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  1. Because the assumption that a homemade mask is better than nothing ignores that it could be completely inadequate. Filter material given a specifically-size particle or pathogen, will either meet the filtering requirements or not. It's a binary element and not a percentage-based one, people need to remember that. I wear earplugs when I'm on my motorcycle, they meet a 33 decibel attenuation rating. I could go stick cotton balls in my ears and they may have some marginal effect, but if I rely on them to protect my hearing then I'm just flat-out incorrect. Any area where people are being told to wear a mask, they are telling people to wear legitimate and effective ones. Or you know, they could stay home and avoid the experiences all together. The people that are working essential jobs have guidelines set up by the regulatory and health agencies in their areas, this is apparent by contact-less delivery of items and food deliveries. If people were only in the general vicinity of others when they absolutely have to be, there would be enough social distancing efforts to get us to a flattened curve. People are donning these essentially ineffective masks and going out when they don't need to and where they don't need to, which does nothing and is actually worse than them staying home.
  2. It is still shocking to me that there are urban areas where people are defying shelter in place rules that much. I know there are rural areas here in Texas that there is no way compliance could be enforced as they're too big. That said, most of those people live a half-mile or more from their neighbors and don't have to deal with the issues of being stuck inside their homes for weeks at a time. If I could freely roam hundreds of acres I'd never get bored.
  3. Ratings like N95 exist for a reason, and homebrew safety equipment will vary wildly in its effectiveness. Telling people to take a few layers of a t-shirt and make masks sounds great, but everything from thread-count, layering tension, treatment of the fibers, age of the material, and maybe dozens of other variables will determine the ability of those masks to be beneficial against microscopic pathogens. Meanwhile, there's a scientifically-backed standard for what an N95 rated mask will do. Worse than people not having a mask to use and just staying home, is them using an ineffective one and believing that they are protected.
  4. There's a legal system and punishments for people that commit crimes, as it should be. A police state isn't necessary.
  5. I have a family member that has been going on about wearing a mask for a month, to which I always reply: "What masks?" And no, I wouldn't pay $60 for a mask either, I'd rather stay inside.
  6. The $1000 fine in my area is good enough, I don't think most would want to pay it or do the 6 months in jail they could also get. The people that have the income to get charged $5 million have 1000+ acres of property here. They can socially distance on their sprawling ranch and never leave their own property.
  7. I think that's good honestly, at least for people breaking social distancing and meeting size limitations. I'm currently having a moral dilemma about the 'only essential people get to leave their house' thing that's going on here, but at the moment it's raining and I don't want to be outside. When it gets sunny again though, it'll nag me like it has been. I have no intention of hanging around with people or being social, far from it, I just want to go out into the middle of nowhere and get some fresh air. Sadly though, no gradient exists in the law.
  8. Maybe that's an allowable method of punishment in India, but I don't think that would fly in most places.
  9. It's an intubation tool. But I'm staying home anyway.
  10. I've done a lot of buying and a little selling on eBay over the last 21 years I've been on there, here are a few things I've learned about both: Always sell older items with the disclaimer that it's used and no warranty is offered, if not you will get burned by unscrupulous buyers, I speak from personal experience unfortunately Always make sure that you're only selling to a country or countries you want to deal with fees and taxes with, being in the United States I only offer items for sale to US residents for this reason Make 100% sure the items you're selling can be sold legitimately. Software and/or licenses can be tricky in some places, make sure eBay won't pull your ad in your region for this When buying, read the fine print extensively, because the few condition levels on eBay are often up to interpretation by buyers, some see a laptop with a dead screen as simply used, and not broken/for parts Always be aware of the payment methods you will take when you sell things, and make sure you are good with the payment methods allowed on auctions you're buying. This isn't a huge deal, most sellers offer even credit card processing without a Paypal account, but there are occasionally some that want a money order or personal check. Out of principal I never send personal checks to random people, too easy to steal account and routing numbers eBay can manage outgoing shipments well, and at least in the US there's typically a discount for originating shipments through eBay, so use that especially on cheaper items with high shipping as it will help your profit I could list dozens of other little things, but eBay really is a good platform if you're aware of the few but sometimes significant pitfalls of the system. I've had a ton of good luck buying and selling computer parts on eBay, in fact it's been my go-to place for low buck builds for friends and family members that are fine with a few generations old tech; Some of the deals are outstanding if you have the patience to watch auctions consistently.
  11. As far as I know, at least with grubhub they put sealing stickers on outbound orders before the driver picks it up to deliver it. I also believe that anyone that's out there doing that stuff right now is a good person, because they're legitimately working hard for the rest of us.
  12. I think I may have seen him on a game today or yesterday, very offensive name if it's who I saw.
  13. I hadn't even thought of that scenario. Oh well, at least I have Half-Life 2 to start playing through again.
  14. I keep having extreme queue times and getting server connection errors, my internet seems OK but have no other way of diagnosing it right now.
  15. It's hard to remember if it was Oregon Trail on an Apple IIe, or River Raid on the Commodore 64.
  16. I've done a week indoors and have been socially distancing for a month now, and I'm completely over it. Yeah, video games are great and all that, but I desire to do things outside. Another month of this is going to be terrible, if that's all the requirement will be. Fully expecting that my offsite work will dry up in the coming weeks, and even if it doesn't, after this lockdown is lifted I doubt our clients will be willing to spend money. I'd love to just get on my motorcycle and ride off into a remote place even for an afternoon, but because of the way my states order is written I cannot even do that; Not worth a $1000 fine or jail time. I understand the purposes of social distancing and would gladly keep abiding by it if I could leave, but there's no gradient in the rules.
  17. Maybe? Maybe not? Seems like they added more cores and PCIE 4.0 support to this one, correct?
  18. I actually said "what the fuck?" when Ivan started talking. Has his disappearance been part of this April Fools joke this whole time, because that was truly unexpected.
  19. Unfortunately, our building modelling system doesn't work with external software like that, it has to be a live shared drive. Most of the issue is with clients and consultants not being able to work either, so work will eventually grind to a halt regardless of our preparedness. Beyond that there are all the materials providers that are shuttering or limited production, and the now closed governmental/regulatory reviewers and entities that have to be satisfied with plans before building and inspection permits can be provided. At this point it's less like an uphill battle and more like applying our faces to a brick wall. I think it's especially bad when so many of the faults are so obvious to normal people: Tests? Yes we need those Enforcement of quarantine for tested individuals? We need that PPE? Absolutely need that Instead we get a bunch of cruise ships still being boarded even weeks ago when this was obvious, people hopping into other states for bars, international flights arriving, spring breakers, and no one is stopping any of this; It's pathetic.
  20. To respond to your edit earlier, I am not an architect. I'm a building modelling and CAD draftsman, but managing shared modeling files on projects we do is a complicated job, and with only two people in the office we don't have a huge fancy system for doing it offsite. Mainly because no one prepares for a pandemic that will lock them in their house for a month at a time away from their work. Construction is essential on specific projects, but CISA guidelines which are what is being used in my state now, only allow for certain types of projects to be considered essential and we're currently not working on them. I'd be more positive if there were not knuckleheads going to beaches and spring breaking, or hopping state borders to get around bar closures. I've been socially distancing for weeks and been at home for a week already, so part of my frustration is that I can do what I'm supposed to and there are still people out there being idiots about this situation. All I want is to be able to get some fresh air on my motorcycle on my normal daily commute and not be cooped-up in my house all day, but even though that's socially distancing I face fines and maybe an arrest for leaving my house because I'm not an essential worker; Meanwhile those morons keep partying and lengthening this for everyone else.
  21. I graduated high school in 2002, and every penny that was in my college tuition fund got spent keeping a roof over my family’s heads before I turned 18. I’ve also worked since I was 15 years old, and started my current job that isn’t in IT back in 2003. There isn’t a silver lining on my end, aside from having plenty of time to play TF2 in a few days/weeks when whatever work I can do from home runs out and the company is sunk.
  22. Ok, well it doesn't fix the current situation being political, so what else do you have? As I said in my other post, pointing fingers is easy. Is your presumed moral/intellectual superiority good enough to fix the problem? No.
  23. Politics don't really have anything to do with it, I doubt where you're from or who you vote for really apply much. Anything can be made political though.
  24. Telling laid-off or out-of-work people, 'Hey, it looks like you should have gotten a degree' isn't actually productive. You're obviously not one of the people that's losing their job, so maybe you HATE to say it but it's easy for you to say it. A lot easier to say than someone coughing up 4+ years of time and thousands of dollars for a college education during a pandemic. Hindsight is 20/20 and it's easy to point fingers, a college degree isn't possible/available for everyone. Also something of note; Those package and food deliverers are some of the biggest fields of essential workers, in my country anyway. Right now there are a lot of professionals with degrees that are just as out of work as a Waffle House employee, neither one has an income.
  25. I don't work in an industry that can just get money put into it, I work in a small architectural firm. It takes months or years for a project to come to life from a concept, and without both willing clients and their money, non-governmental firms (and we don't do governmental work) will die. Injecting money to keep employees like me home in the business I work in does nothing for our long-term prospects. Yes, I'll collect a paycheck during the lockdown, but will come back to zero clients and we'll close up anyway. I learned that my area is going by Federal guidelines for essential workers now, and because we don't do governmental work my firm has been deemed non-essential. So I just found out I'm stuck in my house until April 30th, and get to watch the business I've worked at for almost two decades probably fade into dust. And since my industry is likely to be nearly non-existent at the end of this, without my current job I'll probably have to go dig ditches for minimum wage once this is over.