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  1. I know the school has those plastic covers for keyboards that cover the letter to prevent looking and pecking. So Check there
  2. I am an alum from the school and I remember them having a greenscreen (the pop out kind) and some video equipement but once I start on the first I will have an idea.
  3. That is what I am thinking of doing. I come from a video background (worked in freelance film), and IT for corporations, and some assistant teaching in colleges. I found in when assistant teaching that they lacked a lot of basic knowledge that would greatly help in those beginner classes.
  4. STEM is something I have found in my review of the school to be lacking. So something along those lines.
  5. During my Junior Year I went to a career center for programming, though I dropped it for networking. But I think that the older students starting to think about their future would like it. Plus who wouldn't want to learn about possibly making a Nintendo Pi
  6. Like this Idea, the current place I am at uses Pi's as a way of people using unblocked sites to verify them. But making some Nintendo Pi's or cool other stuff would be cool as well.
  7. I haven't started yet, so I cannot list all the things. I know during the interview they were interested in the maker space idea, I floated it to my local town hall and they were interested but now the school is too.
  8. Hello All, I just got hired at a local school district and they are looking for me to not only fix computers and tech but also implement new tech into the schools system So I turn to LTT Forums full of tech people; What tech do you think would benefit a school? The school already has smart boards, chromebooks, etc. School info: In USA, Ohio in a well off area EDIT: I am not a teacher there, just going to be doing IT work and implementing new Tech\Fixing existing tech
  9. A better way to put this build would be small gaming, mostly netflix
  10. He doesnt have a gaming pc which is why this machine is a mis match of gaming and HTPC
  11. With Final Fantasy X/X-2 out on steam he now wants to play it on the machine in the living room. I sense him wanting to play more games so I just think why not go midway between both.
  12. Yup, Ill make him get a non stock cooler
  13. I think he is trying to not buy online hence why that's the one available at a local PC Parts store, Microcenter. Case is only cosmetic so I can just talk him out of it
  14. Here is what he pulled together with parts that he can get from microcenter (Computer parts store near us) Thoughts? http://pcpartpicker.com/p/qXB9jX