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  1. Lubuntu launched with out a hitch so I guess windows fucked up I am now going to reinstall windows. wish me luck
  2. Yesterday my pc suddenly started freezing up after boot and after a lot of troubleshooting it still isn't fixed but my bigger problem is that i'm now stuck on post. I can go into the BIOS and the ez debug lights are all off after checking everything. I have on stick of memory in it right now. I updated my bios and all went smoothly but it is still stuck on post. I already reseted the cmos.Any advice?Hardware: MSI B350 pc materyzen 5 16004 gb kingstone ddr4 ram 120 gb ssd with windows
  3. I thought my graphics card doesn't support crimson
  4. I have windows 10 and an amd 6800 series
  5. Hi, When I try to calibrate my monitor using amd catalyst nothing happens. I have no idea why this is happening. please help
  6. Still doesn't work I have a feeling that I am doing something wrong, maybe you can help on something like teamviewer?
  7. A lot of people play it on a dual core
  8. I just downloaded Far cry 4 and got the infamous black screen crash because I am running a pentium G3258. I tried many fixes (for example: extreme injector) but it still doesn't work. System Specs: Intel Pentium G3259 8 gb ram Msi R6850 Cyclone