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    i7 6700k
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    ASUS Maximus VIII Formula
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    16GB G.Skill TridentZ
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    2x MSi GTX 1080 SeaHawk
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    Fractal Design Define S
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    intel nVme pci, 2x 250 Samsung EVO, and storage NAS
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    Custom EKWB hardtube loop
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    Windows 10

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  1. I have Unraid version 6.6.5 on a 4 disk array with single parity. I have recently revamped my setup by replacing old drives, and Reset the entire array. since then i am unable create a share without clicking "add share" at least three times. A share does eventually register and does stay and is visible in my SMB. When in my WIN10 image. almost everything takes 3 tries to register i.e "mapped drive is not located". But if retried 2 more times, it works. Same when transferring files to a share or mapped drive. a popup will come up intermittently (usually only when transferring folders) that says "permission needed to perform action" , click "try again" 3 times, folder goes through just fine. Ive tried using different browsers and PC's to have the same thing happen across all platforms. I have had Unraid on the same thumb drive for the last 4 years (only performing updates). have recently added a few plug ins, Com applications, dynamix sys temp, fix common problems, nerd tools. Is this a common problem with an array reset? Did i do something wrong with the reset? I am a noob to linux based os.
  2. ok soo i got to set up a samba server on my unraid nas ... brb thanks for the help so far , btw @Catsrules
  3. ive got it set up so far but how do i get CZ to see the image ? CZ usually looks for drives, and my NAS is only sharing through windows SMB as a mapped network location my options seem to be an SSH, SAMBA, NFS WedDAV, or AWS S3 server location to read from
  4. Image size 271 GB .. 300GB VM drive size should be good?
  5. ive never seen CZ images supported by VHD the CZ image is on a nas but can be moved to a USB. correct me if im wrong 1. create a vm 2. have that vm boot to CZ software. 3. have the CZ image loaded to the Vm's drive i know its overly simplified but just trying to get the idea in my head @Catsrules
  6. the image isnt vms friendly to my knowledge. how do i create a drive from the zilla image? can i create VM that is USB bootable ,THEN , store to a hard drive?
  7. Ive used Clonezilla to successfully restore my Windows 10 backup images when microsoft decides to break things with their updates. i have never done a Clonezilla image load to a virtual machine. I have to pull a few files from an older image and dont want to go through loading it on a bare drive. Is there a way to load a clonezilla backed up image, onto a vm ? whats the best way to go about it using win10 ?
  8. 8700k has been proven for gaming, i get that. Im thinking more like the 9700k (flagship mainstream cpu) . Is an 8 core 8700k enough for double duty? (along with a corresponding gpu i.e 1180)
  9. I wasnt thinking of selling anything, Im only speaking hypothetically. The reason the whole question even came up is "mainstream" 8 core from Intel, is coming up and so is 11 series Nvidia Gpus .. so why have the hassle of having 2 pcs for streaming, when I could have the same performance with one.
  10. i get its about resources.. one pc does the streaming one pc does the gaming . the resources are split between the two.. my question is are CPU's and GPUs (and streaming software for that matter) getting good enough to where you don't need the second pc?
  11. lets say for the sake of argument its $1500. if i had an i5 4750 and an gtx 960, would i benefit more from buying a second "decent" pc for gaming, or have a budget for a more modern cpu / gpu setup?
  12. A G5500s has a huge chasm between it and any Treadripper, (for streaming) im not looking for comparison, really, im more best bang for buck / less hassle. And I say that because most of the people I know who have 2 pcs, have experienced difficulty in set up/ maintenance . I may be in the wrong section, because my question is more general
  13. "if you wanna take streaming seriously, get a second PC, one for streaming and one for gaming "..is what i hear from people who have been streamers for a while....that usually means "I" already have a PC showing its age, but I want to upgrade.. so get a good gaming pc then use your old pc as a streaming pc..with 8 core becoming mainstream and GPU's prices/supply coming under control. My question is why would I need a 2nd PC, If , I could build a pc that could do both? P.S this topic may have come up already but from what ive found isnt as up to date .. i may be wrong
  14. I bring this question up about testing speeds because my isp will sometimes limit/cut my speed for no reason. I get it, outages happen but why limit/speed.I use the Speed Test extension in chrome and get ~151 mbps down with between 8ms and 67ms latency . When my internet feels like shit those numbers go up of course , but my question is why? and how do i objectively test it
  15. Ive been using win10 since the beta , and this is the first major problem Ive had. My audio was working just fine, then the fall creators update came out and my audio would not sync with video(audio was slower than video). But it was only when streaming video i.e Youtube, twitch, amazon.etc. I did all the necessary steps to diagnosis . eventually leading to wiping my system and starting over but guess what, same result. ASUS came out with a update for my audio driver 6/2017, which I of course updated to. Same problem. On a whim decided to go to the source of audio drive (for me was REALTEK) installed their latest drivers . NOW ALL GOOD ..no sync issue . my sonic studio doesn't work yet . I hope this helps anyone in my situation