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    Ein0r reacted to Bombastinator in What happened to the "No Clickbait" promise?   
    Iirc with the newspapers there was a spark that just pissed off everyone.  Don’t remember what it was. 
    What we’re seeing here is tinder being laid.  I don’t know if there is enough tinder or not.  The whole “fake news” thing implies there is.  Still a spark has not yet happened.  At least one that hasn’t been squelched anyway.
  2. Informative
    Ein0r reacted to lewdicrous in What happened to the "No Clickbait" promise?   
    One of the reasons I unsubbed months ago.

    FP on the left, YT on the right. This video's title is one of the ones that OP complained about, they added the hyphen but wrote "No... Seriously" instead of something informative.

    For the video above, they used the format that they promised (catchy title - informative title), but on YT they only used the catchy title.
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    Ein0r got a reaction from lewdicrous in What happened to the "No Clickbait" promise?   
    Yes, that's the point. LTT either can't change it due to reasons like the algorithm, or won't change because they dont give a fuck while also having a memory like a sieve. But at some point your options as a viewer are exhausted. You can complain, critique, recommend, ignore, or just leave.
    Maybe thinking about clickbaity titles is like a drug and James, Riley, Alex and the other writers are just heavily addicted. Trapped in a nonsensical bubble.
    I probably wrote something similar like the above in the last topic about it too.
    Oh well.. they can still try and advertise this as another benefit of Floatplane: "nO cLiCkBaItY TiTLeS oN fL0AtPlAnE". But I dont have Floatplane, not sure if there are clickbait titles as well.
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    Ein0r got a reaction from Ben17 in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    Probably nothing extraordinary. 
    Are there cool things you can do with old outdated computers? I am not super tech-savvy and still have two older desktops somewhere. I believe a Pentium 2 and something that is slightly better than a Pentium 3 i believe. I don't really want to throw them away, so I am curious if you can do some cool things with those old chunks of hardware, with some brushups and maybe cheap upgrades.
    The second idea is a "handy guide to everything refurbished", for people with a smaller wallet. Smartphones, computer, laptops, notebooks, tablets and everything else that might be interesting as a second-hand purchase.  What expectations should you have when buying refurbished hardware? What can you expect from those products?, price ranges, what to look out for, etc. Also because second-hand stores for electronics slowly become more popular. (at least were i life, lol).
    In one of the smarthphone reviews Linus himself said that those reviews are not really exciting at all anymore because the majority of the phones just don't set themselves strongly apart from their competitors. And if you can, for the most part, ignore the specific details of each phone, (or laptops for the sake of my argument) buying refurbished might be a great alternative. But people are still hesitant when (when not in dire need).
    The third would be tests of physical and digital password encoder and password managers.
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    Ein0r got a reaction from Uttamattamakin in Why can't Linus to a traditional Scrapyard Wars?   
    It didn't feel they had much pressure. A good amount of cash and enough manpower per team. If you would go to a seller and ask if they can put 3 gaming rigs together for  $1,8k, with peripherals and all, they might have gotten a decent deal. And they showed that they can get chairs/tables for free or dirt cheap. I was a big fan of the last one, where they were limited to old means of communication only, because that was something unique. I didn't mind them buying prebuilts, but they just had too much money available which made this not as interesting.
    My suggestion would be to buld a machine "through the times", where each part of the pc must be x years older than the previously used part. Case from the 80s, monitor from 85, mouse from the 90s, etc. or something similar to that.
    A different location would be nice, maybe during one of Linus' trips to various international conventions, building a limited rig on a different continent. Even the US would probably ok. Even if it is just so they get away from their known and trusted merchants. Maybe a collab with another techtuber? This way Linus wouldn't have to bring too much manpower with him.
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    Ein0r got a reaction from kirashi in Apple should be EMBARRASSED - Pixel 4 Review   
    Either they had an argument in LMG, couldnt decide on a title, and now two people are trying to force their opinion onto the other one. Or they ridicule us viewers. Or whoever was in charge for the youtube upload copy/pasted the wrong title. Or whoever was in charge for this picked the wrong forum topic title. Pick one. Either way, those title changes are annoying.
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    Ein0r got a reaction from 1atepizza in A FIRST for Gaming Monitors! – ASUS VG27AQ Review   
    This video is 450 seconds long, and shows roughly 40 seconds of the monitor in action, rounded up. including them changing settings and showing its I/O and flexible articulation. That is less, or maybe about the same time they used for their sponsor calls, merchandise ad and subscription tease.
    Maybe I forgot a clip that ads another 5-10 seconds, but even then it is quite lousy disappointing.
    I appreciate the explanations about back light strobing, motion blur reduction and variable refreshrate but this could have been done without that monitor, too.
  8. Informative
    Ein0r reacted to SkyHound0202 in DOUBLE your Laptop Battery Life - This Method Actually Works!   
    I am gonna let you finish, but...

    ...I guess I will use the method that can triple the battery life and "really works" plus "for FREE", thank you!
  9. Informative
    Ein0r got a reaction from BruteSquad in Amateur vs Pro Photography Challenge - Google Pixel 3 vs Fujifilm GFX   
    I am an absolute amateur. I can clearly see who has the skills of a photographer and who doesn't, just by looking at how most of the pictures were arranged. But I have a hard time identifying why the better camera makes for a better photographer, except for a few pictures here and there. Most notably for this are the pregnancy pictures.  Linus also has the advantage that he works very well under stress and pressure.
    From my pov, I prefer Brandon's picture of the professional athlete James over Linus' picture.
    The baseball caps are hard. Probably Linus > Brandon for me. Both pictures combined would make me buy the cap. Each on their own is lacking. One lacks the model, the other the logo. But damn, Brandon's picture looks sharp. I didn't like the hoodie photo. The water bottles are a clear win for Brandon. It was neat to see the trick he used so Colton would have a cheerful expression, by making him react to something he truly enjoys.
    I was mostly excited on how they would use  that dog sculpture, but Linus had to use his signature skill and knocked it off the table. Thanks. Linus is the clear winner for me in this one. This was probably Brandon's worst photo in my opinion.. I get the impression of a photoshooting of a baby, surrounded by its toys. But the baby is a bowl of dog food. And the bowl looks like dry food where somebody did a huge dump on. But I would buy Brandon's dry food more than I would buy Linus' wet food.
    The headshots were both good. If it weren't for that light reflection on the windshield I would prefer Linus' over Brandons. Maybe if both photographers had the same goal, besides a headshot, this might have ben a better comparison. Maybe a set expression of the model might have workded as well, This way I feel you compare apples to oranges.
    The pre-natal photos are the ones were I as a beginner can clearly see the difference in cameras and the photopgraphers skills. Brandon's arrangement was great and if he had a camera that allowed him to better adjust to the colors of the sky and the grasses, his would have been infinitely better. I mean you can't really blame Brandon that his models weren't into it, looking like a sad couple that says farewell. But  Linus' picture of the walking couple is the winner for me on this last challenge. But also not because his camera was better but because he took the right photo at the right moment and his models actually looked like they enjoyed it and. My guess is, if Brandon had taken this photo he might have picked an version where you can see more of the blue sky, instead of completely grey one, that is fully covered in clouds.
    I probably haven't enjoyed a video as much as this one for quite some time and hope to see more of or similar things like that. Bit of a shame with the upload- and resolution troubles.
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    Ein0r got a reaction from Lord Mirdalan in Our BIGGEST Unboxing Ever!!   
    Now you are equipped to make a collab with This Old Tony
    Can somebody estimate how much money all of this might have cost and what they might use these tools for? Besides litterally everything imaginable?
    The only thing I can imagine right now are pc cases and the weirdest most specific mounting platforms for [something]. Cooler fan racks maybe.
    Edit: I am excited for the first video from your fully furnished worksop, when all the machines and tools are on their rightful places.
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    Ein0r got a reaction from FezBoy in Our BIGGEST Unboxing Ever!!   
    Now you are equipped to make a collab with This Old Tony
    Can somebody estimate how much money all of this might have cost and what they might use these tools for? Besides litterally everything imaginable?
    The only thing I can imagine right now are pc cases and the weirdest most specific mounting platforms for [something]. Cooler fan racks maybe.
    Edit: I am excited for the first video from your fully furnished worksop, when all the machines and tools are on their rightful places.
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    Ein0r got a reaction from superwolfkin in A GREAT Gaming Laptop for $830?? - Acer Nitro 5 (2019) Review   
    Nearly 9 minutes in and I am still waiting for the budget laptop. Probably budget for gaming laptops, but I wouldn't have wasted my time clicked on it if "gaming" had been in the title.  When I hear budget, I think of  $500€, maybe 600 max.
    Those laptops look neat if it weren't for those red keys. They also offer a cheaper build on amazon with a Ryzen 5 and a RX 560 for 730€ but I have no idea, nor can i estimate, how that one would compare to the versions in the video.
  13. Informative
    Ein0r reacted to Sauron in From Garbage can to glorified cheese grater and all for a mere $50K   
    That's already 10% cheaper and the gap widens considerably with the lower end configurations.
    Some of both, though I would argue the diminishing returns don't really warrant this sort of machine in any circumstance. Also high core count xeons in 2019? cmonbruh
    Realistically pretty much nobody is going to buy the maxed out configuration, they just offer it because they have nothing to lose by doing so. The 1.5TB ram support is more geared towards future upgrades than being maxed out right now and so are other features - and also simply because the CPU supports it, so why shouldn't the motherboard?
    And of course different people have different needs, some may need maxed out graphics and some may need all the ram available - not necessarily both.
    I don't think it makes a significant difference beyond 30gb or so... also loading 1TB of data into it every boot would be slow even with the fastest ssd raid possible.
    Those businesses won't be touching a first gen machine anyway - and generally companies that drop 50k on a single machine tend to have a faster upgrade loop and a smaller staff, I can't imagine dropping more than a million on hardware every time you upgrade would be sustainable for the vast majority of companies.
  14. Informative
    Ein0r reacted to Mira Yurizaki in From Garbage can to glorified cheese grater and all for a mere $50K   
    That fast scratchpad memory.
    That's Apple's typical target audience. But whether or not someone actually needs a maxed out configuration is another thing. But keep in mind, for many businesses time is money. A more expensive machine may perform fast enough to save enough time, and thus money, than a cheaper machine will in the long term.
    Also businesses are often notoriously slow to upgrade their computers. So buying the highest performing thing now will save them from having to upgrade more frequently.
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    Ein0r got a reaction from Teddy07 in [Poll] Rocket League Popularity   
    I have seen two finals but was not really stoked about it. I prefer watching from one players perspective. It is more interesting this way for me. Tournament streams are nice to see rotations and whatnot, but it is not too exciting.
    Playing is fun, as long as you disable every possibilty to communicate with your team mates or opponents when playing alone.
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    Ein0r got a reaction from oldSock in YouTube... Is YouTube still relevant?   
    I am probably too poor to ever watch floatplane. Especially if there will be  3,5,7 or more creators on FP that i regularly follow.  Because everyone seems to be behind their own pay wall.
    LTT puts out some cool videos. But also a lot of product "reviews". And that is also a reason why i like watching LTT: To see what is cool, up and coming and if some of that is any good. But in the end this is also just an ad. And several of the channels i watch do this. And if all (or at least several) of them migrate to floatplane only, i will not watch them anymore. Since the entertainment factor is not big enough and i can get the information i need quite easily somewhere else and in better quality for less money or free.
    I wish them all the luck, but another micro payment video service is too much for me. Guess i will stick with youtube then and other homepages.
    Amazon prime, netflix, audible, other streaming services, Twitch Subscriptions, Youtube Red, Patreon boni, that shit ads up. And since youtube is stil the biggest and most known free video service, it wont change all that soon as long as amazon, or alibaba or other sites dont up their game.
  17. Funny
    Ein0r got a reaction from Gamerguy207 in Getting a PC to work (New Hardware, old hdd)   
    yaaaaay. I really hoped i could circumvent that somehow..
    Seems i will have to transfer all the data again. And in the meantime i will transfer a whole lot of beer into myself ._.
    I will be back soon™
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    Ein0r reacted to derFensterputzer in PC dead, time for upgrades (~500€)   
    What I've found:
    if AMD:
    R5 1500X (215 CHF)
    ASUS Prime B350 Plus (115 CHF)
    2x8GB Hyper X Fury at 2660 MHz (150 CHF)
    Would be a total of 480 CHF (Schould be the same in germany)
    If Intel
    i5 7500 (206 CHF)
    ASUS Prime H270 Plus (130 CHF)
    2x8GB HyperX Fury at 2660MHz (150 CHF)
    Would be a total of (486 CHF)
    On the Intel side you could use your Hyper 212 EVO, The Ryzen comes with a decent Stock cooler
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    Ein0r reacted to Praesi in PC dead, time for upgrades (~500€)   
    I always buy @ www.alternate.de 
    I ordered from many stores, but they are the ones who gave me the best exp.
    This Store is not known for its cheap Prices, but they delivere fast and stand by your Side if there is a Problem with the Hardware.
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    Ein0r reacted to derFensterputzer in PC dead, time for upgrades (~500€)   
    Similar but different, I'm from switzerland. Prices for Tech are a bit higher here, but mostly the same
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    Ein0r reacted to ARikozuM in PC dead, time for upgrades (~500€)   
    @Praesi might be able to help since he's from Germany and will know the pricing.