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  1. Yeah the 6.35mm adapter isn't going to help - that is for sure. The USB should be a big improvement here, it's not exactly the same as having a built in USB for several reasons, but it will be close. The biggest of which is our new ModMic line has much better RF resistant shielding, we now have a pre-amp at the mic tip, which helps with the EMI by giving you a better signal to noise ratio, and the ADC chipset we use is consistent, which means it always sounds the same vs. USB sticks, which will vary based on firmware settings, chipset, and construction. Anyway, I suspect your USB solution will be perfect and not an issue If it doesn't work, drop me a DM and I will have another plan in mind for ya.
  2. Hi @Juusuhako - SOOOooooo - Long story short is if you can I would switch to our new ModMic USB. If this is a recent purchase just change it out for that. If not, we need to first figure out what the noise is. Most likely it is either EMI or RF interference. EMI comes from the PC and RF comes from nearby wireless signals. It could also be a grounding issue, though that is less likely given the ZxR interface. Easiest way to tell that is jump in our Discord and DM me, @AntlionJoe or just drop a recording into the Support channel and tag @staff and we'll take a listen and give you our opinion. https://discord.gg/Jn6x7uc We're here to help - but if you want to try on your own, check out this link: https://antlionaudio.com/blogs/news/whats-that-noise to help diagnose the source of the problem.
  3. Sennheiser RS165. ModMic Wireless. It will land you at 150 + 120 USD, so 270 retail, but Black Friday is coming... I bet it can all be done for 220 or so. I'm not sure about multiple inputs though, but otherwise this is my go-to rec for low latency wireless gaming.
  4. @Lotus. Actually you want the TRS version of that cable: https://www.amazon.com/KabelDirekt-3-5mm-Female-Stereo-Extension/dp/B00RXNULH4/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=kabeldirekt+male+to+female+aux&qid=1562352210&s=electronics&sr=1-3 Note the difference in the number of black bands. I think in reality they'd both work, but the TRS cable is less likely to pick up any problems. Should resolve the issue
  5. Heya - Well that's a pickle. It's certainly being caused by your power.... but there's semi good news. We just launched the ModMic USB to "replace" the ModMic 5. I suspect it may eliminate this problem. The alternative is as Fusion says, try a different outlet. You can also test by removing all the extension cables from the ModMic 5. If the noise goes away you could try a different third party cable (Amazon Basics will do) - that could be it as well. The ModMic USB made a lot of improvements, not the least of which is revamping how we handle shielding on the cables.
  6. Sounds like a wire break. Might I suggest a microphone you can attach to the cloud stingers to replace it? (looks down at his signature)... LOL - Nah seriously, it does sound like you've developed a short in the mic wiring, there's no fixing it that doesn't involve cracking it open.
  7. Rtings I think tests noise bleed/isolation, so if you REALLY want something that is the "best" at this then that is where I'd start. However, any closed back headphones will probably isolate enough that it won't be an issue. Almost all bluetooth headphones are closed back (in fact, there are only two that aren't)... so basically the field is wide open. I'd start at the expensive level with WH1000xm3 if you need ANC or the affordable Sennheiser HD4.4bt if you don't.
  8. As long as the adapter and earphones are CTIA standard, it'll work fine, and nearly everything is CTIA standard these days.
  9. I am kinda confused by this entire thread. Just install Voicemeeter Banana. Set input 1 to your mic. Go to what music you want to play (lets just say its an MP3) and have it output to virtual Vaio or aux. Set output to Virtual Cable. Now set OBS or whatever to capture Virtual cable, which will be a mix of the music and your mic. No hardware is required for this stuff
  10. Correct btw, hyperX uses an awkward pinout (People try plugging their ModMic into that jack often and it doesn't work because of this). There's some threads on Reddit you can find where people have modded their headphones / cables that have the proper pinout, unfortunately I can't seem to find them right now, but they're out there.
  11. SHP9500 + ModMic 4 w/ Antlion USB Sound Card seems about right. Should run you 70 for the headphones and about the same for the mic setup. Alternative: Sennheiser HD559 with the same mic setup. $30 extra on the headphones. Sound card is there mostly for the mic, headphones can be run off mobo sound or the sound card, whichever you prefer. Both are open back (you didn't specify). If you want closed back I can't think of anything quite as good with glasses at this price range. First one that came to mind was the 598 CS (now known as the Sennheiser 569), but that is 150. Of course there are other mics, I am just suggesting the ones we make - Just to be clear on my bias as my signature shows, lol.
  12. Er, not to be the debby downer, but not Tiamat, lol. What's your budget?
  13. Any wireless device can cause this kind of noise. A mouse tends to make a high pitch rapid tapping/squeel. A router tends to be a lower frequency and less regular. Other NFC devices can cause even stranger high pitch whines. Cellular signals tend to be helicopter like... I should make a funny post describing interference sounds as if they are fine wine
  14. Make sure your cell phone is far away from you as a test. Also test to make sure your sample rates are the same across all devices.
  15. AAJoe

    Micriphone quiet

    Discord comes with AGC enabled, it's at the bottom of that options screen. Does the volume drop back down after you turn AGC off? (Automatic Gain Control btw). Also, go into the sound -> recording devices -> the mic -> properties -> advanced and uncheck allow apps to take control of this device, that may normalize some things. Also there may be other things in that menu you can mess with. You can boost mic volume with EQ APO or a VST. Here are two tutorials that cover both: https://antlionaudio.com/blogs/news/sound-booster-and-noise-reduction-for-pc-light-host-and-reaper (For VST and also noise reduction if you want it, otherwise you can just use the plugin to give it boost). https://antlionaudio.com/blogs/news/what-to-do-if-your-modmic-is-too-quiet (Using EQ APO). I recommend the first tutorial, as adding mic bost can introduce background noise (which can then be filtered out). However, keep in mind the more severe that becomes the more it will degrade your audio... that said, if this is a razer mic you probably won't notice .