RustyBaked

    What to buy

    NO !!! that WASNT AN AMD chipset !!! I dont know HOW that happened ? It WAS , A X79 With chipset installed !!! Xeon 6 core 16 thread , GREAT little board !!!
  14. RustyBaked

    What to buy

    Yes ! if you can take older stuff to use such NEWER items , YES , ME I am fixing to get a X&( amd a chipset installed ! I have to find EVERTHING ELSE !! and while looking around , I HAVE ! I have put a , 4 3,500 sytem together for UNDER $ 800 !!! I have sum stuff here when i get sum parts i can start testing ! You see , I HAVE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION to Linus and Jay amd and Jerry AND ALL OF THESE GUY`s !!! ALL of them ARE my mentor `s ! I havent been around this side of computing EVER ! and I amfinding it OK ? Sum could MAKE it better but I see you here and the way they help you < MAKES me feel welcome !!!! So TAke care BRO . LATER !!