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    i7 4710HQ
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    laptop tn panel 60hz
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  1. thanks for your help mate. I just really dont wanna let go of this laptop yet, its still flawless since i got it and i really took good care. i even upgraded to ssd,16gb ram, and 120hz ips panel w/ bright accurate colors
  2. im just trying to buy the motherboard and put it in my current laptop. ok good to know, this means my windows will still be there right?
  3. So my laptop is the lenovo y50-70 and i have the i7 4710hq with 860m 4gb model but lenovo also have the same model with i7 4720hq and 960m 4gb model so i saw lots of this motherboards sold seperately in online shops and i decided to upgrade mine so i can get extra gaming fps with the 960m would this be possible and will i lose any of my old files, settings, etc. ?? btw the size of the motherboard is exactly same
  4. its actually bcause i didnt plug in my charger while testing it lol my bad
  5. Hi fellow tech guys, so i have a i7 4710hq cpu on my laptop and i undervolt it only 50mV which is the ideal limit for this cpu. So far gaming from light to hardcore has been fine with no drops and temp is only 85°C at worse case which is still good. Thermal paste is arctic mx4 i just reapplied it. But yesterday i decided to run a 30minute stress test for no reason just cause im bored and the temps are constant only 55-71°C but why is it throttling ? I noticed the throttle occurs only when maxcore frequency is high enough above 2GHz then it will drop and repeat for 30mins. Looking at the graph I uploaded will be clearer than me explaining. See the orange line graph goes up and down constantly. When the throttle occurs, the orange graph drops then it repeats. My temps are never above 75°C. So is this a problem?
  6. ok man its sad bruh. thanks for your help
  7. AUO B156HTN03.6 FHD AG S LED1 NB LCD (this is my panel) really? ive seen linus change laptop panel with a higher refresh once and it worked even the laptop doesnt hv that version
  8. So I have a Lenovo y50-70 laptop which comes with a 15.6 inch 60hz TN panel which has a 30pin connector... and I would like an upgrade to a either 120hz or 144hz screen with bright and nice colors if possible (doesnt matter TN or IPS) .. The problem is I do not know how to determine which screen will fit my laptop. Does all 15 inch 30 pin screen fit my laptop or is there other factors? I would appreciate if anyone sends a link of a lcd that can fit my laptop.
  9. So yep im just a highschool student who is really into computers and like the title said im just wondering how do bill gates hack his school when he was a student. because in my whole life ive never been taught about hacking and stuff like that even though im pretty sure i can understand it quickly if someone teaches me. just want to ask this question out of curiosity lol maybe i might wanna hack my school to if possible
  10. but i heard a gtx 950m can run fully on battery. so is it for certain gpu's?
  11. nope i forgot to mention that, all my power settings on windows and nvidia is at maximum performance so 100% not the settings problem
  12. i have a lenovo y50 860m 4gb vram and 8gbram. when pkaying cso all maxed and plugged in i get 90+ fps but when i pull out charger screen freezes for a sec then it drops till around 30 and does not go back up and might drop even more when i look around. as i monitored, the moment i plug it out the gpu usage drops to less than 50% and core clock and memory clock stays same at 100%. what might be the cause? is there anyway i can play smooth witout charging? cuz whats the point of a gaming laptop then right? and im also scared that it might damage battery life