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  1. [Steam] Steam Link 90% OFF

    I mean I have 5 laying around, no screen for them to connect to.
  2. [Steam] Steam Link 90% OFF

    But do I really need a 5th one?
  3. Testing a CPU

    see second picture(if ebay would zoom...) I believe one of those pins you could jump to start it
  4. Testing a CPU

    oh, I was gonna say use that to test it, he want to sell that 5770? seen other post, there should be something labeled "power" or 2 pins you could jump
  5. Testing a CPU

    so the rest of that pc is gone?
  6. Testing a CPU

    Why did the friend quit using it?
  7. Can they just release this foldable phone already? my last phone is literally dieing, or it will die via combine(ag machine) soon.
  8. How to you pay for computer hardware?

    Well that's better than wheat (60-64lb bushel) at $5. I wonder if microcenter would like 1200bu dumped at the tills? Call the potatoes "organic" and get another buck.
  9. Need help whit my computer

    1. it is With (title) 2. pcpartpicker.com (use for compatibility info) 3. Build Help section 4. doesn't chome (browser) auto translate your language to other languages?
  10. Intel GPUs are coming

    Intel GPUs for gaming...Why can I see another "i9 xe edition" pricing coming down the road?
  11. Intel making a GPU? who could afford it?
  12. Mp4 to mpeg2

    Looking for a converter to do this since I found out that my RCA/svideo to usb converter only(to my knowledge) to mp4, and DVD requires mpeg2 File sizes are around 700mb to 3GB
  13. Our school's IT is dumb. I need help!

    I asked him about it and he said that "it was professionally done" so he wasn't going to touch it.
  14. [Question] OS for old PC

    7 or the "popular/well known" linuxes (that the plural for Linux or is it linux's or linuxs?) 7 was a little sluggish on a Pentium d with ht. Linux was a bit better. 10 I got impatient with it after a 1/2 hour of loading.
  15. Our school's IT is dumb. I need help!

    The same happened to me, but then again my school's it guy was a former crapple salesman. He ruined apple for all of us. We had to go to the state to get anything to happen. Even worse when I left, their "network"(as in the assigning of ip's, print servers, etc) was running inside a vm, inside a xp vm, on a dieing windows 98 computer.