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    brcdncn got a reaction from Jays3cents in Cablemod Configurator   
    Used in a build previously -- nice mod. But... why are they not selling cables individually -- some of us just need to replace that nasty red EVGA VGA cable. 
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    brcdncn reacted to tiberiusmoon5 in I need help   
    try tweaking the settings like anisotropic filtering or textures, resolution should be the last setting to turn down IMO  :3
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    brcdncn reacted to Streetguru in i3 6100 vs Intel Xeon E-5 2670   
    Says he has one lying around I think
    also the motherboard will be lacking in a lot of features most likely as it's more for servers/workstations, mostly just gimmicks though
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    brcdncn reacted to imreloadin in Good Tutorial On Uninstalling/installing drivers?   
    Safe mode is just so the computer loads Microsoft's basic video drivers instead of the proprietary Nvidia or AMD drivers, this is why it looks different when you boot to safe mode. You want to do this so the driver's you're wanting to uninstall aren't currently being used when you uninstall them.
    When using DDU it should automatically prompt you to boot to safe mode, just click yes and let it do it for you and then run DDU. Once the drivers are uninstalled then you can boot normally and use Microsoft's basic video driver while you go to your GPU manufacturers website to download the latest driver that you need.
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    brcdncn got a reaction from i_build_nanosuits in Bored: need action/shooter games suggestion   
    It's not action or shooting but No Man's Sky is keeping me compelled.
    You could try ARMA, America's Army, Overwatch, Far Cry, Fallout, Titanfall. Borderlands series isn't "good graphics" but it is always good.
  6. Agree
    brcdncn reacted to Noirgheos in Bored: need action/shooter games suggestion   
    MGSV is really good. The overall story of the MGS series as a whole is top notch.
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    brcdncn reacted to Cloveh in Does Cyrorig R1 Ultimate come with thermal compound?   
    Yes it comes with thermal compound
  8. Funny
    brcdncn reacted to Ramamataz in System is not working as expected.   
    What do you mean together ? You mean by simply doing windows key + p then selecting extend ? 
    Try upgrading your GPU drivers. 
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    brcdncn reacted to Skiiwee29 in Board stays on after shutdown   
    If your system is not fulling powering down after a shut down, you may have some system processes hanging up. 
    In command prompt in administrator mode use the following sfc /scannow
    See if that finds any errors. 
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    brcdncn reacted to Enderman in Board stays on after shutdown   
    5V soft power is always on, even if the computer is off.
    The only way to completely power off a computer is to unplug it or flip the PSU switch.
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    brcdncn reacted to nick5530 in Enthoo Pro M vs NZXT S340   
    I am going to be buying it from newegg, but it is only $10 more than that and comes with a mail-in-rebate.
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    brcdncn got a reaction from EChondo in cool cases?   
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    brcdncn reacted to Hackentosher in cool cases?   
    I think some case labs cases are 300.
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    brcdncn reacted to ThatCoolBlueKidd in cool cases?   
    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX - Tempered Glass 
  15. Funny
    brcdncn got a reaction from Prindagelf in AMD Polaris Giveaway   
    Wife build-- Has no GPU right now, integrated FTW.
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    brcdncn reacted to AbomiYeti in Best RGB Mouse?   
    From previous experience, I can say I really enjoy the deathadder. It fits my hand near perfectly. I think I'll go with a deathadder chroma. But thanks for the suggestions guys!
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    brcdncn reacted to Zyndo in mini ITX gaming build   
    I'm a huge fan of the Corsair 380T case, but other than that your build looks solid. and that would largely be an aesthetic choice, your build is pretty solid. The only thing missing from it is a USB type C port. But assuming he wouldn't use something like that, then you're set.
    P.S. If i had 4900 USD to make a gaming rig, It would be SLI and custom loop (and not ITX), but I would also do more than WoW on it. If you still wanted to do a custom loop, the Define Nano S would be a great option. Also on that budget you could likely get a 1080ti or Titan P if you can wait for them to come out (but that will likely be in late Q4, early Q1). But it is as you said, alot of this would be overkill for his needs.
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    brcdncn got a reaction from RedWulf in Simple Build For Office Use - Thoughts?   
    Seems solid enough for listed purpose.
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    brcdncn got a reaction from WARCorporation in Where to Buy Windows   
    Key that was previously refunded.
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    brcdncn reacted to Hero7750 in I need hep /w gtx 1080   
    Neither are the founders edition...
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    brcdncn reacted to Duck_from_Estonia in I need hep /w gtx 1080   
    so b is better
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    brcdncn got a reaction from Fourmi_Killer in New pc build! Need help!   
    I dropped to 1070, 1080 is pretty tight but it looks like @SuperShermanTanker has a decent set up there with to 1080 - nice.
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    brcdncn got a reaction from ARikozuM in Where can I find a EVGA GTX 1080 for around 699 US(FOUNDERS EDITION)   
    Buy direct from Nvidia for $699.
  24. Agree
    brcdncn reacted to lee32uk in New pc build! Need help!   
    Except there is no price listed for the GTX 1080 and the op is in Canada, so that is way over budget.
  25. Agree
    brcdncn reacted to App4that in Worry of Directx12 performance from Nividia cards in the near future.   
    Don't worry. The performance of Nvidia in DX12 titles and any concern is pure AMD marketing and fan rhetoric. The goal of owning a graphics card is that it fills your needs, not beats the competitors card in one measurement of performance in a game you might not even play. DX12 is still new, I have a 980ti and have yet to run into a problem. The only game that is a problem is Quantum Break, and that has nothing to do with the API being used, it's just a really bad port.
    Stop letting propaganda get to you. Nether AMD nor Nvidia will have any issues making their customers happy.