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    AMD Ryzen 5 1500X
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    I'm really interested in getting used hardware and seeing how it still performs today. Such as old Core 2 Quads and Phenom IIs.(Just an example)
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    I was born in Germany, grew up in Texas, live in North Dakota. Really isn't a whole life story, just a basic history... think of it as the CliffsNotes.

    I have my desktop support certification through the University of Phoenix, and I'm starting my BS in Management Information Systems through Minot State University.
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  1. I have a 610 and a 710. Honestly, either would be good for just pushing monitors and day to day tasks. (Get whichever is cheaper). But I wouldn't buy it for gaming or anything like that, that's not what these are intended for.
  2. I was just joining in bruh
  3. IDK, Out of laptops and desktops, I have like 14 different computers, 3 tablets, 4 phones, and a bunch of retro consoles and 360 and PS3.
  4. I can't read any of that... it's all the lightest gray in existence.
  5. http://www.sears.com/craftsman-ratcheting-magnetic-screwdriver-with-bit-storage/p-00947144000P?plpSellerId=Sears&prdNo=2&blockNo=2&blockType=G2 This one This is the one I use.
  6. I went to Micro Center while in Dallas. I actually only paid $89 for the 550, as it was on sale. The battery was something a friend had me buy to fix his laptop, he gave me the money for it. I was able to replace the 64GB flash drive that was stolen at college, and replace the Windows 10 installer USB that died. I got a PS2 keyboard just to splice the cable and fix the old mechanical one I found at work. They had 128GB flash drives for $30 and 2TB 3.5" hard drives for $44. I wish I also bought one of the hard drives.
  7. Wait, didn't know Cinebench wouldn't run on 32-bit CPUs
  8. IDK if it is, lol. Run Cinebench and see what happens.
  9. WiFi, yes, display, yes. Battery, it's shit, doesn't hold a charge.
  10. Honestly, if everything is still running great for you, I wouldn't worry about upgrading. Wait until you aren't getting the performance you're wanting. Ryzen is out, which is a better deal atm than Intel, and then you also have Coffee Lake coming soon.
  11. So I got this laptop from a friend. It's an old Acer Aspire 4330. This laptop has... issues, to say the least. Anyways, I've actually had this laptop for about a year and a half. It's been sitting in a drawer doing nothing. Today, I've decided to fix it up, it's a new project laptop. I'm going to see how much I can push this. Anyways, The specs are a single core Celeron 575 @ 2GHz, obviously the fastest CPU ever. 512MB of DDR2 RAM, Intel integrated graphics, 120GB HDD, and Windows Vista Home Basic. Yeah, not sitting pretty at all. And as you can see from the photos, it ain't clean looking at all: Pretty dirty. So here's what I've done so far. I cleaned the laptop: Looks much better now, so then I upgraded the RAM to 2GB. Not a lot of RAM still, but hell of a lot better than 512MB. Anyways, at first I tried to use Windows Vista, and, it wasn't great. It ran okay, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't an amazing experience. Acer even had this cool wallpaper that'd play showing off the Aspire 4330 line, and it lagged on this machine, bad. This is a screensaver made by Acer for this laptop, and it ran like shit. Also, Google Chrome isn't supported on Vista anymore. So I went to Intel ARK. What do you know, the 575 is a 64-bit CPU. So I loaded Windows 10 on here, 64-bit. It.. installed, but it's extremely slow. Obviously the next thing to do would be to run Cinebench. Here's the score from this single core power house. 37. Obviously the best score ever. Anyways, I stripped down the laptop and cleaned out a bunch of dust from inside the fan. This CPU uses Socket P, so theoretically I can upgrade the CPU. I think I'll try that. I'm not getting a CPU over $5 and I'm shooting for a Core 2 Duo, I'll see what happens there. The trackpad is also dead, though, it has to use an external mouse. The F key is also missing, but if you touch the contact, it'll still type, so there's that. Anyways, this is looking to be a fun project. Side note, it took about 25ish minutes to complete the CPU test on Cinebench.
  12. Good point
  13. Only other real experience I have with AiOs are the ones at school, which are a mix of iMacs, Lenovo, and HP, and my friend's old iMac and the iMac G5 I'm using as a project PC at work. My friend's old iMac and the G5 at work haven't given me any issues at all, lol.
  14. So I got this HP AiO from my boss. (AiO reads All-in-One PC). Anyways, the specs aren't anything to write home about. It has a 1600x900 touchscreen display, Athlon II X2 240e, 4GB of DDR3 laptop RAM, AMD Radeon HD 3200 onboard graphics, and a 650GB HDD. Anyways, I tried to upgrade the memory with a couple of other DDR3 sticks I had laying around. I have a 4GB 1600MHz stick, and I stuck it in there with one 2GB stick. It booted to Windows 10 and Windows showed that I had 5.75GB of RAM, weird, but whatever, Windows saw I had the RAM. So I went about installing Xubuntu onto the AiO, which required me to boot into the BIOS and set the boot order to my flashdrive first. I get in the BIOS, and the BIOS is only saying I have 2GB of RAM installed, and that only one of the two RAM slots is currently occupied. What's going on here? I've heard and dealt with the BIOS recognizing RAM, but not Windows. But I've never dealt with Windows recognizing the RAM but the BIOS not.
  15. Dells' Inpsiron gaming lines, the 7559, the 7567, and even the new 5000 series kinda make this point moot, as all of them have very good battery life. I've used my 7559 as my daily driver for college. Not once by the end of the school day was I rushing for a charger.