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  1. *Estonian below* Hello, I'm looking for a folding@home team in Estonia or atleast in the baltic states. *Estonian* Tere, Otsin folding@home tiimi Eestis või Balti riikides.
  2. Hello my fellow comrades. I have a problem with my H100i v1 . It looks like the firmware has corrupted. This happened to me a yeaar ago but ive been to stubborn to fix it and just thaught that ill let it just sit. the pump work but no led or anything. Corsair link wont detect it and im pretty musch tried everything. Help plzz
  3. Well the setup is like this. The school which we use this at is a gymnasium. we have 2 active speakers and two speakers connected to the mono output. we thaught "oh man it would be a cool idea to make a program that takes the output from the mixer and calculates and then tells us which is the best EQ for the song or the mic setups." and i wondered that maybe in the depths of the internet it already exists.
  4. Hello Me and my friends are are using a concert mixer to output music, mic etc. The mixer is an Carvin concert series c1644. Our cool question for today is theres any software to tell us if we need any adjustments in our EQ and such.