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    Intel i7 6700K 4.7GHz
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    ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2x4GB 2666MHz
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    AMD R9 290
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    Fractal Design R5 Titanium
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    Samsung 840 EVO 120GB
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    CoolerMaster Vanguard 1000W
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    Corsair H110i GTX
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    Logitech G502
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  1. I think there should be a system where if you are making your very first thread in the News section it forces you to read the Posting Guideline and then you have to tick the box "I agree" before it gets posted, like in one of those 'Terms and Conditions' or 'Accept Cookies' popups so it is unmissable.
  2. It does make a good 3D rendering GPU. A RTX 2060 is much faster than a Pascal-based workstation card because it has RT cores.
  3. The gaming industry is quite big last time I heard. I wonder what tools they used to make those games.
  4. Substance Painter, Blender, Unreal Engine / Unity are industry standard tools...
  5. A few 3D modelling software now uses RT cores, for example in Substance Painter on a GTX 1080 it would take 60 seconds to bake an ambient occlusion map. On the RTX 2060 it will only take 1 second. Blender will use RT cores to accelerate Cycle render. Unreal Engine and Unity will soon follow for lightmap baking / realtime. https://www.substance3d.com/blog/substance-painter-summer-2019 https://code.blender.org/2019/07/accelerating-cycles-using-nvidia-rtx/
  6. There is a deal for the LG 27UL600 for $540 Australian dollars +free shipping right now which is decent value and I am looking forward to replay older games at 4K on my R9 290 (e.g. Mass Effect 2, BioShock 2, Skyrim, etc), so higher refresh rate is not that important to me since many old games are locked/buggy at >60FPS. Are there upcoming industry-changing 4K monitors later this year that I should know about? I heard LG is going to release a 4K Nano cell IPS either in Q2 2019 (already past) or H2 2020, I haven't heard any news since then. LG's Nano 1440p 144hz IPS just released this week but $880 AUD for a 1440p panel is a bit much for me. But if they release the same monitor at 4K then I am willing to wait and pay for it, but never heard any news of it since the, it could be delayed later this year or H2 2020?
  7. I know this is old but to those reading this now - AOC monitors are typically not HDCP compliant.
  8. Lisa Su has said many times in the past that they will stop becoming the budget/value option and be the market leader.
  9. When you compress a game asset the contrast goes down slightly due to DXT compression and/or downscaling (i.e. original 8K texture to 1K). In Unity I use very small amount sharpening filtering when I create my games to bring back some detail.
  10. Low-res textures that is meant to be sharp but couldn't due to optimisation.
  11. Faster storage? Multiple drives in one PCI-E slot?
  12. Just to clarify. Is the 4.5A max limit total is for all my SATA devices or the 4.5A limit for that particular chain/cable only? For instance my other SATA-powered devices are the 2x 2.5" Samsung SSDs which are connected via separate SATA cables (not daisy chained, two separate cables) So if I use this fan controller, I would now have three SATA devices (i.e three SATA cables) plugged to the PSU. Thanks.
  13. I am looking at the Deepcool FH-10 which is a fan hub for 10 fans powered by SATA. While it advertises that it can handle 10 fans, can it handle power hungry ones though? For instance, I have 5x Fractal Design Venturi HP-14 (0.2A each) and 5x Noctua A14 3000RPM (0.55A each). The Fractal Design fans are not an issue but the Noctua ones might be too much? I think it should be fine because a single SATA power cable can handle up to 4.5A...but I am not sure how power supply works. For reference I have the CoolerMaster Vanguard 1000W. Thanks.