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  1. Check out Google Sketchup, free CAD/3d drawing progream. Easy to learn and lots of tutorials on Youtube. For printing check https://www.shapeways.com
  2. Squashie

    Will a i7 3770s bottleneck a thx 1070?

    Keep it cool and it will boost to 3.9GHz, 4cores/8threads, should be good for a while
  3. Squashie

    [Finished] DCCC-D, 800D, SLI

    Havent been here in a while, thought i would share my progres #neversatisfied
  4. I did build this in 3mm and 4mm acrylic, heated with hot-air-gun, finished with "glass-fibre-sparkle"(dunno whats its called in english) and spraypainted flat-black. Gave a really good finish. Havent got a good pic of the finished product but you can see it in my log.
  5. For me laser cutting would not be cheaper because i own a 3D printer and not a laser-cutter You are right about the surface not being as uniform as acrylic would be, but some sandpaper and some elbow-grease will fix that for PLA. For ABS you can get the surface the same as molded-plastic by using acetone-vapor to smooth out the surface.
  6. Nais What plastic did you use or is it powder-print? Is that leather in the middle?
  7. Squashie

    [Finished] DCCC-D, 800D, SLI

    Printing is finished, turned out OK but i could tweak the printer a bit for even better result. My setup got flat black all over and the finish on the print is a bit to shiny, considering sanding/flat-clear spray-paint.
  8. Im in the process of printing/fitting some cable-covers for the 24pin and the SLI VGA power-cables. Printing two-color, the green PLA i have matches my Mayhems Pastel Mint Green very well. Not sure how it is gonna work out but ill try it and see if i like it, anyways its always fun designing/building Gonna post pics on my build-log in a day or two.
  9. Squashie

    [Finished] DCCC-D, 800D, SLI

    First update on the rig in a while, not hardware, but im utilizing my 3D printer: 24pin cable-cover. SLI VGA cable-cover. Im in the process of printing these in two-color PLA, will do some photos in a day or two.
  10. 800D front intake: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/56570-finished-dccc-d-universal-gpu-waterblocks-800d-sli/?p=764439
  11. Squashie

    [Finished] DCCC-D, 800D, SLI

    Got myself an Arduino UNO starter-kit: This is fun!
  12. Squashie

    [Finished] DCCC-D, 800D, SLI

    3D-Printed 140mm EK-fanguard: