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  1. Studio Monitor Solution

    What audio interface and what speakers would you recommend? Im looking at the scarlett 2i4 v2 and the m-audio 2x2m for audio interfaces.
  2. Studio Monitor Solution

    I can re arrange budget. Would putting two bass traps behind the speakers help?
  3. Studio Monitor Solution

    This is my current setup. It will be hard to move this into the room because my rooms on the smaller side.
  4. Studio Monitor Solution

    I was looking at the price point of hs5s, and can probably spare 100-150$ for acoustic treatment.
  5. Studio Monitor Solution

    Hi, I am trying to turn my room into a home studio, a need a pair of good studio monitors. The only problem is, my desk is up against a wall, leaving little space between the speakers and wall. Which speakers would you recommend, and how would I acoustically treat my room to lessen this problem? My room is fairly small: around 12'x9'. Thank you!
  6. Home Studio Solution

    Hi, I am hoping to turn my bedroom into a small home studio, and was wondering what studio monitors, isolation pads, acoustic treatment, and mic options would be the best. The room is pretty small, at around 10x7 feet, and unfortunately, I would have to put the studio monitors close to a wall and on my desk, so I most likely would need iso pads to reduce vibration to the desk. I also want to record some vocals, both rap and singing, as well as violin, so I need to know what microphone or type of microphone would be best for that task as well as what acoustic treatment I need for such a small room. I'm also looking at the m-audio 2x2m for an audio interface. All suggestions are welcome. Thank you!
  7. So should I just build a big plywood box with sound proofing and run ac into it?
  8. Should I mount them in a server rack? Or just I'm a box with a vent to the outside and AC at the front?
  9. Any tips on cooling and keeping noise down?
  10. Hi, I am looking into mining litecoin, and was hoping to purchase a couple EHSMiner ASICs when they come out (https://www.ehsminer.com/product/asic-scrypt-litecoin-miner-1024-mhs/). They would have to be in my home, and I'm trying to figure out the most efficient way to cool them and keep noise down. Any suggestions for alternatives to mounting, different ASICs, and other things unnoticed by me are welcome. Thank you!
  11. I am using premiere. I was looking at the risen 1600, but was unsure what GPU would be good for editing. I don't need gaming at all.
  12. Hi, I'm hoping to build an editing PC on a budget of around 15-1600$. I'd like to keep this smaller than ATX, and this budget includes monitor, which I would like to be 4K, either ultrawide or 16:9 (144hz is not needed). I was wondering what your input was on the best GPU for editing at this price point, CPU options, case, and mobo choices. This is strictly for editing and web browsing, so gaming features are not necessary. Wifi is a must, and the case looking nice is a factor to be considered, but not my top priority. Thank you for your expertise and all suggestions are welcome!
  13. Best Lense for a6300

    Ok, cool. I also really want to get a gimbal right off the bat, and was wondering if you had any recommendations. Im leaning toward either the zhiyun crane v2 or the beholder ds2, but Im open to anything 600$ or under.
  14. Best Lense for a6300

    I know the thread is basically dead, but I have to ask, if I can get one lense for shooting both video and photography, what should it be? I may be able to get another one in the near future (december) but for now, what do you think I should get? I want to do a lot of video, so I need it to have decent quality for video, and I want to do photography, so It has to have good aperture. I'm undecided about zoom vs prime, either would work. I feel like it makes sense to get a good prime now (35 or 50mm) and a zoom later. Let me know your thoughts and opinions!