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  1. Best Lense for a6300

    Ok, cool. I also really want to get a gimbal right off the bat, and was wondering if you had any recommendations. Im leaning toward either the zhiyun crane v2 or the beholder ds2, but Im open to anything 600$ or under.
  2. Best Lense for a6300

    I know the thread is basically dead, but I have to ask, if I can get one lense for shooting both video and photography, what should it be? I may be able to get another one in the near future (december) but for now, what do you think I should get? I want to do a lot of video, so I need it to have decent quality for video, and I want to do photography, so It has to have good aperture. I'm undecided about zoom vs prime, either would work. I feel like it makes sense to get a good prime now (35 or 50mm) and a zoom later. Let me know your thoughts and opinions!
  3. i tried again and used mini partitioner and it says start job running for hostname service
  4. All the guides I've seen have said boot into Kali then partition with gparted
  5. I followed the Kali official documentation and I'm trying to make it a persistent USB so I'm trying to boot Kali live.
  6. Hi, I'm having trouble with Kali Linux. I'm trying to make a persistent idk, but when I try to boot it says"start job running for live-config". I'm doing this on a Dell XPS 15. Thank you!
  7. Best Lense for a6300

    Any adapter suggestions?
  8. Best Lense for a6300

    Would all of the lenses in that list work for the a6300? Excuse me if I'm asking stupid questions, I'm new to the camera thing.
  9. Best Lense for a6300

    Im only finding fixed primes with apertures faster than 3.5
  10. Best Lense for a6300

    Would you, for the first option, recommend adapted lenses or e mounts?
  11. Hi, Im thinking of getting the Sony a6300, and was wondering what lense or combination of lenses would be good for both photography and cinematography. I would like to keep it around 500, 600 max. Im fine with buying used, and I would be shooting cityscapes, landscapes, portraits, and a lot of b-roll. Thank you!
  12. Drone vs DSLR

    What do you think of d7100 vs d5600?
  13. Drone vs DSLR

    If I could spend a little more, what do you think of the fujifilm t20? And if you think that's a good option, what lense?
  14. Drone vs DSLR

    Do you know of a Canon 1dx alternative? I basically want an all around setup that can do video as well as photos well for around 1000.
  15. Drone vs DSLR

    What do you think of GH4 vs a6300? Also, what lenses and other gear would you recommend. I would prefer to keep the entire kit under 1000$, and I'm fine with used gear.