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  1. if so can you tell me what is the first thing that i should do?
  2. I know Java, and basic web development languages and Java EE. I am going to learn AE, PP, PS.
  3. I have interest in learning game designing or development. I know they both are 2 different things but then would like to know which I would like more. If someone could help me get started with it as to what to start with and how to start with it. I really want to learn. If anyone wants to help me please let me know or even if there are any tutorials I can watch.
  4. Can anybody help me get started with the basic of AR and from where to start or any tutorials online. I am really new and have no idea about this topic please if anyone can help!
  5. I want a laptop that I can use for game designing and/or animation but I am on a budget. I want this laptop to run all the apps needed for game designing or animation. My budget is not more than Rs.60K/- thank you.
  6. I need a Laptop to Run Adobe PP, PS, AE and if possible Unity & Unreal engine but I do not have a huge budget. I need power but less price. I can spend Rs.40000-45000 or $650 approx. Can anyone please help? Please if possible suggest from these companies - DELL, HP, LENOVO, ACER.
  7. Kinda Costly. I live in India so compared to the 7559 it is more.
  8. UE4. If there is any other better please suggest?
  9. Now I know that there won't be a drastic difference between Sky lake and Kaby lake & my budget is tight. Should I wait for the update on the Dell Inspiron 7559? Also, when is dell going to update this line-up, Q1 of 2017 or even later ? If they update then what new will be there ? GPU ( I don't think they will go for the 10series but i feel they will go for the 980M 4GB) Of course, the processor will get an upgrade to 7th Gen. My requirements - Programming, Adobe PS, AE, PP, Medium-Light Gaming. And, can i learn Game Development on the current or updated one ? Will it be that powerful to handle the load? (NOT Gaming) Just being curious, which is more worth to XPS 15 or 7559 (Current or updated Spec) ? (Consider My requirements) So wait or take ?
  10. When is it coming out? Even I am waiting for a new (first ever laptop) and I'm confused as to wait for the update on 7559(not sure if they will go for 10 series or 980M) or the XPS 15 ( again not sure if they will go for 10 series or 980M or they will stick to 960M )
  11. Nah mate. I don't have that much money to spend.