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  1. Like someone previously suggested, install something like ubuntu for this server, and install windows 7 as a kvm virtual machine and enable gpu passthrough. There are lot of guides on how to do it. VT-d support is needed, so check if your cpu supports it.
  2. Like the previous post, check what graphics drivers is being used. Try using a propreitory one, if available. In my experience, they perform a bit better. Also, list the specs of your PC. It would be of much help for us to answer your question in a better way.
  3. Ubuntu server for the servers. For the computers, something like xubuntu or ubuntu mate, desktops which are somewhat lighter. Also stick to 16.04 LTS and set up some kind of auto-updating feature.
  4. Your laptop's specs are pretty good. It should easily run Unity, GNOME or any other heavy desktop. What kind of problems are you facing with Ubuntu?
  5. They may not explode during normal use. But once, just as I turned on a system, the generator cutoff and the immediately switched to normal power. In this process, a cheap 10 year old PSU(unbranded) in the system blew. Anything made by decent brands should be fine.
  6. Try booting of a gparted-live disk and try extending the partition there. Linux tools generally do this better, and fill the gaps where windows fails
  7. Sorry for reviving this thread, but can someone answer my question please? When the monitor is connected via DVI/HDMI, the graphics adapter should appear as Intel HD Graphics 530, but when it is connected to the VGA port, what does it appear as? Is it the same intel graphics, or some <Random Brand> Video Controller?
  8. I don't know what happened to you. For me, when I plugged the 2nd one into onboard, the PC BSOD'ed and restarted. Everything worked properly after that.
  9. You may have plugged the monitor into a P67 motherboard. P67 does not support onboard graphics. I have plugged it into the iGPU and I dont seem to have any problems managing anything. I think 128 MB of RAM going away is ok. I will somehow manage.
  10. Hi guys, I have a small query. I have a Radeon HD 6770 and a motherboard with Intel HD 2000 graphics. I originally had one monitor(24 inch 1080p). Now I am going to add another monitor(19inch 900p). I am wondering whether I should connect the 2nd display to the onboard or dedicated graphics. If I connect it to the HD 6770, driving a second display may affect gameplay performance(I will be gaming only on the 24 inch). If I connect to the onboard graphics, I end up with 7.85GB of usable RAM(Out of a total 8GB). Which is the better option for me? Thanks to you all in advance.
  11. Hi, Thanks for your help. Just 2 questions. The IP address I put for the gateway must be that of the router out which device? And how do I implement this on a server running Windows( not asking how to SSH in, asking how to set the gateway for a windows PC)
  12. Hi guys, I have a Raspberry Pi with 2 ethernet interfaces(one onboard and one via usb). I have internet from 2 service providers, say A and B. Now, my main network devices are on a router connected to A and I have one ethernet port on the pi connected to this. I have the other port connected to B and the pi is the only device on that network. The pi is a server pulling content off the net and storing on a usb hdd. How can i make it so that all internet access is via B and the pi is sill accessable for SMB via A. Sorry for everything in a single para. Your help would be appreciated.
  13. Hey guys, I have a problem. Whatever SD card I plug into the card reader in my pc, it shows up as write protected. The switch is in the unlocked position. It is able to be written to on other pc's. Only on one pc, all sd cards are write protected. Please can you help me?