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  1. I've recently acquired what is almost certainly an Intel RAM card/board released in 1990. It says this particular card was manufactured on November 18th 1991. There are many different numbers and letters on it, but I think the pertinent one is "PB 503591-001". I've searched for this and everything else that looks like a model number on this card, but to no avail. I'm not that surprised, seeing as it was made before the internet was widely available, before almost all sites that are still online now were created, and before you could send images over the internet. It's not like it's a CPU or something. It's a RAM card. What's really interesting is that it uses RAM modules. In fact, I am missing one of them. It looks like a cursed motherboard just for RAM that you then stick into a motherboard of the time. Whenever I look up RAM cards or boards from this era, I just see cards with DIMMs soldered straight onto the card. I have also tried to identify the bus it uses to connect to the motherboard, but to no avail, yet again. I did, however, manage to identify the RAM chips of half of the modules as Mitsubishi M5M41000BJ and the other as Panasonic MN41C1000ASJ-08. There are also some Intel and Texas Instruments chips on there, like the TI SN74AS1808N and the Intel S09297-001. I'll link some pictures for you to look at. View of the modules. View of what seems to be the controller chips. Full view of the card. Closeup showing the modules, RAM slots, a capacitor, and part of the Bus.
  2. That's exactly right. I work in Unity, and it doesn't really care that much about whether it's nVidia or AMD. I just want the game to run on this card, because then it will run on most everything. It's basically a 512 MB GTX 460 in performance.
  3. As I wrote, I want to do one at a time. Not connection between them. I believe that if I just connect both GPUs to the PC, and then either connect my 5770 to a secondary input of one of my monitors and change input depending on what GPU I want to use, or move a video cable depending on what GPU I want to use, I'll be able to have my PC go back and forth between a PC with an i5-4690K and a GTX 1080 and a PC with an i5-4690K and a 5770. Is this correct?
  4. This is what I was asking about. I only want to use one of them at a time. I am not attempting some sort of DX12-style "crossSLI" or anything. I just want to change what GPU I am using without swapping them out every time. I run three monitors (plus my TV, sometimes), so swapping cables wouldn't really be a problem, but I'm wondering whether or not I can move windows and stuff between the monitors in this case. If my main and left monitor are connected to my 1080 and my right is connected to my 5770, for example. Does this need any special configuration? Just install the drivers for the 5770 as well? If this turns out to be too difficult, I will just put the GPU in my secondary PC and playtest from there, though that will be a slower process and a fairly poor workflow.
  5. Hello! I am a game developer, and as such, I'd like to do some performance testing. Luckily, I have quite a few GPUs, but I'm at a bit of a loss of how to conveniently swap between GPUs without opening the PC up each time. My main GPU is a GTX 1080. The lowest common denominator card I want to target is my HD 5770 512 MB. My PSU is a Fractal Design Integra M 750W, so power shouldn't be an issue in the slightest. What I want is to be able to use software to toggle between which card is active in-game. AFAIK, you can't run the passthrough one GPU's rendering through another's, so you'd have to relocate the video cables when doing this. However, can I do this at all? Do I need to install the drivers for both? Does that work? If it works, how do I do it?
  6. You get nowhere treating people like villains. Besides, that comment didn't hold much meaning. I was just disagreeing with his comment with that comment.
  7. Honestly, at this point, I don't even care. It seems that no matter what I do, it's always my fault. I'm the villain. I'm the idiot. I see no reason for this to change, as I am too much of an idiot to see why this happens. I get it. I don't feel like being a part of this conversation any longer. No matter how circumlocutory my responses, I always come out on the bottom. I am sick of it.
  8. I am open to the idea, but tell me how it is not. You can buy it, it's affordable for a decent amount of people, and evidently, people do buy it. It's not much more expensive than their older ones were when they were new, what with their 1440p displays. 5K displays are quite common and can cost about $1000, and 4K monitors are even more so, costing only a few hundred dollars, like $500 for a decent one. That's VERY mainstream. Not to mention that 4K content is everywhere, with many people shooting their videos at 8K.
  9. This is two years ago. It's not cheap, but it's an iMac. It's mainstream.
  10. I'm just trying to create a discussion. I'm not berating anyone. I'm trying to find the answer by using the facts I know, and the resources I have, along with you who respond to this thread. That I tell people off if they make no sense, or try to start a conflict, is normal. I know it's perhaps not the greatest idea, but I am aware that I reciprocate if people try to portray me as some sort of idiot or unpleasant person. This is not about me. This is about discussing this game and the situation. I'll keep at it if it means completely destroying my reputation on this website.
  11. You're telling me I'm doing things that I'm not doing. Same with you.
  12. Ugh. No. Man, you don't even have a 4K monitor, even with all that fancy shit in your setup. 30 FPS is just not... ugh.
  13. Yes they can. Activision own the rights to publishing it. Going around calling me, or even it, entitled isn't going to change that.
  14. ..yes they do, different budget games have different expectations to fulfill. I was stating a fact. I was highlighting how Activision has full control over the publishing of any current and future Crash games. That's not entitled. That's a fact. Different expectations, sure. But this isn't making the game from scratch. It's already on PC. That's how you make a game. These things I described are very simple to accomplish. They work the same way. The same methodology, file types, workflows... it's not some magic, proprietary bullshit. You're trying to tell a game developer he is wrong about game development because he is not employed by a large corporation (which was a guess on your part; I could've been working for Activision, myself), while you aren't even a game developer at all. It makes no sense. Either tell me what, in specifics, would make it too hard for Activision and Naughty Dog to release Crash Bandicoot for the platform it was made on, or don't bother.