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  1. I'm talking about at LTX20...
  2. Basically what the titles says it would be awesome
  3. MORE FLOATPLANE SHIRTS I got one of the floatplane pins to get one of them last year but they ran out which gave me the big sad Dont scrap WAN Show Live It was by far my favorite event at LTX19 Merch Combo Deals I'm a student in UK and I basically dont spend any money all year to afford to fly to LTX. I was able to pick up a stealth hoodie (love it btw) but maybe like the combo deals there are on wan show that could apply in person at LTX In general, it was basically spot on last year these are nit picking points. Also, please announce the dates as soon as possible so flights dont get too pricey.
  4. June is best flights from overseas much cheaper for June vs July and other months are in term time
  5. _Rapid

    LTX20 Dates

    When will the LTX20 dates be announced? Right now is the best time to book flights any later and prices start going up :(
  6. LTT gaming live streams from the new staff lounge
  7. Not that I could find, so that could be a good point. Maybe I got a bit excited
  8. So, in the config of FIFA 17, there is a xml file named "VideoCards.xml" and I found a card listed below: <vd id="10DE1B80" level="3" name="NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Boost"/> All the other listings are pretty much any GPU you can find so I presume it's a list of all compatible GPU's. I'll leave the file below but WTF? VideoCards.xml
  9. https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/KEYCLM6021/Cooler-Master-MASTERKEYS-PRO-L-Mechanical-Keyboard
  10. Is it just me or are LTT videos getting funnier? (Eg. I find myself genuinely laughing more) Non floatplane scrubs may notice later rather than sooner
  11. Standard motherboard standoffs are M3 (#6-32 x 4mm (outer) ) Here is a pack of 50 you can buy if you don't get any replacements: http://www.ebuyer.com/124144-startech-50x-pack-jackscrew-standoffs-6-32-to-m3-screwnutm?mkwid=s_dc&pcrid=51508048139&pkw=&pmt=&gclid=CLSX3ebajdQCFU06GwodhDAKzA
  12. The default font for WIn10 is SegoeUI, you can download it from other sources and set it as your default font but I've attached all of its formats to this post. "SegoeUI.TTF" is the standard one. SEGOEUI.TTF SEGUISB.TTF SEGOEUIL.TTF SEGOEUISL.TTF SEGOEUIB.TTF SEGOEUII.TTF SEGOEUIZ.TTF
  13. I don't seem to remember it on wanshow but I don't watch week in week out so I can't say anything about that. I think that petabyte could be used for both, as it is a whole petabyte of storage it doesn't all need to be used for the same thing.
  14. It really depends. I have a 1060 6Gb at the moment w/ 1080p display but I don't use 1440p because it hurts framerates more than it looks better. If you want to use it go with a 1070 because it can handle it, but if your using 1080p go with 1060/rx 480.