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  1. Ah that sucks, kind of good news is it doesn't really need it though I guess I actually managed to pick up a 3090 FE haha, the old titan served me well for over 4 years.
  2. Ya I see your problem now, mine spins for a second when I press the power button. If yours doesn't then your fan is might be broken.
  3. I have one, these PSUs actually don't turn on the fan until like near the peak rating, they're basically passive. Source: http://www.jonnyguru.com/blog/2016/08/15/seasonic-prime-750-titanium-power-supply/3/
  4. There is no solution, your laptop's cooling is just not good enough to keep it at max boost all the time. Even if the cooling were good enough, it would still downclock because it's hitting the 45w tdp limit. That's just how laptop cpus are.
  5. It's "throttling" because it's hitting the thermal and power limits. It's not going to stay at max boost if it's exceeding temps or the 45w tdp, and it says you're almost hitting 100c, max load benchmarks will surely exceed 45w too. Anything above the base frequency of 2.2ghz is considered boosting for that processor.
  6. It's not even ultrawide, it's the same 16:9 as any other monitor.
  7. Look at the vcore not VID. It says 1.38v max which is fine as long as your temps are good.
  8. Like they said 6 threads just isn't enough in modern games especially at 1080p 144hz. Especially in the coming years now that consoles are 16 threads. For older games it's great. The lower your resolution the more intensive it is on your GPU, so going to 1440p60hz would take load off of your CPU which is why they said that. But, being at 80-90% usage is perfectly fine as long as you're getting acceptable frames and no stuttering. If you're not comfortable with that then there's no real solution other than to upgrade, your motherboard likely fits a 9900k. Or ryzen cpus have 12+ threads for cheap.
  9. Are you plugging it into the front of your case? Or the rear motherboard audio? For the former, did you connect the front panel audio to your motherboard correctly? Does it work if you plug your headphones into your rear motherboard audio?
  10. auraofjason

    Anti aliasing

    Depends, supersampling anti-aliasing does improve sharpness because it is literally rendering the game at a higher resolution and then display it on your screen. Others like fast approximate anti-aliasing might have the opposite where it blurs.
  11. Yes it is possible, some parts can last decades, some are dead on arrival. Sometimes it's just luck, not all parts are made the same. While I can't say definitely 100% that it is the GPU, it does sound like it to me and this would be the next step in your troubleshooting. Also this is just anecdotal but one of my friends had his 5700xt die on him in a few weeks of use too, had to go back to his old nvidia.
  12. GPU would be the first thing I would look at too based on what you described. If you have a friend with a pc you could possibly try their gpu in your machine, and/or you could try your 5700xt into theirs, and see if there's any issues still. Luckily the gpu is one of the easier things to just swap around.
  13. Make sure to try to twist it side to side first before just pulling up, so you don't rip the cpu out of the socket and bend pins.