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  1. _Rapid

    Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions

    LTT gaming live streams from the new staff lounge
  2. _Rapid

    1080Ti Boost planned????

    Not that I could find, so that could be a good point. Maybe I got a bit excited
  3. _Rapid

    1080Ti Boost planned????

    So, in the config of FIFA 17, there is a xml file named "VideoCards.xml" and I found a card listed below: <vd id="10DE1B80" level="3" name="NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Boost"/> All the other listings are pretty much any GPU you can find so I presume it's a list of all compatible GPU's. I'll leave the file below but WTF? VideoCards.xml
  4. _Rapid

    Mechanical keyboard advice

  5. Is it just me or are LTT videos getting funnier? (Eg. I find myself genuinely laughing more) Non floatplane scrubs may notice later rather than sooner
  6. Standard motherboard standoffs are M3 (#6-32 x 4mm (outer) ) Here is a pack of 50 you can buy if you don't get any replacements: http://www.ebuyer.com/124144-startech-50x-pack-jackscrew-standoffs-6-32-to-m3-screwnutm?mkwid=s_dc&pcrid=51508048139&pkw=&pmt=&gclid=CLSX3ebajdQCFU06GwodhDAKzA
  7. _Rapid

    Should I spring for an x370?

    Take a look at this video:
  8. The default font for WIn10 is SegoeUI, you can download it from other sources and set it as your default font but I've attached all of its formats to this post. "SegoeUI.TTF" is the standard one. SEGOEUI.TTF SEGUISB.TTF SEGOEUIL.TTF SEGOEUISL.TTF SEGOEUIB.TTF SEGOEUII.TTF SEGOEUIZ.TTF
  9. _Rapid

    The future of floatplane

    I don't seem to remember it on wanshow but I don't watch week in week out so I can't say anything about that. I think that petabyte could be used for both, as it is a whole petabyte of storage it doesn't all need to be used for the same thing.
  10. _Rapid

    Gpu and Monitor questions

    It really depends. I have a 1060 6Gb at the moment w/ 1080p display but I don't use 1440p because it hurts framerates more than it looks better. If you want to use it go with a 1070 because it can handle it, but if your using 1080p go with 1060/rx 480.
  11. _Rapid

    The future of floatplane

    I agree. I also think that vessel was missed by many, who will be instantly attracted to this solution. There is a market for floatplane 100%.
  12. _Rapid

    Gpu and Monitor questions

    You CAN using nvidias GPU downscaling, but you wont be getting a true 1440p experience. It will look slightly crisper and clearer, but not true 1440p.
  13. Linus Media Group is investing substantial amounts into Floatplane. The rundown: www.linusmediagroup.com is advertising a job vacancy for "Software Engineer" and it states it's for "Floatplane Media", which leads me to believe they they're primary job will be focusing on floatplane. The average wage for Software Engineer in Canada is USD$51,850 (£41,272), which means they're probably investing this & more for the equipment required for whoever they hire. The email which they ask you to apply to is "info@floatplaneclub.com", which means that Floatplane has it's own dedicated domain and web server. (Check it out, it's currently just a test page, though. http://floatplaneclub.com/) This means they're either hosting it themselves (THE REASON FOR PETABYTE PROJECT!?!?!?!:?) or having someone else do it, a substantial cost nevertheless. My beliefs: Floatplane will not only be used my LinusMediaGroup, but will be a replacement for Vessel (for everyone) I say this because of the "about" section in the job application. "So, in the short-term, our goal is very simple. We'll build a platform for online video makers to deliver their content DIRECTLY to their audiences without the restrictions imposed by traditional online social media services. In the long term, however, Floatplane Media's more general mission is to develop really cool tools to reduce online creators' dependence on a single social platform and give them more time and resources to CREATE, while enriching the experience for their loyal communities with stable, elegant apps. It's win-win, so even if it doesn't soar it probably won't sink." This means that Floatplane will become its own company, allowing many other content creators to use it. TLDR; Floatplane will become it's own website not only for Linus, but for other content creators. And they're investing heavily too it. I also have a feeling this is the purpose of petabyte project, but that's just a hunch. Thanks for reading. Post thoughts below ↓ edit: Sauces: http://www.linusmediagroup.com/job-vacancies/ http://floatplaneclub.com/
  14. _Rapid

    New pc build draft 17.0

    Goto 2:44 on the video above.
  15. _Rapid

    New pc build draft 17.0

    Short answer: Yes Long answer: Probably.