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  1. Good luck with the new channel. Could be nice, could just be a shill channel with cheaper prices. But without content, this is just cynic guesswork. But it already has ~70k subs
  2. Take a break, go on vacation with your family and work it out with them and yourself.. A month or two, no problem. The channels work well enough while you are on a break, just dont let Riley jump around in front of the camera all the time
  3. Clickbait titles make consumers unwilling to watch the videos at some point. Clickbait titles generate an expectation that is above the expectation thata normal title would generate. And if you promise the latest, greatest most fascinatingest regularly but you don't deliver, in relation to the expectations you set, people tend to leave. A hypothetical headline: Did LG just create the best alround gaming monitor for the next decade? Content: LG created a monitor with an isp panel without any backlight bleed. Viewer: Is aware that the title is clickbaity, or at least hyperbole. The viewer would normally expect a video about a really good monitor. But because of the title, he now expects at least a really really good monitor, maybe even a really really really good monitor. Even if it is just subconsciously. And even if he is aware of the clickbaity nature of the title. But what the viewer gets is a video about a decent 1440p IPS monitor without backlight bleed. But with terrible I/O and below average setting options. But it only costs $250. And while this would definitely be a very good monitor for gamers on a budget, it is not what was promised in the title. It wasn't completely wrong, it just wasn't right either. Just because a statement has a shred of truth, elevating this little piece of truth to be the main focus point is bad manners at best, or misleading at worst. Repeat this often enough and people grow tired.
  4. Yes, that's the point. LTT either can't change it due to reasons like the algorithm, or won't change because they dont give a fuck while also having a memory like a sieve. But at some point your options as a viewer are exhausted. You can complain, critique, recommend, ignore, or just leave. Maybe thinking about clickbaity titles is like a drug and James, Riley, Alex and the other writers are just heavily addicted. Trapped in a nonsensical bubble. I probably wrote something similar like the above in the last topic about it too. Oh well.. they can still try and advertise this as another benefit of Floatplane: "nO cLiCkBaItY TiTLeS oN fL0AtPlAnE". But I dont have Floatplane, not sure if there are clickbait titles as well.
  5. Don't like it? Just unsub. If there is decent video coming around then youtube will likely put it into your recommendations anyway. Or into the "tech tab". Just step back for a while and check the channel maybe once a week. And although saying something like this in an official forum is not nice, it is the only other option you have. Deal with it or step away. You can change, but LTT surely won't as long as they don't see the sub- or viewer numbers decreasing. You as the viewer don't have to care about the algorithm, you as the viewer just care for the informational value and entertainment you can get out of it, and how much you are willing to put up with. If it annoys you to such an extent, then just stop. Youtube doesn't give a flying F about you, and its algorithm doesn't care about your opinion, Data driven decision-making or something like that.
  6. Thanks for the advice, that is something I didn't really consider. I have a gtx 1060, so depending on who you ask the answers are a flat no or a mixed yes, but not at max settings. I am not playing the latest and greatest, so that wouldn't be too much of a problem. The bigger factor is budget as I can't really go over 300€, and for most 27" in that category that is about the starting line.
  7. My current one is a BenQ G2420HDBL, a 24" 60hz monitor. I read several articles and comments that 27" 1080p might be a bit pixelated compared to the 24" version but didn't get around to actually taking a look and compare the resolution in our electronics stores. My face is ~ 70- 80cm (~2,3 feet) away from the screen. I am also not entirely sure if I necessarily want to go bigger, but i definitely want to go with a 144hz monitor as my new main device, compared to my 60hz one. I will keep mine as a second monitor, that's why i also tend to favor a new 24" monitor, for uniformity reasons. But that is also just a minor nitpick and neglectable. I don't want a curved one though. Yes there are different vendors but they have the same delivery time for the monitors.
  8. I have been looking for somewhat budget gaming monitors for a while now and found the aoc 24g2u and the 27g2u. 144hz, ips panel, good prices. Seems perfect. I am not sure yet if the pixel density on the 27" version will bother me compared to the 24" monitor, as both are 1080p monitors. And I am not sure if I can find proper comparison screens in our local stores. But when I looked at the delivery time, amazon as well as other stores have a delivery time of 2-3 months. I am not in a dire need for a new monitor, but I finally want to upgrade my old 60hz monitor, for gaming. Are there maybe some decent alternatives coming in the next months? Waiting 2+ months for a new monitor just to see better alternatives to arrive in the 150-250€ budget range is something I would like to avoid.
  9. It didn't feel they had much pressure. A good amount of cash and enough manpower per team. If you would go to a seller and ask if they can put 3 gaming rigs together for $1,8k, with peripherals and all, they might have gotten a decent deal. And they showed that they can get chairs/tables for free or dirt cheap. I was a big fan of the last one, where they were limited to old means of communication only, because that was something unique. I didn't mind them buying prebuilts, but they just had too much money available which made this not as interesting. My suggestion would be to buld a machine "through the times", where each part of the pc must be x years older than the previously used part. Case from the 80s, monitor from 85, mouse from the 90s, etc. or something similar to that. A different location would be nice, maybe during one of Linus' trips to various international conventions, building a limited rig on a different continent. Even the US would probably ok. Even if it is just so they get away from their known and trusted merchants. Maybe a collab with another techtuber? This way Linus wouldn't have to bring too much manpower with him.
  10. Heh. yea... More like 1080 full hd. But at that point i probably just take the cheapest 144hz they have, just to get it over with. I am so done with looking at monitors.
  11. A monitor. But I don't know what. I am dreading tomorrow when I have to go to our local electronics store to check them out.
  12. I liked the idea, and the first two episodes were interesting. But it wasn't super exciting. Maybe the budget was too large? Maybe there was just not enough to do for three people per team to induce some sense of urgency? My idea for another scrapyard wars would be to build a pc with parts from different "decades". For example that all the parts need to be 5 years apart in terms of age: Case from the 9180s, monitor from 1985, mouse from 1990, gpu from 1995 and so on. Or however you want to scale it for a more entertaining experience. I hope for more scrapyard wars in the future, it is fun to watch after all.
  13. Gleamio is sketchy anyway. Giving that website a hefty chunk of personal information without even getting to participate because of that stupid region limitation is super shady. And LMG does this time and time again.
  14. Very interesting video. But I could have watched it completely muted with a simple subtitle of "Linus enjoys a highly developed sound system", and would have gotten the same information out of that. But thats an inherent problem with videos about audio equipment. At least I now know that something like this exists.
  15. After 10 years, I thought a monitor upgrade would be nice, and I finally get a second monitor as I don't intend to throw the current one away. But looking through reviews, youtube videos and recommendations, I am more confused than ever, especially when it comes to what I want or need, for a budget of ~250€ ( $277 ). I am currently looking at three monitors and I am going to our local electronics store this weekend. I can read reviews and watch videos as many as I want but I also need to see them in action. My pc is a Ryzen 5 with a Palit GTX 1060 GPU. More than good enough for the games we regularly play: Rocket League, League of Legends, R6 Siege, Warframe and Final Fantasy 14. Good looking but not extremely demanding. My current monitor is a BenQ G2420DBL. The main uses are gaming and watching videos. My little brother also uses it for drawing and some photo/video editing. None of us is using it for anything professional. The most professional thing is the occasional office work. I want a 144hz monitor with good refresh rates. And if it comes with good color accuracy that would also be a nice plus. The monitors I am currently looking at are: Asus VG279Q This is the monitor I am most interested in buying, even though it is a bit above my budget. 144hz, good reaction times (like all those monitors) and apparently good color accuracy. I have read various comments about their motion blur reduction feature being unnecessary or not working properly. Or I might have misunderstood what they meant. Samsung C24FG73 It seems pretty good but has apparently a higher reaction time of 20ms? Maybe I am mixing it up with input lag, I am not entire sure if this is the same. AOC Gaming C24G1 144hz, good price for the 24" full hd version. I am not sure If I need a 27" monitor. I also never used a curved monitor. I heard they might not be too good for photo/video editing, but then again, we are no professionals. Just clips and memes lol. It has a TN panel, so color accuracy or saturation might not be the best. But as fas as I know now, my current BenQ monitor also has a TN panel. I read several comments about pixel errors and dead pixels in the amazon reviews. And as mentioned above, I am going to look at monitors this weekend in my local store. I doubt that they have any of the mentioned monitors, except for the AOC. Do you have any advice for me when it comes to what I should look for in the monitors they will show me? I accompanied my dad last year when he went looking for a new tv, and the differences in saturation, colors, blacks and sizes were a complete sensory overload and I fear that this might happen again.