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  1. I have come across these two monitors mentioned above in title. VG270-B and VG270-P Both are different prices. P model has brightness 400 B model has brightness 250 What i am really trying to find is the color bench mark for the B model. P model has a sRBG of 99% I wanna know the B model. i used google and beyond the first page duck duck go bing no answer yet
  2. The use of a 4k tv is a good idea but not always practical depending on the desk space. I can try to wall mount it. The position on my desk in the room is not guarenteed for a long stay. My desk space does not allow such a large screen. Thinking about including my bookshelf speakers in the space.
  3. Situation: I work information and content that made me want two monitors. My passion involves art(not commercially yet) and gaming(not very competitive but likes 60hz and above along with good response time). The main monitor would be the gaming one but also view most content and good color production is nice to have. The second monitor would be used of course to view additional information but also be used for the art hobby. i need help to narrow down choices and the budget would be $300-$325 USD all together(of course lower price and better product is appreciated). A 32in and above 250 brightness would be holly grail things for me. I just don't want regrets and return stuff back and forth. Please add your options and why you pick it (used is an ify thing for me but may tolerate) Potential Picks: Philips 276E9QDSB 27" Frameless Monitor https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CLMDH3K/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 Philips 246E9QDSB 24" Frameless Monitor, https://www.amazon.com/Philips-246E9QDSB-Frameless-1920x1080-FreeSync/dp/B07CK4W58Y/ref=as_li_ss_tl?creativeASIN=B07CK4W58Y&imprToken=Yi9WWdz5DuGjqxPxR5Twqw&slotNum=10&&keywords=Philips+246E9QDSB&qid=1561362800&s=gateway&sr=8-2&linkCode=w61&tag=techgearoid-20&linkId=ff976690e0edee42e0f6fc711a91cee2&language=en_US# BenQ GW2280 Eye Care 22 Inch https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KYCSRQI/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 Sceptre 27" Curved 144Hz Gaming LED Monitor Edge-Less AMD FreeSync DisplayPort HDMI, Metal Black 2019 (C275B-144RN) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07N6ZBCVY/ref=ox_sc_act_title_4?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1
  4. Aquados

    Desk Buddies

    What would be a good desk buddy as you stay at your pc for long durations for work or gaming. Assuming that you got the desk space or foot space to have one.
  5. A laptop that is not thin, but has enough room for cooling performance and a big battery. The housing can be produced cheaply along with good feeling keyboard and mouse pad. The cosmetics dont matter as long or feels good. I want the laptop designers to come up with a concept design and prototypes.
  6. I can afford to upgrade the gpu now. I had the 1050ti since before the RAM price increase. When I got excited to have the extra funding, there are other passions this can go to, I reevaluated my pc usage and experience. I do mild digital art, photoshop when needed, play games at 1080 but not all are max settings, enough to stay above 30-40fps. I am a mild gamer who has a small library and will play games that I know will enjoy and get what i pay for. Empyrion and Arma 3 are examples. Cyberpunk is a game I want to play depending on review. The potential Elder Scroll release and graphics, I do want to have it at high setting at least. The over all question is, " Will I not regret upgrading?" " Nvidia has been a good experience for me and comfortable with the green team for now." I5 6400 16 GB ram
  7. That is industrial use. I am talking about at home. The dehumidifier needs to suck air in. It would need an inlet. The concept is for 100% no moister or anything else. Sub-zero hardware plus a dehumidifier would make it more complicated and less efficient. What is the price for argon and nitrogen. LTT got an CNC machine. They should attempt. the idea is to eliminate moister from the environment.
  8. The air in a given volume of space has approximately 80/ Nitrogen, 20/Oxygen and Other. Imagine the Pc rig sitting in a 100% Nitrogen environment with the Sub-zero cooling hardware outside of it. A box that is big enough for the Pc, will have 3 holes. 2 will be input and out valves for the gas. The third will be cable and tubing. The C&T hole will be filled with silicon for air tight seal. Inject the Nitrogen gas with the output valve open until all of the non-nitrogen gas are pushed out. Close valves without building pressure. There should be no moister in the box. Nitrogen is lighter then oxygen and water. Output would be on the bottom and input on top. LTT has a cnc, laser machine, and maybe a 3D printer. They got the resources to make it. I think it is time they get an engineer or a person who loves and know how to build stuff while using tools correctly. Imagine a world with sub-zero cooling with no threat of moister.
  9. windows in not fully optimized for touch anyway unless they rebuild the OS just for 2-in1
  10. Tablets have a limit to how much power can be packed in to a thin body where making it bigger by surface area just to have more power. There are tasks that can't be done efficiently as a laptop would. The regular laptops in the current market always have sacrifices in order to achieve certain features such as paying $1500 US dollars for a thin laptop while another model made by the same manufacturer has the same specs but a little bit thicker and a longer battery life for a lower price. Some models are very exclusive or will never show in the search engine even if you typed the exact make, model, and specs after you seen somewhere else but can't buy it there. 2-in-1 are not just tablets. they are multi-functional devices that are able to things that tablets can not do, have power where regular laptops lose in order to achieve a certain look only to have a hire price tag. The 2-in-1 can perform the jobs of both tablet and regular laptop. Such as digital art without the use of an external drawing tablet. Being able to use the web browser and Microsoft Word at the same time unlike the tablet. Students can write notes down in a more natural position in stead of the angle of writing on a wall and make the screen move or bounce with every tap. Play small mobile games up to games like rocket league, war thunder, or skyrim on the go if you are not a heavy gamer and not play graphically intense games. Regular modern people would have at least two computing devices. A smart phone along with a tablet, laptop, or a full size pc. I believe a common combo would be three devices with different screen sizes. Smart phone being the smallest, tablet being the medium, laptop or pc monitor being the largest. People would buy the tablet because of size and weight. While laptop is bought for bigger screen size and some needed power to do things they want. Yes the 2-in-1 is larger and maybe heaver then the tablet, but you can still get into positions that a regular laptop would restrict you to. It is how you use it what will make it really shine and see why it can be more useful then the others. I still use the xbox one kinect because it allows me to do things hands free like going through YouTube or changing the channel while having messy hands. I can ask Cortana for things without pulling out my phone or go to the computer. (i have a way to make people regret using the kinect camera is it is hacked) Don't focus on the flaws or presumed ugliness. Look at it for what it is and what it can do. A 2-in-1 can only be terrible to the user if the specs can not perform the tasks and workloads that is demanded.
  11. What is the best 2in1 laptop that has a gtx gpu for the price and performance that comes with the gpu such as cpu and ram?
  12. What pci Wi-Fi adapter should I get?
  13. The HDD is already claimed C Will windows change to a different letter on the ssd
  14. Then how do I make my programs go to the new letter?
  15. I have a HDD( C: ) with stuff on it and a SSD(F:) If I put both drives in to a new build , have os installed on to the SSD. Will the SSD have the letter(C:) and forced the HDD to have a different letter Or HDD will have the same volume letter?
  16. What if it's the boot drive I want to change
  17. What will happen when I have two drives with the same letter. One SSD other HDD If I run a program from the nonboot drive(HDD), will it still run or be in conflict.
  18. Yes it is. Turn out it was the ram not plugged in all the way
  19. First build. HDMI plugged into gpu. All Fan spinning. No post or display.
  20. I have studied for about a year and a half on computer building.
  21. It is an Asus h110E M.2 Does not have one