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  • CPU
    Amd Am1 Dual Core Apu
  • Motherboard
    Msi Am1-I Mini Itx
  • RAM
    8GB Team-elite 1600 DDR3
  • GPU
    AMD Radeon 6450 4GB
  • Case
    Deepcool Tesseract Mid-ATX
  • Storage
    250 GB Western Digital
  • Mouse
    R.A.T. 7
  • Operating System
    Win. 10

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  1. How often do you clean your case and is it strange to clean your computer once or twice a month?
  2. Spoiler


    When done with a long day of working on a computer for a friend my best friend has become my mattress 

  3. The world's simplest fix for faulty computer hardware The 15 pound sledge hammer
  4. I comletly forgot about the oven Welp thats gonna be the first thing i do when i get home
  5. I have a feeling that it shorted I had to replace the heatsink the other night because I dropped it and the heatsink got cracked so I replaced it and I heard a noise and then smelled something like a burning smell and I removed it and looked at it and on the back it had a big black mark on the back of the heatsink when I pulled it apart
  6. Well my gpu died and I have no way to get a new one until about July this year Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this old radeon 6450
  7. Gpu died on me, What shall i do with the new paperweight 


  8. I am running an am1 mini itx am1-i I was running a radion 6450 but it died on my two days ago (i got constant frame drate drops rangeing from anywhere to 40 fps to 20 and then it just died and my onboard graphics suck) so Im currently without a gpu and a computer that cant run a game at more than 60 fps (i only ever get 60 fps if i have everything else closed and i am lucky) 250gb hhd (this hhd is about 5 years old) Am1 dual core processor ( i am upgrading to a quad in about two months) 8gb DDR3 4x2 dual channel I just want a gpu so that way I am able to atleast play a few games rather than having the entire machine freeze on me every time i try to play something. Anything is better than the crap i have now i havent got the ability to make any money at the moment and i could really use the upgrade
  9. Just for fun i wanna try and liquid cool my am1 mini rig any suggestions (note i know how pointless this is but im bored and want a new "challenge "
  10. Our issue is that he needs all the peripherals minus a O.C. and tower
  11. I got a call from a friend earlier this morning and he asked me to build him a gaming computer. I asked what his budget was and his response basically killed me, $500 U.S., I couldn't tell him no because of how close we are. But I was panicking becasue I have no clue how i am going to pull this off. Well he calls me about twenty min later and he says he wants it to be a mini itx computer. I basically said sh!t, he said sorry gotta go. I have been juggling ideas in my head all day about how I could give him what he wants and I have nothing. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on how I can make this possible for him. Thanks
  12. I need ideas for a mini itx gameing pc