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  1. JCHelios

    These Servers are TOO EXPENSIVE

    I'm sure Linus will get this all sorted, just in time for his employees to convince him to quadruple the number of pixels for the third time.
  2. JCHelios

    This Phone lasts an ENTIRE WEEK

    Lookin' forward to the Moto G7 Power. 5,000 mAh battery for less mon€y than the Moto G7... be sure to grab a review unit, @LinusTech! (A future feature on "Why the Advertiser Friendly Content Are People Buying This," if nothing else.)
  3. JCHelios

    THIS Piece of JUNK was my first phone!

    We're concerned that people might associate our upcoming product's name with something vulgar, so we've decided to rename it from "the Box," to "the V-Box." — (how I choose to imagine that marketing meeting went down)
  4. JCHelios

    Razer thought this was a good idea??

    Haha, that huge minute-long dropoff at the end is bad news for advertisers!
  5. JCHelios

    Gaming on the CLEAR TV Prototype!

    No, because of the Smartphone Revolution: There was SO much money to be made from smartphones, so all that capital was redirected to smartphone-related display technologies (LCDs/OLEDs/etc.), driving quality up and prices down. I'd be shocked if there were even a single factory in the world making plasma screens today.
  6. With all due respect to the people who were in this video for more than 3 seconds, Taran's cameo was the best part.
  7. JCHelios

    Razer Neutered the Blade.

    Once again, the Up Arrow key is where your pinkie finger expects Right Shift to be.
  8. JCHelios

    Google Pixel 3 & 3XL Review

    I would like to agree with you — especially since I like old-timey smartphone design better anyway. (Give me a replaceable battery and durable plastic over glue and glass any day of the week.) But it's not prudent to have an Internet-connected device without up-to-date security patches. ESPECIALLY when it has your login credentials and two-factor authentication apps on it.
  9. JCHelios

    Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

    Google's "Android One" program, which addresses the biggest shortfall of Android phones (compared to iOS) by guaranteeing 3 years of monthly security updates on all its phone models: And/or, Android security updates in general.
  10. JCHelios

    Google Pixel 3 & 3XL Review

    For what it's worth, any Android One phone has three years of security updates. https://www.android.com/one/
  11. JCHelios

    Google Pixel 3 & 3XL Review

    Google should probably make this a toggle, since there will never be consensus on what's best. Case in point: There's a Skyrim mod to make the game's quest journal and popup messages behave just as Google Assistant does here. And it has 48 thousand unique downloads! https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/762
  12. JCHelios

    NVME Heatsink or no

    The thing about NVME SSDs is: The controller chip shouldn't heat up too much, or it'll throttle back and you'll lose performance. But the flash cells should not be cooled, because that wears them out faster. Thus, according to PCPer's storage editor:
  13. JCHelios

    Are SSDs getting WORSE??

    Ahhh, but its intended audience isn't savvy enough to realize that the reason their computer is running like molasses is because their C:\ drive has filled up. They'll just run out and buy a new computer... with another Intel CPU and SSD. Pretty tricksy, Intel! Please send those dubiously-gained pesos to Raja Koduri to speed up the production of awesome consumer graphics cards.