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    At the South Pole all directions point North


  • CPU
    Intel Broadwell-e 6850K
  • Motherboard
    Asus Rampage V Edition 10 X99
  • RAM
    Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 3.000MHz 4x8GB
  • GPU
    Zotac AMP Extreme 1080
  • Case
    Corsair 780T
  • Storage
    Samsung M.2 950 Pro 512GB
  • PSU
    Corsair AX1500i
  • Display(s)
    Asus PG279Q
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    Corsair H115i
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70
  • Mouse
    Logitech G900
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    Windows 10 Home 64bit
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  1. Catalonia

    4k with gsync

    You will definitely feel it. I have the Asus PG279Q 1440p @ 165Hz. Once you go G-Sync (or Freesync) you just can't go back.
  2. Xabierrolan you're the first one to gave the correct answer! 1934 and 2017 Send me a private message with your e-mail address and I will send you the invitation. Congrats!
  3. Hi Guys, I have a 1Password subscription for one year to giveaway, (I am actually a user and they kindly sent me the invitation to invite one friend for 1 year for free) Since none of my family members of friends are using or want to use 1Password, I though I could share it to someone interested. So, I though let's play a game: The first one to answer this question right will get the gift: - Catalonia declared independence from Spain two times in the last 100 years. When was the Catalan Republic proclamation made? Good luck!
  4. Really? This would be a very strange limit for such a mining program. I will have to check back, maybe I'm switching to awesomeminer anyway. Thanks!
  5. Hello there. This is my build: CPU: Core i3 7320 4.1GHz DDR4: 16GB Corsair 2400MHz dual channel SSD: EVO 850 240GB MB: Asus B250 Mining Expert 19GPU GPU: 5x Asus Expedition 1070 8GB PSU: EVGA 1600W Platinum Bench: Custom bench for 19GPU's. I am very new in mining and trying to build step by step a 19GPU RIG with 1070's, but I am starting with 5 that will become 7 next week, and since I'm so busy (and lazy for now) I am using Betterhash (was using Nicehash before it went down) as a start (will be mining directly in a pool quite soon) Whenever I get some extra time to learn a bit more. But, all my GPU's are the same, Asus Expedition 1070 8GB GDDR5, in Afterburner all have synchronized settings, and when mining, one seems to consume way less power than the other 4. Sometimes consumes the same, sometimes way less. As you can see in this screenshot. I don't think is a power issue, as for 5 cards, my EVGA 1600W T2 is more than enough. And yes, every single GPU has it's own VGA power cable to the PSU. The PCIe risers are separated in two cables (3 in one and 2 in another). The MB also has the 3 Molex connected for extra power too. I am trying to identify if this is a GPU issue, or a driver/miner issue. I've changed the PCIe raiser and it keeps showing a GPU with this low Wattage use. Any idea what can it be holding it back? Thank you in advance.
  6. Catalonia

    Bluetooth 5.0 USB Dongle or PCIe card available?

    If there's a market they'll spend this resources doing it. In fact, I REALLY do hope that BT5 drivers work better under W10 than most BT4 drivers out there, especially Broadcom ones. I end up having so many problems with BT Headphones that I really hope things will get fixed in future releases.
  7. Catalonia

    Bluetooth 5.0 USB Dongle or PCIe card available?

    Basically because it offers better performance, better power management, I happen to have a BT5 device, from now on many devices will offer BT5 too. It seems like why have BT 2 or 3 when you can have BT4. Is technology moving forward.
  8. Catalonia

    Bluetooth 5.0 USB Dongle or PCIe card available?

    Shouldn't. But as I said, when was Bluetooth 4.2 released? Sooo long ago. Still no Bluetooth 4.2 Dongles anywhere. Seems like everything is stuck in Bluetooth 4.0
  9. Catalonia

    Bluetooth 5.0 USB Dongle or PCIe card available?

    Ooops. Sorry for that
  10. We do have already some Bluetooth 5.0 devices in the market, (Galaxy S8 for example) But, do anyone knows any Bluetooth 5.0 USB dongle or PCIe card to buy? I actually had a really hard time finding Bluetooth 4.2 devices, (only a PCIe card), so I guess that for now, 4.0 is all we can get isn't it?
  11. Catalonia

    QoS Vs Bandwidth Limiter

    Hi there. I've just purchased the router Asus RT-AC88U as we have several devices using internet at home, and I was having tremendous lag when playing ping/critical games and my old router had no QoS of any sort. Since here we have a very bad VDSL ISP, (28Mbps Down 1Mbps up) I wanted to solve the problem, being able to play games while other members of the family can use internet too. Thing is, this router with it's latest firmware: is quite a complete package. I know is dual band, but it offers great WiFi coverage,QoS, traffic meter, etc. Ting is, I had my device priorities set up correctly (my RIG is on high priority, and everybody else is low priority) :trollface and I had my router set to Adaptive QoS, prioritizing games. Thing is. Even if a low priority device is playing a Youtube video I get a very noticeably lag, (over 120)... So, I had a look at the traffic meter of that particular device (iPad) and when playing a video it have constant peaks of download (when buffering) so during that specific time my computer can't keep up with the game. So, my guess is that QoS isn't very effective, or for such slow internet I QoS isn't the real solution for me. I tried changing Adaptive QoS to Bandwidth Limiter, limiting the bandwidth of that device to 6mbps down, and a mere 0.2mbps up. Now I can play and I never have lag, not even when Youtube is buffering. The bad news is, this iPad will always be limited to 6mbps down, even when I'm not playing which is a pity. Should I expect this behavior for such a slow internet? (28Mbps down 1Mbps up) or is my router that doesn't apply correctly the QoS settings? Buying a superior router with a faster processor, like the Netgear R9000 would give me a better QoS? Thank you guys!
  12. Catalonia

    Voltage advice

    *Catalan, not Spanish. Please. I know is a stability problem of my CPU for the OC. I could maybe increase the VCore, but I was kind of hoping somebody with a greater knowledge take a look at those numbers and tell me if something is too low so I could increase it a bit. I'm on Windows 10 1703 64 bits, all updated and fine. Is not a software problem I'm 99,99€ sure about this. Thank you anyway for your help!!
  13. Catalonia

    Voltage advice

    The entire system when under load (sometimes, just like once a week for example)
  14. There are macs with alt button. Anyway, you kind of don't want help, so I won't give it to you.
  15. Turn off your mac. Turn it on again, when you lister the chime tone, press and hold the left alt button until you see the possible boot options. Do you see the recovery partition?