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    i7 6700k
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    16gb Corsair Vengeance LED 3200mhz
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    EVGA 1080 Ti FTW3
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    Corsair K95 Platinium
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  1. Who's getting/got a 8086k?

    i have been considering it but unless i win i dont think upgrding from the 6700k would be worth the money at this time correct me if i am wrong
  2. PC wont enter sleep

    still trying to figure this out
  3. PC wont enter sleep

    anyone have any insight on this? been driving me nuts lol
  4. PC wont enter sleep

    i have tried that and according to it there isnt anything that woke it
  5. PC wont enter sleep

    The other day my pc suddently wont stay in sleep mode. it goes into sleep then immiediatly wakes right back up. i have tried different power plans even disabling the ability to wake from keyboard and mouse unplugging all USB devices and ethernet cable. i even ran a scannow to see if that would fine something none of these have fixed it. also nothing has changed it just started for no reason a few days ago.
  6. screen protector with a case?

    thats the one im using right now it doesnt fit over the entire part so when i swipe up i feel the edge of the protector everytime lol. i even watched a video of my case where they tried to break it, threw it against concrete,jagged rocks and even hit it with a metal shovel like a baseball bat and it survived
  7. screen protector with a case?

    im using the rhinoshield impact protection screen protector currently and it doesnt go all the way to the bottom and i always find myself scraping up against the edge of it which is quite annoying for me, i tried a edge to edge glass one as well but some how dust kept getting under it where the face ID was and would mess up face ID until i took it off and cleaned it. the Rhinoshield Mod Case i have is drop tested for 11 ft
  8. so i have the iPhone X in a Rhinoshield Mod Case currently and was wondering if i even need a screen protector for it? ive tried some but since the display is edge to edge i always feel the edge of the protector when i swipe up to unlock. I'm not rough on my phones, went 1 yr without dropping my 7+ once and usually the pocket i use for my phone has nothing else in it but the phone.
  9. i meant the iPhone 8 Plus lol you get to keep the same size as the 7+ but have a faster phone
  10. if you must upgrade you could always grab the 8+ nearly identical hardware to the X but with the same size as the 7+. really only difference between the 8+ and X is the screen form factor and face ID and a slightly better camera. also the X+ or w/e they call it is rumoured to start at $1149 and go up
  11. theres going to be a iphone x plus next year if you wait
  12. Best 1080 ti

    i would personally go with the EVGA FTW3 model also EVGA's customer service is amazing. its the card i personally have and i love it
  13. What Phone do you own?

    256gb Silver iPhone X
  14. Which Phone should I go for?

    i have the iPhone X and i will say it is the best iPhone i have used to date i do not miss the home button nor do i miss Touch ID, sure it might be a little slower but depending on where you live you cant use touch id with gloves on where as face id you can also there are many other things face id is useful for. with face id the phone knows if you are looking at it so the screen wont dim if you are looking at the device also if you get a phone call the phone will auto lower the volume so you are looking at it. also notifications are hidden from anyone but you. the gestures dont take long at all to get used to and makes the phone feel more fluid overall imho. the iPhone X also have the best screen and camera out of all the phones currently out. if your mom is offering the iPhone X for you i would take that without question