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  1. Fair, I figured it might. I've only fired 100 rounds of .308 in one sitting out of my CA C308. With the factory muzzle brake and rubber butt pad, your shoulder doesn't really start hurting with that. Maybe I should try 100 rounds out of my savage, lmao
  2. I mean, I'll probably eventually grab one. But not before the Hi Point Yeet Cannon 9 comes out. That will by my next gun purchase no matter what.
  3. I'd like to get a mosin cause 7.62x54R doesn't seem pricey. But the rifles aren't a great price anymore. I can sometimes find $200 special .308 bolt actions, meanwhile mosins in my area go for about $400. Not amazing, but a bolt action will already eat anything you put in there, steel, aluminum, brass... and I can grab 20 rounds of .308 steel cased Tulammo at Sportsman's warehouse for $7... so I can stock up on .308 for not a lot of money.
  4. I've fired a stock mosin once before, went through a full clip or two. Wood stock and all. I didn't think the recoil was any worse than my .308 Savage bolt action. Though they have one of them Chinese Type 53's at the local gun store, with bayonet and all. I kinda wanna get it.
  5. I did a drawing of Jill from Va-11 Hall-A and posted it to Twitter.  The developers retweeted it holy shit!

  6. Honestly I switch back and forth on android and iOS a lot. I don't care about game streaming... and I just like iOS. Lmao
  7. My bad. It's just been a lot of non stop coronavirus information at work... considering what I do. So anything about it right now has me a little on edge.
  8. That wasn't my point. Like sure, the US lagged behind on actually starting testing, sure, but there's still procedures you can still follow when people are showing symptoms, or even sick in general. This clinic wasn't doing any of that. They actively ignored procedures and protocols put forth by the federal government and the state government.
  9. My state has almost 100 cases now, and two in my county so far. Ends up one of the clinics in my county hasn't been practicing proper pandemic protocols. So an employee has coronavirus. Can't wait to see how much the number of cases skyrocket for my county now.
  10. Don't bother arguing my guy. You support Apple in any conceivable way. You are now calling everyone dumb for just calling game streaming dumb as a result. Exaggeration of how some people act here, obviously.
  11. There's 68 cases in my state, one death. My county has been half assing measures too. I am essential personnel, considering my job, I'd argue pretty essential... but rumors have been starting that a lockdown might happen.
  12. Hmm Might be time to pick up the 3rd iPad Pro on clearance. Been waiting for that anyways.
  13. I got this Friday but forgot to upload pics



    This is the first special edition console variation I've bought.  I love it, easily the best Switch there is!  Look at it, it's such a pretty console!




  14. We are in the cyberpunk era.  (Not the game, just in general)

    Super early stages, but still there.


    For example: 

    • We have disenfranchisement and distrust in the system.
    • Corporatism is rampant.  Corporations pretty much control governments now in some places
    • Corporate and government cover ups 
    • We have an economy that right now, isn't doing the greatest.  Stock market has been rocky with the whole corona virus.  We don't necessarily have hyper inflation here, but inflation is a thing, (while in some countries such as Venezuela, it does have hyper inflation)
    • We have a freaking cyber truck coming, plus there's electric vehicles
    • We have increased sexuality.  Not the extremes of hyper sexuality, and I'm not saying people are fucking in the streets.  But sex sells.  People use it more to sell stuff all the time.  Including with this, the LGBT movement.  No, it's not a bad thing, but people are more comfortable with their sexuality than ever before. (There's still work to be done, don't get me wrong, but we've made great strides)
    •  Super rudimentary enhancements.  Google Glass, which while failed, could be argued as one.  Then they are starting to 3D print prosthetics for amputees.
    • Increased surveillance, which can go into point 1.
    • Mindless entertainment and social media as a distraction.  Don't get me wrong, this isn't saying it's bad necessarily. I freaking play and collect video games.  But a lot of entertainment, especially TV and movies, have become more mindless.

    We just don't have the aesthetic yet.

    But we there boyos, #BestTimeline

    1. TopHatProductions115


      *goes into cryosleep, to wait out the cyberpunk timeline*

  15. You know what... I like the 360 E, alot. The OG 360 has that classic look, so it's cool. I was never the biggest on the 360 S, but I do got to admit I do really like the matte black version of it (I just wasn't a fan of the all glossy black). But for some reason, I just vibe with the 360 E. It's not the classic look and I find myself more wanting an S for the more iconic 360 look, but I like the form factor and style of the E in the end.
  16. Shoot, I just use FireFox with adblock plus no issues.
  17. Holy shit, I downloaded it and it makes the display so much more usable. Will take some getting used to for the small letters. If it becomes that much of an issue, I could always set it to 1440x900. Still much more usable than 1280x800
  18. Thank you so much. I'll definitely be installing it when I get home.
  19. I like my 2012 MacBook Pro. I use it more than my gaming laptop, as my gaming laptop, while not heavy or thick for a gaming laptop, is a 15.6" screen. At that size, I find laptops more cumbersome in general. What do you use to to scale the resolution up?
  20. I have a tempered glass protector on my Switch, I haven't had to replace it yet and it's been almost two years. As for a micro SD card, I have a 128GB and I've got quite a few games digitally, and it's about 30 to 20GB left. I preordered the Animal Crossing Switch, and with that, I took the chance to also order a 256GB card for it.
  21. I like Android, and I do sometimes think about switching back. I'm not a fan of Google's Pixel devices themselves, but I've always like Samsung's products, same with HTC (the One M8 anyone?). But then it's these "oh I'm lucky if I get two years worth of updates) that holds me back. The iPhone 5S I used to own got updates till iOS 12. Granted by then my boss just gave me his old 7 Plus, that has the most current version of iOS also. I upgraded last year to the Xs Max because I get a pretty decent discount through AT&T thanks to my job, and I have no doubt I'll continue getting updates on it for quite a few years also. (Just like the 5S did).
  22. Speaking on this, (though a few days late). My mom replaced the battery on her old 6 Plus by herself. She can barely use her PC (even though she games on it, funnily enough). She can't figure out how to use a 3DS to play Animal Crossing, but she was able to replace the battery on her old iPhone.
  23. My girlfriend really isn't into tech, but she's into video games. So still a win, lmao
  24. two different threads were merged. I replied to a different one.