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  1. My note 5 is really taking a battery life turn for the worse. stock android 7.00. any suggestions? cant update without rooting because using a Verizon phone on att network (u.s) was thinking to get a more battery efficient kernel but I am unsure how to proceed. I would like to keep stock Samsung os. but if I get more battery life from another that's fine by me as long as those flashy note features are there (s pen, samsung health biometrics,etc..). any none flashing suggestions are welcome as well. thanks in advanced
  2. Is it better to get older top tier phone or newer budget phone. Good example is get moto or a zen phone for 400ish or a note 5 for also 400ish. New is new but tired and True is also good but it's several years old. Currently have a s5 active and was look at those phones. 400-500 is solid price point in my opnion. Would be nice to hear what you guys think about getting a older beast or new budget phone.
  3. i was thinking that but i havent seen one for less then like 500, or any thats in stock. i assume 500 isnt msrp its cause of limited supply
  4. i havent been paying attention to any of the new products for gpu. looking for a good gpu to pair with a 1600, not trying to break the bank. my old rig was a 8350 + 970, its being sold, so i guess a 970 is around the performance i am looking for. i was think amd because i am going to get a freesync panel because gsync is so much more expesnive. any advice would be helpful!
  5. is there any real difference/performance increase in either or? there about the same cost so it would be interesting to know if its an actual difference or team red vs team blue. usage case : video editing, gaming, heavy cpu usage. if there the same, which is more cost effective ? assuming no overclocking on either.
  6. Legit I haven't been involved in the new generation of processors. But I am talking about midrange processors not top dogs. So low end i7, i5, Xeon e3. 1. Is there any advantages to one or other 2. Cost efficient? 3. Thanks in advanced!
  7. Do you know of a good panel in mind?
  8. I am trying to upgrade from a 1080p 60hz to something more. I have no idea what's good. I prefer to get anywhere from 120hz and up. I have nividia and I would like to have gsync because I only have a gtx 970 and some games get over that 140fps mark and some only get 90 to 100. If any can help I just want something affordable with no screen tearing. I am building a editing rig / gaming rig, going to be getting xeon e3 1231. Idealy I want 144hz 1080p G sync. But I mean anything is a upgrade from my 60hz v sync.
  9. my old girl is well, old, i am gonna have to upgrade in the next half year or so, due to the fact that shes acting all kinds of fucked up and is even having hard time doing on the fly rendering now even on video @ 480p . i havent look at any cpus recently, all i know is that ryzen droped some cool new stuff but its expensive comapred to what my 8350 was, i got it new for 200. if anyone has any suggestions on a new cpu that will give similar performance that would be great! i use my rig for games, video editing 1080p video but i have had to drop the quliaty down alot on them because my computer was not having any of that editing 100gb 1080p files at 20,000 bitrate, it looked so good but now i have to record barely at 2000, and i get problems in games all the time while recording i allways drop frames and the recording are fuzy because obs uses a lot of cpu to record and while playing games i allmost max out, and i am not even talking amazing games, i can only run league at medium settings now, mind you i used to be able to run balls out maxed everything at 1080 no problem. i have a gtx 970 btw. and i am trying to get my rig up to spec so i can stream at none potato quality. yes ik not all my problems are only my computer, there is allways internet that affects a stream quality, but if turning obs on and its making my system drop a massive amout of fps, thats a problem. fun fact i can no longer run wow on high settings, i had to drop the overall quality down to 4 and render distance really really close. my build as of right now is cpu: 8350 @ stock 4.0ghz mobo: m5a97 pro gpu: msi gtx 970 @ stock drives: potato (crappy ssd but it still gives 200 write and 500 read so not that bad) psu: 650 watt corsair any suggestions on a cpu upgrade would be great but something relativity cheep because i gotta upgrade my mobo as well, intel or amd i honestly dont care. all i am looking for is something that will allow me to still edit my videos nicely, play/record at high quality and get my stream going again.
  10. so, i am currently using plays.tv to record my games because its autoamtic and i am lazy. but is there a way i can get obs to start recording when a application opens then when the application closes stop recording after 5minutes ? in more detail i am recording league games and i am starting a new series soon that require a decent bit of footage and with that same footage i am going to make other videos, but play.tv only out puts 1 audio file , so i am switiching back to obs and i am currently setting up voice meter to controll what sounds get out puted and then you can tell obs studio to put them in difffrent audio tracks, thats easy. i am lazy and i also play at all times of the day and i ferget to turn on obs most of the time, so i was hoping a program or just a script that runs in the backround so when obs is open and it detects leagueoflegends.exe (have no idea if thats the program name) to start recording then have it stop recording when the application closes plus a 5 min wait for post screen shenanigans. any help will be appreciated or even a program that can do all this no problem would be extremely helpful , thanks in advanced !
  11. my budget is around 250 or less, i am trying to find new or used (new prefer) i5 + mobo, or zeon +mobo. to elaborate on why , i have a 8350 that has not wanted to work correctly, i have a gtx 970 to pair with it but it doesn't work to well. for me specifically i play league and do so competitively and i cant play hardly because league almost maxes out 1 core and leaves a second core at 50 percent then my other 6 cores arent at any load hardly, the problem is when someone casts a spell there is a massive drop in frames from 300 or so to 18 , this leaves several seconds for of really choppy ness, and i get at times where ill cast a spell then it wont show the effect and it will just happen no animation , this is preety bad for me now with the preseason patch, i used to be a akali main so when you go in your really threading the needle. this could be a mobo or cpu problem , and i really dont have any funds to just buy one or the othere. i would like just a fresh start , and allmost everyone says to get a i5. and also i have major audio and video unsync in most open world games , i cant hardly play them because cut scens are fucked. and i get insanely low fps in wow , so it all point to cpu and hopefully that the problem. i do edit video and have thought about zeon procesor, but at this point i just want something that works and will keep up with my 970. it hard to play a competitive match ( for a actual team) when your having issues that cant be controlled at the time, have defiently lost games when in a big team fight and everything derps out and i cant combo or even see whats going on. my current build is 8350 @4.0 (have gone all the way up to 5 and it litteraly doesnt help the problem) asus r2.0 pro mobo gtx 970 msi (none gaming) 1866 ddr3 ram 700 watt psu ( bought it because it was on sale) windows 10 pro ( have tried all forms of windows and it doesnt help) any help would be appreciated, i am a really big believer in amd build for budget gaming but i havent had time to do any research on this exact topic.
  12. Yeah it kinda does, in overwatch it will shudder. It has come to my mind that it might be gpu. But I really don't have a spare gpu to test. I have a old old old gt610 but I don't even think it can run league on lowest settings.
  13. It's not Spyware or malware, I have reinstalled and formated all my drives, and this has been a problem threw out all of it. I'll check again but if my Antivirus can't find anything don't know what to do. And I run 21 down 2 up. I use the power line adapters.
  14. I have 8gb of ram, I don't get near the max unless I am video editing. I have Chrome open usually but even if I have it closed the problem persists, any thing else open is windows related and can't be closed. And yes I have clean reinstalled drivers and clean reinstalled windows as well, the problem has been occurring for over 2 years and I have used every nividia driver released for the 970, none worked
  15. No, my gpu stays about 40c and my cpu is about 48c while playing league. Even on heavier titles they hit stock Temps.