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  1. Hello, I was looking for some advice on how I can hopefully make my life alot easier with this process. We have an iTunes library with 1,000+ songs that sits on a MacBook. We then sync that library up to 30+ iPads. However, as we add more songs to the library we then have to go to each of those iPads and re-sync the whole library... This process is time consuming, and takes up alot of space on our 16gb iPads. I am looking for a cloud based solution that can store our music and have as many as 30+ devices stream the music from there? I am noticing alot of services stop at around 6 devices total... Any ideas? If cloud based solution is out of the question, any ideas on how I can make the deployment of new music to these iPads faster? Is there a better music platform than iTunes? Is there a way to sync multiple iPads at once? Thank you.
  2. I'm not familiar with Integrated GPUs nowadays, But I assume I can get away with Integrated? Thanks for responding!
  3. Hey everyone, I will be doing a lot of travel with my new job and I want to treat myself with a new laptop If I can keep the laptop under $1,000 great, but I really don't want to spend over $1,500. Priorities: Great looking display, would like 120Hz or 144Hz Decently slim for airport travel and such - Build Quality should be good! Decent battery, not looking to last all day, but for browsing/netflix/youtube it should be good enough Light gaming - Diablo 2, RCT, Parkitect, maybe a dab of CSGO SSD is a must, ~256GB storage should be good RGB/Fingerprint scanner/Touchscreen/Blue-ray player not needed. A simple backlit keyboard would be nice! Generic IO is fine Let me know your suggestions! I want to get something relatively soon - so whatever deals are out there now I might grab what I can!
  4. Hi guys, ____ Here is my goals before I go into details about what I need help with: 1)Install webserver on Raspberry Pi 3 (done) 2)Turn Raspberry Pi into media server (done) 3)Turn Pi into NAS (done) 4)Keep everything contained in a GoFlex Desk enclosure (Will be going near router, which is near TV, so it will look nice.) 5)Would like to not spend a dime on this project ____ ____ Here is what I have so far: 1) Removed old 3.5" hard drive from GoFlex Desk. (Dead) 2) I have a spare 1TB 2.5" drive I want to use. 3)Opened the top of the GoFlex Desk enclosure(for Raspberry Pi connections - more below) 4)With the 2.5" drive, There is enough room in the enclosure for the Raspberry Pi, - My main dilemma is how to secure the Pi in the enclosure. a) Do I mount it right on top of the drive? Picture here b) Do I mount it to the opposite side? Picture here -Obviously, I need ideas as to what to use for standoffs/securing parts. Thanks Labarr
  5. This is assuring. Thank you. I will take a look at what I can find!
  6. $If I can get everything I need for under $600.. that be great. but like I said, I am open to higher end suggestions also
  7. Hello, I currently use an HP Envy 17" laptop for everything I need to do. However, it's bulky,crappy battery life, and with everything I plug into it on my desk - it's a pain to transfer to and from school. So I am looking for something that I can always have available on the go. Some things I am looking for: 13-15 inch screen Atleast 8GB Ram 1920x1080 resolution Decent battery life Processor: *See below* HDD/SSD does not matter - have a Samsung 840 I can throw in. I need the laptop for basic computer functions(Word/web browsing/ftp...etc). Here is where my dilemma comes in - I will be using VMware/VirtualBox for Linux operations(Labs/class activities that require it). So I am not sure a dual core processor will cut it (Most laptops I have been looking at in the $400-$550 range have a i5 dual core). I also will be configuring routers/switches, so a gigabit Ethernet port would be nice, but I can always get an adapter What are your recommendations? Should I be looking into "Ultrabooks" or "Traditional Laptops" ? Ideally, I want a laptop that can get me through graduation in December 2017 (So ideally, under $600) - but If you want to recommend an "overkill" ultrabook - I am open to suggestions. Thank you