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Jason Betts

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  • Birthday 1995-12-29

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    Southern California, United States
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    Computers and tech, cooking, photography, cats, video games... typical nerd stuff.
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    Intel i7-5500U
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    8 GB
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    AMD Radeon R9 270
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    1 TB HDD
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    Windows 10

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  1. Jason Betts

    [US] 8 GB Micro SD card, 1 GB 4G data, SIM card, for $1*

    I think that's the card authorization. It's a check to see if your credit card is legit which will later be updated to $1 (plus maybe tax)
  2. Jason Betts

    [US] 8 GB Micro SD card, 1 GB 4G data, SIM card, for $1*

    Just don't forget to cancel the trial! I use Google Calendar to remind me (I do this trial stuff a lot)
  3. I found this deal and just bought one: http://www.1sale.com/products/100-free-mobile-phone-service-w-global-3-in-1-sim-kit-free-microsd-card-freedompop/ You get 1 GB of mobile data valid for 30 days, 1 8 GB micro SD card, and a SIM card, with free shipping, for just $1. There is a catch of coarse: It's a 30 day trial of their wireless service. If you forget to cancel within 30 days, they charge you $27 for the next month. They will also charge you if you use the SIM card and go over 1 GB of data. Why go for this deal then? I'm doing it for the 8 GB card, $1 is really cheap for that. I won't even activate the SIM, and I'll cancel the 'trial' the day I receive the package. Well, that's the deal!
  4. Jason Betts

    The Ethics of Recovery

    I think it's unethical period, but I still do it. I'm too curious for my own good, but I'd never do anything with what I find, unless it was super illegal, but so far that hasn't happened. I have seen some pretty funny things though.
  5. Jason Betts

    How do you like your bacon?

    I WILL?!? Wow! Thanks!
  6. Jason Betts

    How do you like your bacon?

    Crispy smoked bacon with maple on a bed of hash browns. This is why I won't live to be 30...
  7. Jason Betts

    How to get money from PayPal without a bank account?

    You can upgrade hour account to a business account for free, then request a free PayPal Business Debit card, and spend your PayPal funds on the card at physical stores. That's as close as you can get to getting your money out without a bank account. Take the card to an ATM or get cash back. As a bonus, the business debit card gives you 1% cash back whenever it's swiped as credit, since stores pay more for credit transactions and PayPal is willing to split that tiny profit with you. If you wanted, you could link a credit card to your PayPal Business Debit and swipe as debit to get cash back on a credit card without paying the cash out fee on your credit card, or as credit to get double cash back since both PayPal and the linked credit card would give you rewards. Finally, you can get two cards with the PayPal Business Debit program, so it's also a cool way you can pay for things with an Alias if you're into that sort of thing. Just request a second card for your 'business partner' under the fake name and now you have a working, legit card under an Alias that charges your PayPal balance. I know that's more info then you were lot for, but I like PayPal
  8. Jason Betts

    LGBT community

    That's a cute bear. I'd trust it to drive a plane.
  9. Jason Betts

    Ask a Microcenter Employee

    Is the Raspberry Pi Zero only available in store? My nearest location is 2 hours away!
  10. Jason Betts

    Car Outlet Remote Switch?

    That's brilliant! I have a Radioshack closing nearby, I can get all the parts and tools for cheap Thanks for the diagram!
  11. Jason Betts

    Car Outlet Remote Switch?

    Hi guys, does anyone know of a gadget I can plug into a car power outlet that will allow me to turn on or off the accessory plugged in from a short distance? I have an accessory in the back of my SUV plugged into the back outlet, and it's a bit of a power hog. I'd rather not have to unplug and replug it every time I want to leave my phone in the car to charge, it would be so nice if there was some gadget that would let me press a button from the front seat to turn off the back outlet. I don't care if it's wireless or has a cord, but if the remote switch does have a cord it would need to be long enough for me to run it from the back to the front. Any advice here would be greatly appreciated! P.S: to anyone thinking I could use some sort of fuse box trick, like maybe a 3rd party fuse that has a short cable with a on/off switch, the front and back outlets in my car are on the same fuse, so I'd have to plug my phone into the back seat outlet...
  12. Jason Betts

    Another Excel Question

    On a human?
  13. Jason Betts

    Another Excel Question

    Just Googled " hysterectomy ". Sounds serous.
  14. Jason Betts

    Another Excel Question

    I see. Good point. Using the tool you told me about I can write in " " to make a 0 cell appear empty until the math inside gets a value higher than 0, but I'm not sure if that will affect an average formula. I would think the formula would skip any cells that don't contain a value?