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    i7 8700k @ 5Ghz
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    Asus Rog Maximus X Code
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    32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200MHZ
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    Asus ROG Strix RTX 2080 Ti
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    Corsair Crystal 570x RED Edition
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    Samsung 960 Pro 512GB Samsung 850 Evo 500gb WD Blue 1tb
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    Corsair RM850x
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    Agon 4K 60hz G sync/Acer 2560x1440p 144hz G-Sync
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    Corsair H150 Pro
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    Corsair K95 Platinium
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    Logitech G900
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    Logitech G560
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    Windows 10

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  1. any help on this would be greatly appreciated, im at a loss at what to do here
  2. so im getting this error every now and then which completely freezes my pc have to hold power button to get it back any help would be greatly appreciated. Log Name: System Source: volmgr Date: 11/1/2019 3:27:38 AM Event ID: 161 Task Category: None Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: Shady Description: Dump file creation failed due to error during dump creation. Event Xml: <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event"> <System> <Provider Name="volmgr" /> <EventID Qualifiers="49156">161</EventID> <Level>2</Level> <Task>0</Task> <Keywords>0x80000000000000</Keywords> <TimeCreated SystemTime="2019-11-01T09:27:38.795552200Z" /> <EventRecordID>10478</EventRecordID> <Channel>System</Channel> <Computer>Shady</Computer> <Security /> </System> <EventData> <Data>\Device\HarddiskVolume6</Data> <Binary>000000000100000000000000A10004C081000200010000C000000000000000000000000000000000</Binary> </EventData> </Event> there is the event log if it will help
  3. as title says who here uses a case or who does not and why? i alternate between going completey caseless with just a screen protector and using a case. Currently using iPhone 11 Pro Max P.S i know ive made a topic like this but have been told it would have benefitted from a poll so you may lock my other post if needed thank you.
  4. im still going caseless, everyone around me calls me crazy lol
  5. So, ive had the iPhone 11 Pro Max 256gb in Midnight Green since the 20th and i have yet to put a case on it because it just feels so good to hold and i feel a case takes away from the feel. i do have a tempered glass screen protector and apple care on it though but currently going caseless. i did buy a clear case for when i go to concerts or other events, but most of the time it has no case. what about all of you?
  6. i have both the airpods gen 2 and powerbeats pro, the powerbeats pro are a lot better then airpods imo they have been amazing for me and arent strictly tied to one ecosystem so can use on both iPhone and Android
  7. i dont really use my camera a whole lot just when i go to concerts really and from what i could tell there isnt much difference between the note 10+ camera and the 11 Pro
  8. im torn between the midnight green pro max and the aura black note 10+
  9. hmm so would upgrading to the new iphone then upgrading again in 2020 for the iphone with 5G be a better option then?
  10. i was thinking to get 5G because if i went with the note 10+ id have to keep it for 2 yrs
  11. so currently have the XR and im considering upgrading to the note 10+ 5G or the upcoming iPhone 11 Max or Pro whichever they decide to call it and im currently on the fence between them. i can pick up the note 10+ 5G now or wait for the new iphone any opinion greatly appreciated
  12. i still havent gotten the update yet. im still on windows 10 1809
  13. SHADY16

    Mice question

    I actually use high dpi at about 8000 to 12000
  14. so im currently looking for a good gaming mouse and narrowed it down to corsair nightsword RGB or Logitech G900. i have other corsair peripihals suchs as corsair K95 plat and void RGB pro. brand for the mouse doesnt have to match but wondering which is the better of these two also open to other suggestions as well.