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  1. Youd be surprised lol, only thing that seems off is the choice in how loud it makes the words to sub ratio, sub itself doesnt sound much different? more like instruments but im not an audio guy as you can tell lol
  2. Thanks bro, I agree, it is like two main ones are working, and the other two get fake sound, and one is off, but I mean for short notice and one cable, 2 speakers and bass is more than enough for this new eminem album lol. thankyou
  3. I have the 5.1 logitech z906 system I normally have this connected to my pc with the green, pink and black cables and it sounds epic. but my pc is at another house. My question is, how come it works pretty decent with just the green cable into my ipad? I mean it only enables 5 of the speakers but it still works, sounds decent and subwoofer is enabled. Can someone help explain these 3 cables and then recommend a decent adapter for when i do want to connect it to something else other than my pc into the motherboard lol
  4. Is there nothing in the bios than can help me troubleshoot? Like how can I actually prove they are dead slots without assuming if something doesnt work in it then its dead, this is not enough for me lol
  5. I dont understand how that can happen, DDR3_A1 & DDR3_B1 work DDR3_A2 & DDR3_B2 do not work
  6. I havent done a lot of touching at all to this pc since I built it in 2015. Trying to upgrade from 8gb ram (2x4gb) to 16gb ram (4x4gb) got them cheap. Currently my two ram sticks and MY TWO of 4 NEW ones only work in the two RED slots. No matter the ram, the two black slots do not work. The pc will turn on too any ram configuration I put in that involves 4 sticks or even 3 but NO display after clearing the CMOS several times. So only each 4gb stick (no matter the brand) work in ONLY the two red slots. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY I have no beeper in her so I cannot hear what it is but its pretty obvious to some extent. The two black slots dont even work on there own? Do I need to do something in the BIOS? Its the asrock z97x killer mobo
  7. I currently have my 2015 rig still going surprisingly strong i5 4690k at a cosy easy 4ghz hyper 212 evo 8gb ddr3 ram 1600 measly mhz 500gb ssd asrock z97x killer msi 390x 8gb gpu 750w corsair psu I will be upgrading fully in 2020 but if its not going to affect me too much whilst I wait to purchase the next components I will throw them in this to keep me going. I wanted the gigabtye 5700xt gpu and another 8gb of ram for 16gb ram To try and get more performance out of this rig I don't know if its stupid cause I feel like the i5 bottlenecks the 390x as it is lol but I do not have a lot of data on that other than seeing games say vram usage is 60% and cpu is 80/90's or something lol but I mean thats dependent on whats going on at that given moment and I havent tracked it or progressed that any further lol. If I buy said gigabyte 5700xt and more ram, will I: Still get a happy by far significant improvement over my 390x? Will it bottleneck and by much?
  8. I am trying to stream The Division. I play this game in 4k high no problem with it never dropping below 45 fps. Although its weird because even on 1080p ultra it still lags in the same places. Anyway thats just extra information. No matter what bit rate, frame rate or whatever I choose in OBS, the game runs fine for me the STREAM is dropping frames. PC Specs: core i5 4690k @3.5ghz 8GB RAM r9 390x 8GB 500gb sandisk ssd 1tb hard drive asrock z97x Killer motherboard I have a 4K monitor and a 1080p monitor and then its also connected to my 1080p tv in that helps at all. My upload speed is 6.3mbits/s I even put the game on 1080p to see if it helps but my OBS settings are: