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  1. Whats the cable clamp called? Looking to buy, preferably from eBay.
  2. What is these cable-clamps called? And possibly where could I buy them?
  3. Aight, so I'm looking into an upgrade for my main monitor. I primarily play P3D and graphic intensive games. Just recently acer released the Nitro 27" IPS "VG270" and "RG270". There is a price difference, but I can't seem to make out any difference in the specs? Secondly, is it true that IPS can have 1ms response time? And third, is there anything sneaky "malfunctions" or anything that could explain why the monitors are so cheap? Thanks in advance.
  4. I won't particurarly USE them one a regular basis. I would just feel more satisfied with myself if everything is back in order
  5. Right, so I just installed Cyanogenmod12 on my S3 which was 4.4.4 (Kitkat), and I straight up noticed that I had a hatred against their keyboard. So I went online in search for the Samsung's keyboard apk. Yet I could only find some knock off awful keyboards with this "blob" of a emoji, simply nasty. Does anyone know where I could get my hands on a samsung keyboard with the acceptable emojis? (Picture below)
  6. Well, so I repaired this Xcover 3, (demounted the touchscreen from the LCD and the LCD from the phone), but when I mounted the touchscreen flex cable into the LCD's connector and tested I couldn't get any touch-response. Does anybody have a clue why this happens? (LCD working and I have tested with two different touch-screens) My problem is exactly the same as this guy;
  7. Hahaha, fellow viking. I was just about to comment the same
  8. Yes, it was the god damn stock cooler. That piece of shit didn't have enough surface coverage. I applied some more thermal compound and ensured the cooler was fastened. CPU is at the edge of overheating, yet I dont care lol. Thanks for the help
  9. Can't really check as I need the CPU to process my video signal. Would have been easier if I could gotten to the BIOS
  10. The motherboard has a 4-pin. And it turned on, maybe it did boot, yet i did not have any videosignal
  11. So, some days ago I got myself a quite old PC. Its motherboard is the Asus P5VD2-MX and the processor is the Intel Duo 2. The case had this old 300W (cant really remember), but no connectors for PCI-E. So I switched out the power supply to a newer CX750M. The problem with this was that upon boot, the CPU overheats to well above 70C, immediatly, and fails boot. I do aswell have the G1 760 plugged in, and I can't get any display upon boot. I've cleared CMOS, and the PC boots up if the CPU power is not connected. Any solutions?