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    Core2Quad Q9300 @2.5ghz
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    8GB DDR3 @1333mhz
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    GTX 650
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    SoundBlaster AudigyZX2
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    Lubuntu LTS / Win7

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  1. I've heard of it, but never played it. I hear it's good. Is it good?
  2. I dunno, I like the mouse sensitivity, but IMHO, using WASD controls (or even arrow keys) just kinda feels like using a D-pad. A really good D-pad for 2D games and such, but kind of a wonky replacement for an analog stick in 3D. Also, for me it's like, $3 for controller + $3 for mouse + $3 for keyboard... I gotta stop shopping for PC accessories at thrift stores. *shrug* Whatever floats your boat I suppose. I will admit, I do use Mouse/Keyboard for Touhou, even though I usually swear by PS1 pads (or similar) for shmups. IDK, just feels more right I guess. I promise I'll get a mechanical keyboard some day. They're so... clicky!
  3. I couldn't find any threads about this so... I want to discuss gaming (on PC ofc) with a game controller, as opposed to gaming with a mouse and keyboard. I keep seeing all these fancy shmancy optical mice and mechanical keyboards costing hundreds of dollars online and at my local tech shops, and while they are very nice, I find myself always sticking to cheap 20y/o $3 membrane Dell/HP mice and keyboards from the thrift store (after cleaning them ofc). They seem to work just fine for web browsing and typing word documents, meanwhile, as a video game collector, I've got bins full of old controllers for dozens of old game consoles and even a few actual PC controllers. For any kind of gaming, I just kinda look at my bin and ask myself "what would be the best controller for this game?" and then grab/buy a USB adapter for like $5 on ebay. I find that the Xbox 360 controller is all-around the best controller for 3D games, while PS1/PS2 controllers are perfect for 2D games. Yes, I know, nothing beats the accuracy of a mouse (especially newer laser/optical ones) and that I'd get clobbered in a First Person Shooter, strategy game, or an old-school point-and-click adventure, but for everything else, I just see no reason to deal with a mouse and keyboard for anything outside of regular computery stuff. Any fans of Dance Dance Revolution out there? Can't afford to buy or build a metal pad? just take your craptastic fold-up pad, get a USB adapter, download StepMania, and you're good to go. Got an Xbox 360 pad? Just plug it right in, you don't even need an adapter. The whole idea of a gaming mouse or keyboard just contuses me. It's simply not the right tool for the job. The mouse was invented to navigate a GUI, the Keyboard was invented to type papers, while the controller was invented for gaming. So from my perspective, trying to game with a mouse/keyboard is like hammering a nail with a wrench instead of a hammer. Yeah, it works, but why would you do that? TL;DR Mice and Keyboards are great, and essential for FPS, strategy, and adventure games (and ofc everything non-gaming) but for everything else, a controller just makes more sense. ESPECIALLY on the PC, where you can use any controller you want with any game you want. But that's just my opinion. What do you guys think?
  4. Pardon me for the spammy double-post, but here's a slightly less crap version.
  5. I'd say get something like a GTX 770 or newer. I personally have an old 650 from over 5 years ago, and it's fine at 720p, but struggles a bit at 1080. LTT recently did a video on 1080p gaming for under $150, and actually put my card up against the 770 and it was like night and day performance-wise. Also, get an SSD. Seriously, even if you have to get a crappy 32GB one or something, just to run alongside your HDD, you will be so much better off. Your system is already fairly powerful, all you really need IMHO is a new graphics card, and an SSD (maybe another RAM stick if your motherboard/wallet can handle it? If not, 8GB is fine.)
  6. I removed the screen in this pic for your Photoshopping pleasure.
  7. Okay, so I thought about posting this in "Console Gaming", but this seems like a more appropriate place for it. Mods can move if needed. I got my hands on a Security Camera monitor, and wanted to see if I could use it with my retro consoles, but I know nothing about this contraption, which could be B&W for all I know. I will post pics when I get a chance, but Here's what I do know: Brand: ULTRAK Model No.: KO-1242C It as 4 camera inputs labelled CAM1-CAM4 with a 5th input for VCR. All 5 inputs use what looks like a phone plug (like, the plug for landline telephones/Dial-up, not Ethernet). Definitely not BNC or Breakout. It powers on and attempts to scan all 4 CAM ports. I can't see anything on the screen, but it makes that good ol' ear piercing CRT squeal, so I think it works *knocks on wood* I also have an RGB SCART cable for a Super Nintendo with sync-on-composite, but I can't find an adapter for this thing, or any information about how to make one, so I can't even test it. My Google-fu has proven too weak for this one. Help me out homies!
  8. This. MM is a direct sequel of OOT like how ALBW is a direct sequel to ALTTP, not how Nintendo usually handles things. MM in Japan is called Zelda Gaiden, which means Zelda Side-story. It's what happens to young Link some time after the end of OOT.
  9. Sounds like your optical drive is dying. Remember that video DVDs require a lot more reading than game discs. Replacing/repairing the optical drive is an option if you know how (which I don't) but here's what I recommend: If your objective is to watch DVDs, just install MakeMKV and rip all your movies to your PC. If your objective is to play PS2 games, get the thing soft-modded and throw a hard drive in there. That will take the work-load off the optical drive, making it last longer, and even still be usable even if the optical drive dies completely. You'll also have faster loading times, and region-free. Just don't rely too much on it, Hard Drives fail too.
  10. Not me. Don't have OW. Looks sick though, might pick it up
  11. I haven't checked in a while, but it might have been discontinued. You can still find them used even at major retailers, though a 3DS XL might not be a bad choice anyway, since it's the same console with bigger screens. I actually use a XL, and I love it! But if you want an original, you might have to do some hunting.
  12. Assuming you're sticking with current-gen, 3DS is the way to go. It's my personal preference, but more importantly, it's got WAY more 5-star games than the Vita. All the best games with cost a fortune, but even the $5 downloadable indie games are pretty good for the most part. Do some research and decide which one has more games you want, but man, you'd have a hard time beating the 3DS!
  13. Yeah, pretty much any linux distro with a 32-bit iso should be i686 compatible. It's the i586 and i486 you need to watch out for, they are kinda limited to Damn Small Linux. i386 and earlier are SOL afaik. Sounds like you've got a P4 that won't run Lubuntu? That's strange, P4 computers usually run Lubuntu pretty well (although, you'd really benefit from a RAM upgrade). Maybe try another LXDE or XFCE centered distro like LXmint or Debian LXDE or something. Then again, those are very similar, so if Lubuntu didn't work, these might not either...
  14. You say it's healthy, but that definitely sounds like a failing drive. You might want to run another health test than the one you just tried, I recommend GSmartControl for Linux. If your drive truly is healthy, you might just want to get a new HDD and back your data up anyway. Just in case.
  15. Here's what I know for sure: Famicom/NES - no SCART support, requires a HUGE hard-mod that involves sacrificing a Nintendo Arcade machine (or aftermarket board) Super Nintendo/Super Famicom - Model 1 supports native RGB SCART. Model 2 requires a hard-mod. Sega Mega Drive/Genesis - Model 1 supports native RGB SCART - I don't know anything about model 2 or 3. PCEngine/TurboGrafx16 - Requires a hard-mod. (needs an add-on just for composite >.<) Nintendo 64 - Requires a hard-mod Sega Saturn - Supports native RGB SCART Sega Dreamcast - Supports RGB SCART, although natively does 640x480 60hz VGA.