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  1. Keep the case unless you want more space in your new build or prefer a different aesthetic. Definitely keep the Hard Drive and SSD but keep a backup drive in case either of the drives fail since they are quite old. Since you are spending $1000 you are probably going to find very good price:performance parts such as the GTX 1070-1060. Ryzen chips are also very good and completely outclass your old hardware. Only keep the old mobo, GPU and CPU if you want a memento or if you want money you can sell it as there are quite a few buyers looking for cheap and old products like the phenom 2 for budget builds. 4GB of RAM isn't bad but I would recommend getting higher capacity sticks such as 2* 8GB sticks for 16GB max and selling the old sticks. Good luck with the new build!
  2. Try opening it in another piece of software such as google docs or libre office and if it doesn't work then try reinstalling office. In the most unlikely scenario your file may have been corrupted by the windows update and it may be a hard task to save it.
  3. You could try something different like a surround triple 1080p monitor setup (which is quite cool but not the most practical). It's mostly more of a thing to if you want to do work on your PC (since having extra screens can improve work efficiency by a bit but not the best for most games that don't support it well) At $500 you could also try the ultra wide experience such as 2560*1080 at 100hz or higher but most YouTube content will suffer from black bars if not recorded at the 21:9 aspect ratio (then again I watch most YouTube content on my phone and lots of major films support that ratio)
  4. If you're just looking for 4K minecraft and 1080p 60fps gaming then the 1080 is definitely not the 'best' choice for you since it is rather expensive and I personally would prefer if you could buy a cheaper 1070-1060 and put the rest of the money on upgrading the CPU MOBO AND RAM to something like Ryzen or Skylake (skylake prices have dropped a bit after the intel refresh and may be a little old but still a decent chipset) Also I strongly believe that the 9590 will be quite the bottleneck in most CPU intensive games due to lack of support for multi core CPUs and older chips. If it's just light compute games you're looking for then the games won't be unplayable but actually still enjoyable. I just think it would be better for you to try and make a more rounded system. Whilst the 9590 has a lot of raw compute performance in its high clock speed and core count it can still do other things like light content creation and edit photos. (It lacks in IPC however which most games like to take advantage of) Anyways OP it's your choice in the end and I wish you the best of luck.
  5. I know that this may be asking a lot (and is quite expensive) but if you really love the feel and sound of a different switch then there's no harm is buying a whole new set of switches to replace them down the line. LTT has made a video guide on how to replace them a while back and it isn't that complicated. However this is your call and I can understand if you don't want to spend the pain and effort just to change a key switch.
  6. So I recently purchased and old Logitech G300 (non S) for a really good price in the UK and I was wondering if there was a way to use the software to cycle the colour on my mouse. I know that this is a very obscure question and that RGB doesn't increase your FPS to 0.7 in 4*4 pixel minesweeper from common knowledge (Most fans of LTT beg to differ on that one but that's a topic for another day) However help is much appreciated and if there isn't a way then I can totally understand since it was released in 2011 before the RGB craze. I have installed the Logitech Gaming software however I haven't found any options concerning RGB effects.
  7. The board is a gigabyte h110m s2h if you wanted to know.
  8. So I installed my new gigabyte motherboard into my system however every time I boot up my network adaptor has trouble identifying the network. However the only way to fix this is by deleting the network driver, turning off the PC then turn it back on, install the driver again and then turn my PC off and on again. I find this to be really annoying and I want to know if anyone else has had the same experience with these drivers because I would greatly appreciate that .
  9. However the 680 does consume more energy and produces more heat but hey if your house is cold then that probably won't matter .
  10. They must be quite rare in the market/very few were made. Or it could just be overpricing for old stuff on Ebay.
  11. I have already payed for the motherboard and ordered my CPU already sadly since I got a good deal on a used I5 6500. Also I live in the UK so pricing for Ryzen CPUs are way less reasonable to american pricing. I see the value potential in Ryzen but I would rather try out and older Intel chip since they are still pretty good for games and cheaper in my country :).
  12. So I upgraded to Win10 from via the free update last year and my Win10 license changed from OEM to being 'attached to my Microsoft account'. So here's my question: Am I able to install a new motherboard into my system without a fresh install of windows and a new license(Then just update drivers)? Or do I have to install a fresh copy and buy a new retail license from Microsoft. I am changing the motherboard since I am switching from a FM2 A10 6700 system to a Skylake i5 6500 system for better performance since Skylake CPUs have become a lot cheaper whilst still having solid performance in games and such. I hope you can give me some help on this if anyone has attempted this before. Thanks!
  13. I believe that the Phanteks p400 and the NZXT S340 are the best for that price range