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  1. Ahh Deck A or 1 would be your song playing on the left and Deck B or 2 would be your song playing on the right. It wont let you download the driver?
  2. Yes, it may be a driver to be able to run the Midi Fighter with Virtual DJ
  3. Also, I'd suggest from a DJ background to use the left 8 buttons as your Deck A/1 cue points and your right 8 buttons as your Deck B/2 cues. You also will have to time your cues.
  4. Ahh okay! So now you would go to preferences/settings then go to the midi tab, plug in your Midi Fighter then map out what you want it to do
  5. Hmm... Okay so like... What DJ software do you use?
  6. Well depending on your software your keys can be utilized for almost any function! I use keyboard shortcuts in Ableton Live day long lmao
  7. But MIDI mapping can be done in almost any DAW or DJ software the Midi Fighter probably comes with a program that is confusing because it will only map to the parameters of what you set it to. Like... A pre-determined idea of what it can do inside an outside program of the programming software.
  8. You could do that but you would have to find the third party applications or something inside your DJ software that allows you to make certain keys act as a certain function within the program.
  9. When it comes to keyboard I am not 100% sure but you might be at a loss since most keys are used to function something within your software.
  10. Ahh! Then what your looking for is to setup your midi fighter to be used as Hot Cues within a DJ software. I would suggest Virtual DJ because they allow you to setup MIDI easily compared to other DJ softwares.
  11. Ahh so your wanting whats known as "Hot Cues" but on top of that you want whats called a "Sampler" or "looper" both have two different functions that if you wanted to program yourself with a keyboard it would take a third-party application outside of your DJ software to do. Best way would probably be to just get a cheap DJ controller for your gig and either Serato DJ Intro or a version of Virtual DJ