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  1. AAJoe

    Sony wh-1000xm3 mic issue

    Not that I am aware of. When we created the ModMic Wireless we needed to overcome this hurdle by being rather clever as opposed to using a codec for microphones. We basically have to trick the computer into thinking the mic is the headphones.
  2. AAJoe

    Microphone Level Fluctuating While Recording

    Uncheck any Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and also disable "Allow applications to take control of this device" and see if that makes a difference. Both should be found in your sound properties for the mic.
  3. AAJoe

    Suggestions for Noise Cancelling Wireless Headset

    If you're speaking of the headphone part for the ANC, you're going to be hard pressed to find ANYTHING remotely close to the Sony or Bose in terms of quality. They're simply a cut above everything else at the moment. I call the Sony WH1000XM3 my "Happy place" - usually in response to my wife asking me to do something in the house (WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU IN MY HAPPY PLACE). I find they give me less of that "air pressure" feeling than the QC35, but that may be highly personal or subjective.
  4. AAJoe

    Suggestions for Noise Cancelling Wireless Headset

    We make a mic you can attach to any headphone. Pop it on, use it at work. Pop it off, take your headphones with you. Just sayin Our mics are pretty much the gold standard for quality on boom mics, often favorably compared to full desktop mics like the Yeti. (They all have a noise canceling mic too). Something to consider instead of a more traditional office headset. Info is in my signature.
  5. AAJoe

    Sony wh-1000xm3 mic issue

    I vaguely recall there being a thing where when in high quality wireless headphone mode, most wireless headphones MUST use hands free codec, because all that bandwidth is going to the headphones and not the mic. I could be wrong though, this is a pretty sketchy memory.
  6. AAJoe

    Best wireless microphone

    Well, I will shill my own product in this case: ModMic Wireless. We're basically the only mic that does full 16bit 48khz audio wireless with aptX low latency speed. A smidge over your top budget. Other wireless mics tend to use standard Bluetooth, which limits bandwidth to about 8khz for mics. I am not familiar with one that has specs like ours. Otherwise you can also look into wireless lav mics with receivers, but they're usually pretty spendy. Not familiar with one that is good under $100 (or any at all for that matter)
  7. AAJoe


    Closest I have seen is the guy who runs Podcastage on YouTube. Look him up Or our Discord you can get some interesting chats about Microphones... but yeah you're right, we need a Microphone only forum Linus - get these headphone folks outa here!
  8. AAJoe

    Gaming headphones.$400-450 price point?

    Well, they USED to be this price, but the Hifiman 400i may be interesting. The thing about gaming is that nice wide soundstage, and according to Rtings and my own experience the 400i nails it (especially dollar for dollar since they're like under $200 now). Since they are planar magnetic at least it would be a bit of a larger leap than going from the 599 to the 650. The other one on their site is actually the HD700, which I had never used or heard mentioned often. Discontinued now, but can apparently be found on Amazon for $500. Anyway, according to Rtings they score very high on both soundstage and comfort, my two primary items for gaming headphones. You can't go wrong with the 650 and I assume the 660s (never used them personally) either, but I figured I'd toss those two ideas your way for research.
  9. AAJoe

    My microphone makes me sound different

    How do you know what you sound like? Every time we hear ourselves (outside our own head) it is through a recording device. Those devices color our voice, change it if you will. Just a thought - maybe you have no idea what you actually sound like! .
  10. AAJoe

    ModMic 4 echoes when muted

    The mute switch is a physical mute, so its not 100% silent. This may be something related to Discord's AGC, so I'd start by turning that off just to see what happens. Other than that, I'd like a recording if you can get one of what you mean by "echoes." My initial thought was some kind of game sound, which could be related to having the wrong device selected as the mic in. Anyway, we have a Discord if you want to chat in real time (ish) with me, our staff, and/or our mods who may have some ideas as well. https://discord.gg/zXM9WtZ
  11. AAJoe

    Need help choosing first audiophile headphones

    For what it's worth, I prefer the DT990 to the M50x on the comfort side alone. Sound, as @Wormhole says, is best to test and see. If you don't want a dac/amp I am not sure the DT990 PRO is the way to go. You may just want to get the DT990 32ohm or 80ohm. I think if you plan on using your phone with it (if you still have a phone with a 3.5mm port, haha) you're safest with the 32. Personally I don't find there's a huge sound quality difference between the three, but despite being the marketing guy for Antlion Audio, am not someone who has golden ears for that kind of thing. Again, the biggest NOTICEABLE difference between these two is one is open and one is closed. If you prefer closed you can go to the DT770, which is the same as the DT990 basically but closed back. There's not really a M50x open back version, though we made a fun video about modding a pair into them :D. PS: I do not recommend doing this to your M50x, though it does work :D.
  12. AAJoe

    my mic wont connect

    Sometimes Discord doesn't like it if you use "default" as the audio source. You have to manually select the right source and presto, it will work. Try that
  13. AAJoe

    Microphone Boost

    If you don't have a software setting for mic boost you can enable it via downloading Equalizer APO. Here's a quick tutorial I wrote: https://antlionaudio.com/blogs/news/what-to-do-if-your-modmic-is-too-quiet
  14. AAJoe

    ModMic 5 x USB Interface ?

    Now for the real kick @DMGR - Before you do anything please double check the ModMic 5 is still working. It's really not supposed to get 48v of phantom power. It can damage the mic .
  15. AAJoe

    ModMic 5 x USB Interface ?

    Sorry about that! You've found the solution - or at least the problem - correctly. Given your location is France it is probably cheaper to get the Rhode VXLR+ and return the VXLR (why they chose to name them so similar is beyond me). Not that I would mind you getting our XLR Power Converter, but... yeah I am sure you've spent enough on this already . It should work fine. However, personally... you may actually find you get better mic audio from the USB adapter. So be sure to test... and be sure you have a good return policy . Converting from XLR to 3.5mm can sometimes introduce some unintended line noise or distortion because the 3.5mm line isn't balanced.