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  1. no thats how things look in the southern hemisphere.
  2. those cheap key caps i bought(rosewill key caps on amazon) are not all that bad! I like them so far but i do notice a minor imperfection or two. Here I am with my CMStorm Quickfire rapid! pretty happy right now!
  3. the sound of blues is the best thing ever, i'm even considering spending some of my own money to get one for work. I might skimp and order something cheap with kailh switches though.
  4. UPDATE** I found some Rosewill keys on amazon for like 15 dollars, should be in Tuesday. They are green which is awesome to me, anyway i'll post pics once they are installed, should I prepare for the worst? or did i just get lucky? find out Tuesday!
  5. yeah to start out anyway. I know about wasd and a few others, I haven't really looked on eBay just cause I don't ever buy anything on eBay for fear of getting ripped off. Is around $40 the general price for a full set of custom keys? i'm just looking for some blue ones, or some blacked out ones.
  6. Hello everyone! I just got my first mechanical keyboard today and really I am just here so that i have an excuse to listen to the beautiful clicks of my Cherry MX Blues. I got a CMSTORM Quick Fire Rapid from amazon for like 60 bucks I really want to customize the key caps and would like some advice on where to get them, maybe some tips or warnings about certain custom keys? and any excuse to type on this thing!