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Everything posted by NohbdyKnows

  1. NohbdyKnows

    Build Help

    I've got a friend that wants to get a low/mid-range PC and I'm trying to help him get a build put together for around 500 to 560 to be mainly used for gaming. I've got a PC part picker list of stuff I put together right here http://pcpartpicker.com/user/NohbdyKnowsMe/saved/FhywrH This is USD and he really wants intel/Nvidia, All he needs is a CPU, GPU, MOBO, PSU and ram (I've got a case and HDD he can have and he has peripherals already)
  2. I was starting to think that he would want an i5 and a 960 or 970, but he also needs a monitor and keyboard (he has a mouse) and an os and i was starting to get lost with all the new products that have come out.
  3. NohbdyKnows

    Your CSGO ranks?

    MGE May get DMG soon
  4. NohbdyKnows

    Rate the Photo Above you

    Beautiful picture 8/10 --------- Picture of an Elk in Estes Park, Colorado. Taken with a Canon T3i that I bought the day before
  5. NohbdyKnows

    LTT Game *WIP*

    What are the controls?
  6. NohbdyKnows

    Gopro Case Help

    I recently bought the gopro hero3+ black and need a case for the camera and it need to be large enough for accessories like the chest harness, dog harness, and etc. The only cases that i could find could only hold the gopro , some batteries, and some small mounts. If you could help me find some larger cases it would be much appreciated.
  7. NohbdyKnows

    Gopro Case Help

    Ive been looking at the pelican cases and some soft shell cases as well, but the ones that are large enough to hold the harnesses are too expensive.
  8. NohbdyKnows

    We found the most adorable little puppy today :3

    You must hate puppies :angry:
  9. "Thoust needs potato" ...35 translations later, Bing gives us: "You don't even need barbecue" ................................................... "You don't even need barbecue" ...35 translations later, Bing gives us: "Cook." .................................................... "Cook" ...35 translations later, Bing gives us: "Kichen" God i love this :wub:
  10. NohbdyKnows

    Best 21:9 Monitor

    Recently ive been looking at getting a 4930k and a new monitor to go with my 780 ti, I know that most of you will say to get a 1440p display but I really like to watch alot of movies and the wide aspect ratio looks nice So which 21:9 monitor should i choose?
  11. I JUST GOT A 780 TI!!!

  12. NohbdyKnows

    *NOTIFICATION: AMD Drivers 14.6 are here!

    im still using 13.2 lol or at least something near it
  13. I had a friend contact me about building a pc and needed help with a part list, but I'm not as up-to-date on everything at the moment and need your help. 1. Budget & Location 1300$ USD 2. Aim I believe that he wants an all around Gaming and Simple editing rig 3. Monitors He says that he does want one 1080p monitor 4. Peripherals And he does need a mouse and keyboard - _ -
  14. NohbdyKnows

    1300$ Pc for a friend (HELP)

    So that's what I forgot to put, but yes he does need an os
  15. NohbdyKnows

    Help noob with graphics card choice

    Sell the 770 and buy a 780 ti
  16. I love playing dayz sa, but the lag is unreal with my current system in cities, and small towns. So far i'm may get a 4770k and a 290 (non-x). If you have anything to add, It would be appreciated Edit : Go to my profile for my current specs
  17. NohbdyKnows

    Build Upgrade For DayZ:SA

    This upgrade isn't only for DayZ, but so I can get better FPS in all games.
  18. NohbdyKnows

    Build Upgrade For DayZ:SA

    My uncle is giving me the "ASUS Z87-PRO"
  19. NohbdyKnows

    Build Upgrade For DayZ:SA

    A 760 is too little of an upgrade for what I want.
  20. NohbdyKnows

    Build Upgrade For DayZ:SA

    You may Hate it, but I love it.
  21. NohbdyKnows

    Build Upgrade For DayZ:SA

    Budget - 700$ to 850$ (for gpu and cpu) Microcenter - Nope It's not a full build, just Cpu & Gpu Uses - Gaming, small bit of Video editing, and a little Graphic Design
  22. NohbdyKnows

    Mom Build

    Just do a cheap APU build edit : and you really don't need an aftermarket cooler