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Imaginary gary

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  • Birthday 1996-08-08

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    new york
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    Drinking,Gaming,Drinking, long walks to the fridge and drinking
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    WOW-Sargeras- thanosi 
    osrs- ipkthots
    come play with me =)
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    facility coordinator emergency houseing
  1. Thank you very much i think i have enough to work with?
  2. So i wanna build a new gaming pc i have one that was great from 2011 but it run its course im looking to spend around 1000$ total. Ill be mostly gameing with it and meby ill begin streaming i already have some new parts to work with ex (gpu geforce gtx 1080 founders edition, a mid size tower , keyboard, mouse and hedset) i will need a recording mic and if there are any recommendations on a free recording service
  3. i suppose but i dont think you would get much more than 200 but you never know
  4. i Agree i have the same card at the moment and its to old of a card wait for something new or save your money for something better
  5. very helpful thank you all i think i have the idea now for what to get
  6. now my question is if i was to get a 980 ti is it worth going the extra mile to get 2 and a 2 way sli and how does that work
  7. its solely gaming i have no interest with anything at this time
  8. Ok so i have been thinking about building my first custom pc my spending limit is around 3000- 3500 $us it is primarily going to be used for gaming and the types of games will vary from something as simple as minecraft to more demanding games like Crysis and space engineers now i also am looking for a monitor, mouse, keyboard, headset and speakers but the cost of that will not be a part of my 3k budget. im also a little shallow when it comes to looks i was looking to go for a white and purple or white and blue