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  1. Fixided

    Mircosoft Word Launches after Startup in a New Document

    Do you have it still open before you restart or shutdown your computer? If so you can go to Sign-In option is Settings and toggle some option that has to do with open previously opened apps.
  2. Fixided

    ZTE Axon 7 Giveaway

    I love gold and the number 7 and the letter zeddddd and bi-speakers cause dual is too mainstream.
  3. Fixided

    Feenix Gaming Bundle Giveaway

    I just found a mouse lying around my house one day... Tis used the ball rolling mechanic, then oh my god... I found a lazzzer mouse, just a generic dell mouse, but errh me gerrd LASERS!
  4. Fixided

    AMD Polaris Giveaway

    This is literally my Gaming Setup That 2nd monitor lookin thing at the right is just a Windows 10 Acer tablet, it's not even connected to the laptop I just use it to watch WAN Show while PWNING noobs in 30 FPS. Rockin' in myself a Nvidia 630M 2 badass coolers (as you can clearly see in the pic) for maximum cooling but will bottleneck anyway. Superb cable management.