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  1. Remote desktop connection or get a powerful laptop?

    That's the problem don't get to try anything else out, But all I can say is that it lets me install install unsupported games and they work fine.
  2. Remote desktop connection or get a powerful laptop?

    Yes but still it has to remote into a computer to have access to Steam.
  3. Remote desktop connection or get a powerful laptop?

    Oh I thought that would work, isn't GeForce Now pretty much remote desktop? So if game and audio streams well the programs I want to use should work? Maybe that's built differently but I did see a Windows desktop when launching a game.
  4. Remote desktop connection or get a powerful laptop?

    Thanks for responding, what kind of disadvantages does remote desktop have? I'm pretty sure I can get it to work.
  5. Hi, I am looking for an laptop for college and I am wondering if I can get a remote desktop connection working with a Chromebook or should I get a powerful laptop for design work. The reason why I want to do this is I want to put all my money into my PC and that would end up being more powerful than a laptop and last longer.
  6. Hosted Network Support On Wi-Fi

    Oh ok thanks.
  7. Hosted Network Support On Wi-Fi

    Well it says now The hosted network mode has been set to allow. The SSID of the hosted network has been successfully changed. The user key passphrase of the hosted network has been successfully changed. But when I say "netsh wlan show drivers" it still says "Hosted network supported : No"
  8. Hosted Network Support On Wi-Fi

    Hi I'm trying to host my own network from my PC by LAN but I'm having just one issue. I need to get the hosted network supported to say yes but I tried many things and I can't get it to change. Just so everyone knows I'm using a MSI Tomahawk AC motherboard with the stock antenna that came with it. I tried the Settings>Windows>Network & Internet>Change Adapter Options and went to the properties for the Wi-Fi and sharing and checked all the boxes still nothing. Plus I went and bypassed the whole thing and went into the Windows powershell (Admin) and used these commands: netsh wlan show drivers netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=PC key=Password netsh wlan start hostednetwork - But got stuck at this one again thought I try it anyway. netsh wlan stop hostednetwork netsh wlan show hostednetwork netsh wlan refresh hostednetwork PC
  9. Problem with installing Windows 10

    Thanks everyone for the info I'm backing up data right now but I will see if this works.
  10. Problem with installing Windows 10

    But the thing is I formated it before to get Windows on it and when I just install Windows again over it the OS will just say that something is there and do you want to wipe it. The problem is it won't let me select it in the first place.
  11. Problem with installing Windows 10

    Well I had it formated I'm just reinstalling it on the same partition it should work but I don't want to delete to much stuff. There was also some other partitions showing up that wasn't there before I'm not sure what they are ether. (I'm trying to install on the blue one) I would delete the other ones but I have a lot of games on the Partition 4: Data.
  12. Problem with installing Windows 10

    I'm having trouble reinstalling Windows 10 after I got a bunch of new hardware. When I try to install it says "Selected disk has an MBR On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed to GPT disks" I'm not sure what to do right now I just expected it to work and I'm installing Windows on an SSHD if that means anything.
  13. Mouse for Windows 10

    Oh sorry I put that the wrong way lol I prefer and ergonomic mouse with the features of the apple mouse.
  14. What do you guy's think about the Razer key switches?

    I own the original blackwidow chroma and it's alright for gaming I would more recommend their orbweaver keypad and have a different keyboard for typing this thing is horrible for typing after a short time for typing my fingers start to ache and then it travels up to the wrists the longer I type. But I find I'm more accurate with this keyboard than others so if you value that more then this might be for you.
  15. Mouse for Windows 10

    I'm looking for a good mouse for compatible with Windows 10 first I want to talk about the history of my other mice and the problems. First mouse I bought was a gaming mouse Madcatz MMO 7 and it was great for about 2 years until the scroll wheel started to bug out when I scrolled up the thing would scroll down sometimes it would go all over the place. And I never liked how heavy it was even though I didn't put any weights in it. After that I got a cheap ibuypower mouse same problem after awhile scroll wheel was the first to bug out. So with the mice I had so far I decided that these types of mice wasn't for me and I want something similar to the apple mouse that has a track spot for scrolling or just a touch pad if I have to go that way. So which brings me to I prefer an ergonomic mouse like the apple magic mouse but I will go to the touch pad way if I have to.