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  1. SynapseBreak

    Paragon being shut down amid Fortnite's success

    Pretty sad to hear about this. Paragon was (and still is) a really well crafted and beautiful game so its a shame that all the work that has gone into it is being thrown out. That being said, in the developers eyes there was always something a little "off" and even with constant reiteration of the card (item) system it never felt quite as smooth or easy to learn as other MOBA's so no doubt retention and to an equal extent expansion of the playerbase was difficult. It just irks me you know? All these wonderful character designs and hard work poured into the game and poof.... Even if the gameplay wasnt particularly innovative as far as MOBA's go, for a free to play title its above average and you would have a hard time disputing that. Oh well. Good times while it lasted.
  2. SynapseBreak

    Feds take down BTC-e (Bitcoin's largest exchange)

    Not to be a butt, but to pick apart your reply. The Bitcoin blockchain is completely public, transactions and subsequently amounts of bitcoins are easily traceable. They're not anonymous in the slightest. But otherwise, your post was pretty on point.
  3. SynapseBreak

    Thing to start with on Raspberry Pi

    One of the first things i did with my raspberryPi was just mess around with Python turning little LED's on and off. Not having any programming experience at all, starting with the basics helped me. There are a lot of resources online for this exact thing, so if you want to start at the very beginning probably start there
  4. SynapseBreak

    Best Quadcopter Drone under $50 USD?

    Can confirm the Hubsan X4 is freaking great, and super fun to fly for less than 50$. Great way to get into the hobby. But if you do plan on getting it, grab a few more propellers and batteries so you can fly for a longer time in one go. Best to get a sub 50$ quad to learn and crash than go balls to the walls on your first quad
  5. SynapseBreak

    Car Radio Suggestions

    Have that exact one in my truck, can confirm it works perfectly Colors are a nice touch as well!
  6. SynapseBreak

    what is the best story game

    Skyrim, no game comes close to matching
  7. SynapseBreak

    Star Citizen 2.1.0 Live Release

    Wooooooooo Vanguard Hype!!! <3 <3 <3
  8. SynapseBreak

    Best Canless Air Option? (PC Dusting)

    What is stopping you from getting an air compressor? Besides the fact that it can supply an unlimited amount of air reliably with an incredible amount of force, it can be used for other things such as filling car tires.
  9. SynapseBreak

    Should weed be legal? [Discussion]

    I think it should be legal, since its basically harmless and in the same category of substances like alcohol. Also it would cut down on a LOT of people getting fined and/or thrown into jail for something so silly Plus its pretty fun but the stigma of being illegal turns a lot of people away from it
  10. SynapseBreak

    Star Citizens may be broken (Sorta Joke)

    Happens to me on the launcher from time to time. Just a small bug, but it should stabilize in a bit If not, just restart + delete USER folder as that fixes most SC related client side bugs
  11. SynapseBreak

    Feminists These Days...

    How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb? Trick question. Feminists cant change anything.
  12. SynapseBreak

    About to Order Pizza... Domino's or Papa John's?

    Doesnt matter, as long as its hawaiian pizza <3 <3
  13. SynapseBreak

    Vessel really benefited from the LinusTechTips army

    Yup, honestly i would not feel bad paying a sub to Vessel, their website shows promise. And also i like being first to watch LTT and Channel Super Fun videos
  14. SynapseBreak

    Nessa || The ~500$ Not Specifically For "Gaming" PC

    I like it, its cute And man i feel your pain of living in a desert... but trust me even with dust filters that get dirty so fast, dust still finds a way to get into my system. Nice build though
  15. If that is the case, piracy should be present as well.
  16. SynapseBreak

    1.2 is live! Get to socializing :D

    Guys, FYI the 1.2 Arc Corp patch just went live and is up for download It might take a while to download, but hopefully it will be worth it In the mean time you can watch some Twitch Streams about it, from people who were in the original PTU test build. Here is the official post as well: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/14927-Welcome-To-ArcCorp-Star-Citizen-12-Released Get in and have some fun!
  17. SynapseBreak

    A little help getting into the game.

    Totally man, join up with us and we can kick some ass
  18. SynapseBreak

    A little help getting into the game.

    If you decide on joining the Org, we can help you out in learning to fly well since there is a slight learning curve
  19. SynapseBreak

    Sabre vs F7C Hornet vs Gladiator -Star Citizen-

    One of the perks of getting the Sabre now is that you can CCU its LTI onto any 170+$ ship if you ever wanted to
  20. SynapseBreak

    Sabre vs F7C Hornet vs Gladiator -Star Citizen-

    All 3 ships are slightly different, so the "best" one will probably be catered to your individual flying style, though in the right hands each can excel i am sure. Basically, the main differences i can see that would impact your decision would be: Gladiator, pretty much a bomber and not much else, currently flies like a rock and has no dogfighting potential when gunned by one person with the turret being slaved. Though its missiles are/will be useful in the PU once available im sure. Hornet, you can equip two size 1 weapons on the nose of the base hornet once an attachment is put on as well, and it is an excellent dogfighter. Though it may not be super fast it has an arsenal and its pretty tanky. Sabre, meant to be a direct counter to the hornet/superhornet. Supposed to be agile, probably more like the Gladius than the Hornet, but with a vastly superior armament. Man, it all really depends on you because all of these ships are different. Id suggest the Hornet though, its tried and true and ive seen it wreck shit in AC moreso than a Gladiator. Sabre looks baller though, dont get me wrong... i almost traded my Warden for it.
  21. SynapseBreak

    [Star Citizen] Help us test the UOLTT Discord server

    Its alright, i mean every host has some problems/glitches eventually. At least it was back up quickly and its only the first time this has happened (as far as i know). The Discord team has commented on it here https://status.discordapp.com/
  22. SynapseBreak

    Project Eden Recruitment

    RIP explosive kittens, you will be dearly missed :C
  23. SynapseBreak

    Project Eden Recruitment

    Star Citizen Name: SynapseBreak Star Citizen Handle: SynapseBreak LinusTechTips Name: SynapseBreak Preferred Squadron: Wolf Pack Ships, Listed in Order of Use: - Gladius (Currently flying in AC) (soon to own as well) - Vanguard Warden (Will fly once available in AC) - - - Intended Role in the Navy, Check all that Apply [ ] Scout [ ] Escort [ ] Bomber [x ] Dogfighter [ ] Electronic Warfare [ ] Gunner [ ] Co-Pilot [ ] Crew Member [ ] Marine [ ] Special Operations [ ] Other: ________________ [ ] Other: ________________ [ ] Other: ________________ [ ] Other: ________________ [ ] Other: ________________
  24. SynapseBreak

    Project Eden Recruitment - Wolf Pack

    IGN is SynapseBreak. Are we gonna have tryouts or something if there is too many applicants?
  25. SynapseBreak

    Project Eden Recruitment - Wolf Pack

    Hey man I would be down to join you and your Wolfpack. I have a Vanguard Warden, but i fly a Gladius in AC. Pretty active on there, so we should be fine