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    FX 8320 (Stock)
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    AsRock 990FX Extreme 3
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    16 GB @ 1600 Mhz
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    Sapphire R9 Fury 4GB HBM with Backplate
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Acrylic Window Edition
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    120GB SSD, 500GB SSD, 3TB+
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    Corsair RM 750X
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    LG 4K IPS 5ms (16:9), LG Flatron E2250V (16:9)
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    Corsair H80i + 2x Noctua Fan
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    Razer Black Widow Tournament Edition
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    Mionix Naos 5000
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    Logitech Z623
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    Windows 10

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  1. I wasn't really aware of this until i started to get an error in my browser that their DNS servers had changed. There is a nordvpn service running in the background. Why would they do this exactly? And do I really need it? It was kind of done without consent...
  2. Aseliot

    Adroid (7.1) top menu items gone

    I am able to go into UI tuner via Nova launcher widget and then searching for the system UI activity and dragging demo mode into the screen. But I don't see any options here that would help me.
  3. So this is a little stupid but I did something that caused all of my items in the top menu drawer thing to disappear and there is only a wifi icon left. When i press edit it doesn't change anything, I have no idea what I did. I've never seen it do this before It somehow happened while pressing a notification... EDIT - Fixed it by doing a system reset, seems to be some sort of rare bug. Playstore will backup your apps to they will all redownload, for some things you might have to redo some authentication stuff (like Google Authenticator setup ed.) but overall quite smooth. Make a backup the backup option just in case.
  4. Aseliot

    Can't enable defender no matter what

    Mh didn't work for me, also the thing in the comments where you select Netword ID > Computer Name and then set "this is a home computer" didn't work in my case
  5. I can't turn on Windows Defender no matter what i've tried. I deinstalled Spybot, used Malwarebytes cleaning tool (which was installed a long time ago) and cleaned the registry of unused entries. Also tried enabling it through the registry by changing ownership to Administrators and setting the turn off hex value from 1 to 0. But nothing works, it still says "Some settings are managed by your organization" and I can't do anything. And I know it disables when another antivirus is installed but everything is uninstalled now. Anyone else have experience with this?
  6. Aseliot

    Memory Allocation

    Eh, I understand you can reclaim the space by joining the fragmentend space together. But it is an expensive operation. But my question is not really about a solution to a problem, it's more about WHY would you use one or the other way of allocating specifically over the other and in what situation.
  7. Aseliot

    Memory Allocation

    Can someone tell in a simple manner WHY you would choose to implement either best fit, worst fit, power of two or buddy memory allocation? I understand that some of these ways of allocating can lead to more fragmentation in certain situations and that sometimes a combination of them might be the best solution. But I can't really find the the situations in which it would be best to use either Best Fit, Worst Fit, Power of Two or Buddy. Also what kind of program would have the most benefit/reason to use a buddy system? (Specific kind of task?)
  8. Aseliot

    Chill Free steam games?

    I used to play Path of Exile with some music on. Huge game now with all the free expansions. (new one just out, Atlas of Worlds)
  9. Aseliot

    overclock arma 3

    Yes, but I wouldn't count on it doing much I understand it only uses 2 cores effectively. (DX11?) It's kind of ridiculous a game of this magnitude uses your hardware so poorly, which is basically why I stopped scripting my own mission. It's just too frustrating when you have to be very very careful wether multiple loops don't clog up the whole thing. So also don't buy a new CPU for this game you will be dissapointed. I really hope they will improve it in the future. (DX12,Vulkan) They do have the Enfusion engine which is used for DayZ, let's hope they can use some things they learned while making it in Arma 3.
  10. I understand this problem is caused because I used root files for android 4 and have now flashed it with a cyanogen mod rom (android 5.1). It doesn't have a boot loop, but it does display this message in the top left corner when booting up. "kernel is not seandroid enforcing" I've tried using one click root and kingo, I can't find any rooting files or how to reverse this process. I used this to root it; https://androidmtk.com/root-samsung-galaxy-s3-neo-gt-i9300i
  11. Aseliot

    Ivona TTS voice in use

    That seems to have done the job.
  12. Aseliot

    Ivona TTS voice in use

    Yeah i've already tried that, troubleshooting the program (compatibility), killing all kinds of programs and services but nothing works...
  13. Aseliot

    Ivona TTS voice in use

    So this Ivona Text To Speech program has totally locked up on me. I can't install a new voice and cannot uninstall the program. Even safe mode doesn't work! It keeps saying Ivona is in use and I should shut it down, I have no clue what should be using it other than the installer (that would be something). So i literally won't let me do anything. Never seen a program this impossible to just simply uninstall/install
  14. Aseliot

    Things like syskey

    So I didn't know about the syskey command, looking it up i can't really find anything like it. And I mean not in the sense of a command/utility that does something similar but rather something that can have a similar impact when someone else uses it or a command that a little more obscure like it. For example this page seems to list all commands but it's not in there http://ss64.com/nt/ So is it a built in utility or a command?
  15. Aseliot

    G25 Window 10 screen profiles?

    So i've had this idea to use a 3m usb cable to connect my G25 to the pc from behind the TV. This works fine, I use CTRL+P to switch modes from extend to duplicate. There were problems with the G25's drivers, but this was an easy fix going into device manager and installing device as usb device. The only thing is that windows doesn't seem to remember all of the settings correctly, I had it working before but then tried it the day after and it didn't work anymore. I read that windows makes profiles for each different setup, can this be the issue?