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    G.Skill NT Series 32GB (4x 8GB) DDR4-2133 Memory
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  1. looks good i5s are dead
  2. you have to jump through hoops or use a third part program it doesn't work well most of the time.
  3. ok then, let's end the arguments, this is getting silly here a video proof of this machine being cooler than the older model i had to
  4. wait for the future yes, let's spend more, i know 60$ is throw away money, doesn't even matter, so is there a dongle to fix the overheating issues?
  5. they do not, dongles are not a pro thing, "better IO" argument doesn't work when you have to have dongles to make it functional, trust me, also my MacBook has 2 thunderbolt 2 ports, i also have excellent IO. don't you love it when you have to have a 60$ dock to make a laptop that costs over 3k functional? i sure do.
  6. or the feature of how it can be used in computers that don't run OSX. yes, do people would buy a Tacoma when they have to lift something heavy, "buy apple" doesn't work here considering my mac has things called ports
  7. Cuda is better at PRO tasks, on a laptop, Nvidia GPUs won in the laptop space this year, no competition.
  8. premier pro is better, especially since it can be used on a pro machine nope, apple products are, a gtx 1060 is worlds better than the Radeon 560 so? cuda would be better in premier, a gtx 1060 will do much better job than Radeon 560, also using facebook doesn't need much processing power so 90% of apples customer doesn't need it.
  9. yes, IGPU is good enough
  10. i know what you mean but connections are what gets you jobs in STEM.
  11. it will depend on what you do, for most people, it's good enough. to be honest, i love the hinge design, it looks cool
  12. something like this - try to find a used 980ti - get a x370 board if you plan on SLI be careful, don't spend too much time on games, focus on socializing or study easily its really simple, just use this as an example, it shouldn't take you more than an hour. first time for everything
  13. Thinkpad's are the best engineering computer overall, but a surface book is really cool, i love the concept.
  14. -shitty thermal design - doesn't look professional -won't last long -too heavy to carried around everywhere - bad battery life why are you planning on gaming? build a desktop+ Chromebook combo
  15. not really, math doesn't feel right without pen and paper, pen input on tablets are not that advance yet unless you are talking about a high end Wacom tablet. i am a mechanical engineer, from that perspective i would highly suggest OP to use pen and paper for anything math related.